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Example sentences for "demonstrative"

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demonstrated; demonstrates; demonstrating; demonstration; demonstrations; demonstratively; demonstrativeness; demonstratives; demonstrator; demonstrators
  1. Egidio rose to his feet, and seeing that she was in no mood for demonstrative affection, had the tact to maintain a restrained friendliness of demeanour that went far towards soothing the girl and putting her at her ease.

  2. She at once took Ragna to her arms and heart with such pattings and caressings as made the girl feel quite uncomfortable, unused as she was to such a demonstrative show of affection.

  3. Happiness between husband and wife can only be secured by that constant tenderness and care of the parties for each other which are based upon warm and demonstrative love.

  4. In a word, ever-present and ever-demonstrative gentleness must reign, or else the heart starves.

  5. Simor, Archbishop of Gran and Primate, who for two months adhered with the rest of his countrymen to the minority, has gone over in the most demonstrative way to the majority, who pride themselves not a little on their conquest.

  6. The adverb caron, is employed also as a demonstrative pronoun: thus: This morning.

  7. The demonstrative pronouns are used instead of repeating the substantives.

  8. This theory is supposed by many to be simply demonstrative of materialism.

  9. Once it was the theory of gravitation which seemed demonstrative of materialism.

  10. But much more remains which is not only suggestive, but demonstrative of such origin.

  11. The ‘demonstrative syllogism’, which he held to be the form of truly scientific reasoning, differs from the formal syllogism in two essential respects.

  12. But it is clear that he cannot regard his knowledge with the same sort and amount of confidence as the believer in demonstrative proof.

  13. Love and demonstrative affection between husband and wife will doubtless become as characteristic of Japan in the future as their absence has been characteristic in the past.

  14. Is the lack of demonstrative affection between husband and wife due to the inherent nature of the Japanese, or is it not due rather to the prevailing social order?

  15. England, for a few years, does he maintain his cold attitude toward all women, and never show the slightest tendency to fall in love, or exhibit demonstrative affection?

  16. He was a gentlemanly creature, very seldom demonstrative in his manner, and he wished to take life pleasantly.

  17. I am not a demonstrative man, and I have never made any great fuss about my love for my daughter; but I do love her, nevertheless.

  18. It is the Anglo-Saxon demonstrative pronoun used in an instrumental sense.

  19. Then instantly he began to make excuses, and to find reasons why people, women especially, should be less demonstrative than he might have wished.

  20. It is vulgar to be too demonstrative or to have any settled opinions; enthusiasm is out of fashion, and indifference has at least the advantage of never committing you to anything.

  21. He would sometimes have been a little more demonstrative and affectionate, if the effect had not been so annoyingly great on her.

  22. Better be shy and cold than demonstrative and gushing, like Maude.

  23. He was sweet-tempered and affectionate, almost as demonstrative as a girl.

  24. He had rather a contempt for demonstrative people, arising from his medical insight into the consequences to health of uncontrolled feeling.

  25. Matthew Oliver was full of demonstrative congratulation now when he dined at Mill Cottage.

  26. She gave her husband a quick, shy smile that was rather demonstrative for Jemima.

  27. In a wild effort to elude a demonstrative cabman near the corner of one of the main thoroughfares, the brown pony brought the wheels of the vehicle into collision with a lamp-post.

  28. To see their beloved pastor, to hear him speak, to 747 repeat over and over their demonstrative welcome, was a happiness which they would fain prolong.

  29. The only possible excuse for making such a charge would be a stranger’s misconception or misinterpretation of the demonstrative gestures they indulge in when deeply moved, and his utter ignorance of the words they are uttering.

  30. I particularly insist that, during the visit to the tombs, or in case of participation in the military ceremonies, no demonstrative manifestation of any kind must occur.

  31. The South Germans perpetrated their demonstrative vote for the budget.

  32. She seemed not to regret her compact with him, and though hardly more demonstrative than he, she let him know how deeply she trusted and loved him.

  33. Upon the benches piled up along the wall, to leave the middle space free, groups of the less demonstrative citizens of both parties sat discussing the chances of the different candidates.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "demonstrative" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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