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Example sentences for "immovable"

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immortall; immortally; immortelle; immortelles; immovability; immovably; immoveable; immoveably; immune; immunes
  1. I tried to whistle at the immovable shape, but I had lost the power to pucker.

  2. Lamartine has spoken eloquently on this theme: "Ye columns who veil the sacred asylums where my eyes dare not penetrate, at the foot of your immovable trunks I come to sigh!

  3. Hassan Subah, pale as his ivory battle-axe, did not answer; every man within hearing shuddered; still the dread woman remained immovable within the porch of the temple.

  4. In that glorious car a warrior stood, proud and immovable his form, his countenance.

  5. From afar I could see, like a speck upon the receding ribbon of rail, an immovable figure on the Permanent Way.

  6. How one slept, and slept, and slept, drowsed to dreamlessness by the great peace of the immovable shadows, the greater peace of the light behind them.

  7. The thought that I might leave her unprotected and friendless nearly broke my heart, without in the least affecting my immovable principles.

  8. His rueful, ghastly, and immovable eyes testified not only that his mind was ravaged by despair, but that he was pinched with famine.

  9. The scale loaded with the recriminations of his conscience, is immovable by any counter-weight.

  10. Clad in a brand-new silken gown, and wearing a broad velvet band over her hair and a necklace around her throat, she holds herself with an immovable dignity, yet also with an immovable deference towards her surroundings.

  11. One day, tired of seeing him sitting immovable on the sofa in the hall, as I was learning some verses to recite at the evening class for recitation formed by Charles A.

  12. Tradition is everywhere the mother of religion; it precedes and engenders sacred books, as language precedes and engenders scripture; its existence is rendered immovable in the sacred books .

  13. Nahum Beals stood glaring at him in accusing silence, and his head was as immovable as if carved in stone.

  14. He looked keenly at Nahum Beals with that immovable laugh on his face, and spoke with perfectly good-natured sarcasm.

  15. Don't you see, such is my immovable faith in this unprecedented man, so impossible does it seem to me that he could do anything small, foolish, or even commonplace.

  16. Yes, I will show the world that Henry of England is still the immovable and incorruptible.

  17. They attacked the Christians several times with great impetuosity, but the Crusaders withstood them with immovable firmness, and constantly rallied around their great standard, which floated from the summit of a rolling tower.

  18. Whilst the Mussulmans shut up in the citadel, and those who besieged the city, every day renewed their attacks, the Christian warriors remained immovable in their dwellings.

  19. According to this system the universe consisted of ten heavens or concentric spheres, in the center of which was our earth, immovable itself, while around it revolved the heavenly spheres.

  20. Immovable as on parade, he carried his white gloved hand to his cap, and said gently, "With pleasure.

  21. When a man has fixed principles and the immovable determination to defend them against all comers, a public life is an honourable one.

  22. The Indian stood as calm and as immovable as stone, listening intently, with only the glitter of his eyes betraying any interest whatsoever.

  23. Some one entered very quietly, and she became as cold and immovable as if she had been made of stone.

  24. Though not the direct outcome of the last war, this sudden trembling which had seized this hitherto immovable pillar of Islamic orthodoxy accentuated the problems and deepened the restlessness with which a war-weary world was being afflicted.

  25. This is the straight path, the fixed and immovable foundation.

  26. Often in the past three years she had made trial of that immovable strength, seeking to draw him away from his work to some social engagement, to her so important, to him so incidental.

  27. Hastily she put on her hat and ran down with the letters, fearing lest the passing of her self-pity might leave her to face again the thought of Barney's inevitable and immovable opposition.

  28. Also the upper half of the immovable case in which the body of a Chelonian is protected.

  29. Of that be assured, young lady," answered Sir William Howe, fixing his eyes with a very marked expression upon the immovable visage of her grandfather.

  30. We draw such similitudes for the sake of Our discerning servants that perchance they may transcend a mere plant-like level of existence and attain unto true maturity in this resistless and immovable Cause.

  31. Be immovable in the Faith of God, and waver not.

  32. She was for the moment immovable in her resolve to hold no personal communication with the outside world.

  33. She did not utter a complaint, nor did she weep; but stood with fixed eyes, mute and immovable as a statue.

  34. Immovable and with fixed eyes, the Indian watched the least movement of the reptile, which advanced softly and cautiously, as if aware of the strength and power of his redoubtable adversary.

  35. His eyes flamed from beneath dark eyebrows; his nose was aquiline, mouth large, lips thick but firmly compressed, and manifesting an immovable determination of purpose.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "immovable" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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