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Example sentences for "demoralised"

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demonstratives; demonstrator; demonstrators; demoralisation; demoralise; demoralising; demoralization; demoralize; demoralized; demoralizes
  1. Kay, the most demoralised class of all Manchester lived in these ruinous and filthy districts, people whose occupations are thieving and prostitution; and, to all appearance, his assertion is still true at the present moment.

  2. It is possible that the Federal army, already demoralised by retreat, might have yielded to such vigorous pressure.

  3. If Banks had supplies enough to enable him to remain at Woodstock, there seems to have been no valid reason why he should not have been able to drive away a demoralised enemy, and to hold a position twelve miles further south.

  4. He had written to Fremont urging a combined attack on "the demoralised rebels," and he thought that together they "would finish Jackson.

  5. Coming into action within close range of the flying Mexicans, every shot told on their demoralised masses; but before the San Cosme Gate the enemy made a last effort to avert defeat.

  6. The reinforcements, unable to intervene, and probably demoralised by this unlooked-for defeat, fell back to the village of Churubusco, and San Antonio was evacuated.

  7. Three brigades had been summoned from the fords; but the nearest was four miles distant, and many of the troops upon the plateau were already half-demoralised by retreat.

  8. His army is in a very demoralised and chaotic condition, and will not be prepared for offensive operations--or he will not think it so--for three or four weeks.

  9. The English became thoroughly demoralised by their overthrow, and numbers fled at the approach of the merest handful of Scots.

  10. The dissension, the unbounded dissoluteness, and the mutual murder of the princes, seemed to have utterly debauched and demoralised the people.

  11. It needs no weighty scholar, pressed down and running over with the produce of immense research, to demonstrate how common men in a barbarous age were tempted and demoralised by the tremendous power over pain, and death, and hell.

  12. One class becomes demoralised by its privileged position, the other by its limited prospects and insufficient pay.

  13. The French philosopher Charron was one of the men least demoralised by party spirit, and least blinded by zeal for a cause.

  14. Already demoralised by their trying experiences in the gale, the last vestiges of discipline had vanished.

  15. Quexo was badly wounded, the white men all more or less exhausted, while barely forty utterly demoralised natives were cowering in their canoes.

  16. We don't DARE tell him now," continued Zoie, elated by the demoralised state to which she was fast reducing him.

  17. I guess I've got somethin' here that you folks need in your business," he called, nodding toward the now utterly demoralised Jimmy.

  18. When he fought, the idea never occurred to him that the war would end some day or other; and hence he was quite surprised and perfectly demoralised when peace was made and independence proclaimed.

  19. And the result of all this was, Winnie, that your aunt asked you to promise not to marry a man demoralised by privileges and made contemptible by wealth.

  20. Suppose Wynne really did overhear the altercation between my mother and my uncle, which seems scarcely probable, has drink really so demoralised him, so brutalised him, that for drink he would commit the crime of sacrilege?

  21. The buck, thoroughly demoralised by the advent of this new enemy, executes a rapid double, and thus pressed back into the very jaws of its first pursuer has no alternative but to head up the valley as fast as its legs can carry it.

  22. Like a number of other people, their habits were deranged and themselves demoralised by anticipations of the impending festival.

  23. Why should our artistic sense be depraved and demoralised through our ears any more than through our eyes?

  24. The workmen, demoralised by their involuntary abstinence, were not slow to turn to the overseer; "We are perishing of hunger, and there are still eighteen days before the next month.

  25. The Philistines, demoralised by the thunderstorm which ensued, were overcome on the very spot where they had triumphed over the sons of Eli, and fled in disorder to their own country.

  26. Society in general was demoralised because monasticism failed to practise its own teachings.

  27. The able leaders were too few and the frequent petty quarrels among those in command demoralised the forces.

  28. It had been the dogs that demoralised Quintana.

  29. The allies stormed this hill by a brilliant assault in which they suffered greatly, but their unexpected success completely demoralised Santa Cruz's army.

  30. The people are returning to their usual avocations, though business has been demoralised by the stupendous depreciation of the paper currency.

  31. The heterogeneous population of about a million who lived upon the plateau was, however, demoralised by the terrible experiences through which it had passed in the previous fifteen years.

  32. But the nation had been so thoroughly demoralised that there was no foundation to build upon.

  33. His movements among the mountain valleys were like lightning flashes, and though the Spanish forces were more numerous their commanders were demoralised by his attacks made in defiance of all the rules of prudent warfare.

  34. The cruelty of the French had made them hated by the Italians; the richness of the booty, at Brescia and Ravenna, demoralised the troops, and many returned to France.

  35. La Palice, who, on the death of Gaston, had succeeded to the command, felt too weak to resist them with an army deprived of the German contingent, and demoralised by its excesses.

  36. The enemy was quite demoralised in this direction, and showed no indication of resuming the engagement.

  37. Such Turks as remained in the trenches were dazed and demoralised by the shell fire, and were only too willing to surrender.

  38. Even so might a demoralised and democratised England placate a victorious and Victorian America by transferring parliament to the Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford-on-Avon.

  39. All of them were excessively elated and flushed with the complete and wonderful victories achieved--I am sorry to say, also, very much demoralised by them.

  40. But in spite of this we should have worsted them; but when we were just getting the mastery, the Saxon Oswald and fifty others dashed into our rear and demoralised us entirely.

  41. Lizard was sighted, the great Spanish fleet was huddled, all demoralised and confused, in Calais roads, at anchor, whilst the duke in vain sent hourly petitions to Parma to come out and reinforce him.

  42. This first fight on Sunday demoralised the Spaniards.

  43. But what have factories and farms to do with the pranks of demoralised boys?

  44. His attention seized with special eagerness upon a description of the demoralised state of things in the printing shop connected with the governor's office.

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