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  1. The psychologist will likely state that the emotive value of light or color is not comparable to the appeal of an excellent dinner or of many other commonplace things.

  2. For example, in the drama words and action are easily understood, and regardless of the effectiveness of light it would not receive much credit for the emotive value of the production.

  3. We must conclude, then, that the emotive pattern is a more complicated affair than the James-Lange theory represented it to be.

  4. Temperament=, so far as the term can be employed in a strictly psychological sense, is thus a very general term for the innate susceptibility of the individual to emotive situations and for the typical character of his emotive responses.

  5. The weaker emotive states, which persist for some time together, are called moods; the stronger, which exhaust the organism in a comparatively short time, are called passions.

  6. A situation is presented; the organism perceives it; and immediately, directly, because the situation appeals to instinctive tendencies in the nervous system, the emotive response is evoked.

  7. However that may be, there is a long list, stretching down the centuries, of works that deal with emotive expression.

  8. Give instances of emotive expression, from your own observation, that seem to illustrate Darwin’s three principles.

  9. It is coloured through and through by feeling, since both the situation itself and the organic sensations of the emotive response are definitely pleasant or unpleasant.

  10. To be in a state of suspense, which was also one of emotive activity and scruple, was a familiar attitude of his conscience.

  11. He sat up half the night, living again through the moments since he had first discerned Mirah on the river-brink, with the fresh and fresh vividness which belongs to emotive memory.

  12. He lived again, with the new keenness of emotive memory, through the exciting scenes which seemed past only in the sense of preparation for their actual presence in his soul.

  13. The first occasion could hardly have been more trivial, but it prepared her emotive nature for a deeper effect from what happened afterward.

  14. It is to the text the Preface lays the foundation for this kind of response in its emphasis on the emotive range of Virgil--on his power to burn and to freeze, to raise admiration, terror, and pity.

  15. Trapp's choice of Miltonic example is only one means by which he emphasises that to truly respond to the Aeneid (as to any major poem) was to be ravished by an overwhelming emotive experience.

  16. The explanation is this: when the emotive faculties are suddenly and powerfully excited, they quickly expend the organic forces, so that the individual swoons from sheer exhaustion.

  17. The perceptive and highest emotive faculties of man depend upon this simple, but marvelously endowed nervous substance, which blends the higher spiritual with the lower physical functions.

  18. The intellect is employed upon an observable order of things, while the emotive faculties arrange the general laws of being into abstract science.

  19. Emotive language may continue when the language of ideas (Begriffssprache) is completely extinguished, and idiotic children without speech can even sing.

  20. And the Mystical-Operative element is necessarily influenced by, and largely utilizes the general emotive and volitional gifts and habits, peculiar to the various ages and peoples within which this double religious element is in operation.

  21. On the other side it is linked to the phenomenal or sensible world, its emotive part[550] being formed of that which is relative and phenomenal.

  22. Is it true, then, that any power or efficacy belongs to the sensitive or emotive part of our nature?

  23. However effective the outward order of nature may be in creating morality, it is to be borne in mind that ethical rules can have no effect "apart from the percipient and emotive mind.

  24. A Tintoretto needs no such tricks to strengthen its emotive power; but the Futurists, unable to move us by dynamic canvases, need recourse to dramatic tricks.

  25. Therefore a picture in order to represent its intensest emotive power must be an abstract presentation expressed entirely in the medium of painting: and that medium is colour.

  26. Sidenote: Emotional and Mental Tones] If the thought behind the objection arises principally from feeling, it will nearly always be expressed in an emotive tone.

  27. He admits your figures to his conscious belief more readily than he would credit them if spoken in an emotive or power tone.

  28. Sidenote: Emotive Pitch] The emotive (chest or heart) pitch dissipates opposition as naturally as the mind tone provokes a quarrel.

  29. Sidenote: When to Use Power Tone] Employ the emotive tone to convey ideas of your truthfulness and honor.

  30. I think what Mr. Savelli calls the emotive force of mankind helps to balance our own personal emotions," said be.

  31. All the same," said Count Lavretsky, "they wear you out, these emotive forces.

  32. And with the emotive force of mankind," said Paul.

  33. It places before the reader symbols which represent the absent facts, or the relations of these to other facts; and by the vivid presentation of the symbols of emotion kindles the emotive sympathy of readers.

  34. The rational-emotive therapist will openly and ruthlessly oppose the foolish absolutes that clients express and make it clear how they are upsetting themselves emotionally by insisting on such nonsense.

  35. In fact, rational-emotive therapy encourages therapists to show their impatience with irrational beliefs that cannot be defended empirically or logically.

  36. The following is a sample of their dialogue during their first session of rational-emotive therapy: DR.

  37. Rational-emotive therapy is the most widespread approach to cognitive therapy, so we will examine Ellis's approach in some detail.

  38. The dreamy warmth of the fire absorbed her more direct feelings, and for some moments she dozed in a haze of dim sensuousness and emotive numbness.

  39. She didn't look into the future, nor did she think of what fate the years held in store for her daughter, but content, lost in emotive contemplation, she watched the blind movements of hands and the vague staring of blue eyes.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "emotive" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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