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Example sentences for "demonstrators"

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demonstrative; demonstratively; demonstrativeness; demonstratives; demonstrator; demoralisation; demoralise; demoralised; demoralising; demoralization
  1. That the Demonstrators of Anatomy and Osteology are chosen by the whole Court of Assistants (fifteen of whom are Barbers, and fifteen Surgeons).

  2. Mr. Abraham Chovett and Mr. Peter Maccullock were chosen Demonstrators of Anatomy.

  3. Sa dihang mibutubutu misiphag ang mga dimunstríturs, When the shots rang out the demonstrators dispersed.

  4. Usa ra ang nahagpatan sa mga nagdimunstrít nga kastigúhun, They singled out one of the demonstrators for punishment.

  5. Proceed as if your procession had started at the Flood and was going on till Doomsday," would seem to be the motto that inspires the demonstrators in the Fete Dieu.

  6. You see," he said, pointing to the demonstrators and waving his own hat as the crowd shrieked "Hoch der Kaiser!

  7. Then the demonstrators betook themselves back to the Linden district, where they met up with more processions.

  8. Right and left he stretched out his arm to shake hands with the frenzied demonstrators nearest him.

  9. In my taxi I decided to follow on to Moltke-strasse, and, crossing to the far side of the Linden, I came up with the rearguard of the demonstrators just opposite the chateau-like Embassy of France in the Pariser Platz.

  10. Some of the workmen were instructed in the use of these machines by special demonstrators sent out by the makers of the machines.

  11. A certain number of women in practically every University now hold positions as Demonstrators in laboratories, or as Assistant Lecturers or Lecturers; a very few are Professors.

  12. In all scientific subjects a considerable amount of practical work in the laboratories is required of the student, with more or less individual guidance from the Demonstrators in charge of the laboratories.

  13. Gangs of demonstrators roamed the street, some of them drunken, looking for trouble, and scornful of police or the military.

  14. Twice, Ronny stopped short of drawing his gun only by a fraction when half drunken demonstrators stopped them.

  15. Those demonstrators were two of the smartest girls I ever saw in my life.

  16. There was no proper laboratory, but professor and demonstrators rigged up everything as wanted.

  17. The three demonstrators (those named first on the list above) each took a third of the class, about thirty-five apiece.

  18. One barrister was also the Figaro's and the confidant of the Empress; another, one of the demonstrators of the Place Vendome, begged the court not to confound his cause with that of the scoundrel's near him.

  19. The runaways of the two sieges, the demonstrators of the Place Vendome, many emigrants of Versailles, had again taken possession of the boulevards.

  20. The spectacle of demonstrators and riots in northern cities and the appearance in 1966 of the "black power" slogan considered ominous by many citizens were blamed for the bill's failure.

  21. Roy Wilkins, a leader of the NAACP, later claimed that Randolph could supply only about 9,000 potential demonstrators and that the NAACP had provided the bulk of the movement's participants.

  22. Agricultural strategy in 1914 might well have been exonerated if it had employed Negro chief demonstrators and engaged them in interstate contest for quantity production.

  23. The Negro wanted change because this department employed messengers and clerks, but demonstrators seldom, if ever, of his color.

  24. The police, of course, sided with the anti-Semites, attacking the demonstrators and dragging them to the police stations.

  25. It did get involved on a massive scale in giving legal aid to the thousands of demonstrators who were arrested for various legal infractions such as marching without a parade permit, disturbing the peace, and for trespassing.

  26. When the procession reached the state capitol building, the demonstrators were addressed by two Afro-American Nobel Peace Prize winners.

  27. He implied that, while he did not always approve of the methods used, the demonstrators had done a positive service for justice and for the country.

  28. Tis worth remarking, for the benefit of all demonstrators in natural philosophy, &c.

  29. That undertaking mightily pleased the agitators, though the use of the said barricades was not apparent; and the demonstrators dispersed with the usual shouts of "Vive la République!

  30. On the Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle a band of demonstrators had come into collision with the police, who had arrested several of them.

  31. Looking more peaceful than ever, the demonstrators came steadily on without the slightest suggestion of military formation.

  32. How many were killed was never exactly known, but it must certainly have been sixty or seventy; and he recalled, long years after, the rage of the peaceful demonstrators against their cowardly assailants.

  33. The demonstrators carried large caricatures of the Emperor William, Prince Buelow, and Baron von Aehrenthal.

  34. After the meeting a number of demonstrators succeeded in breaking through the cordon of police and in reaching the hotel where the German Consul has hitherto lived.

  35. I call them semi-pacific, because on such occasions the demonstrators are instructed to refrain from violence only so long as the police do not attempt to stop the proceedings by force.

  36. On Sunday the crowds tried to force their way, the troops fired, and many of the demonstrators were killed or wounded.

  37. After the evacuation of the palace by the demonstrators I had an interview with Archbishop Groeber who left Rottenburg in the night.

  38. The demonstrators stormed the palace, beat in the gates and doors.

  39. When the unarmed demonstrators arrived at the palace they were shot down by the hundreds and trampled into the mud by the hoofs of the cavalry horses.

  40. The demonstrators were finally driven away and within forty-eight hours order had been reestablished.

  41. One of the first regiments to be called out to fire on the people after the first encounters between the machine-gun squads of the police and the demonstrators was the famous Volynski Regiment, notorious in Russian revolutionary history.

  42. Again large mobs assembled in the streets, and on the Allied troops marching into Athens a number of the demonstrators fired on them with revolvers.

  43. A number of demonstrators were killed and wounded, but still the disorders did not yet become general.

  44. The demonstrators set up a loud cheer as he skimmed the crowd, then fell silent and aghast as he touched down on the opposite side of the barricade, with the convention-goers.

  45. The demonstrators gave him a standing ovation, and Thomas gravely shook his hand.

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