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Example sentences for "filial"

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filet; filets; fili; filia; filiae; filiam; filiation; filibuster; filibustering; filibusters
  1. Being an Attempt to Engage Obedience by Filial Liberty: and to Give the Maiden Conduct of Virtue, Chearfulness.

  2. If by making this the day she could once more show her filial love and add to his dying peace, did she not owe him her first duty?

  3. Her filial duty and reverence had been swallowed up in filial love.

  4. Pope had a gentleness of spirit, which showed itself in his filial offices to his father and mother--to her the most, ill the prolonged wearing out of a beloved life.

  5. Fred, do be moderate," cried Marguerite; who at the same moment could not repress a feeling of pride in the boy's earnestness and filial affection.

  6. He remembered only a filial and sacred obedience towards the kind parents the Lord had given him.

  7. The spectators saw Bruno depart without attempting to stop or follow him; in fact, they commiserated the fate of Antonio Bruno, who was much respected by his fellow-villagers, and appreciated this act of filial affection in the son.

  8. Across the long interval of sea-life her spirit leaned to own the filial heart of childhood.

  9. She flashed a look of amazed indignation, for instinctively she knew that he would be leaving his mother to seek the strange-named woman, and such filial misconduct in him was hardly credible.

  10. He asked nothing in return but filial gratitude.

  11. He had installed her in his apartments, and often walked out with her, and his filial devotion had put him under the ban of the wealthy Jewish society.

  12. Oh, that my affection could soothe your sorrows as sweetly as your gentle yet unwavering adherence to filial love and duty have comforted me.

  13. Thus left alone in her filial cares, Ellen's character appeared different to what it had been when one of many.

  14. Every hour, nay, every moment I might say, my filial love and reverence increased.

  15. Is this the return you make for her filial devotion?

  16. I had thought it was only to reclaim a lost parent that I had come, but I found it was the hope of meeting the deluded wanderer, more than filial piety, that had urged my departure.

  17. Who knows but our weak, filial hands, may lift our unhappy father from the black abyss of sin and impenitence, Almighty God assisting us?

  18. Every thing seemed to facilitate my filial duty; but the more easy seemed its accomplishment, the more I shrunk from the thought of deceiving Ernest, in this hour of restored tranquillity and abounding love.

  19. I suppose filial obedience was considered a more divine virtue than love, or the artist would not thus have beautified and idealized one of the most revolting characters in mythology.

  20. I know nothing of it by experience, nor do I wish to, if it has power to diminish the filial and sisterly tenderness which constitutes my chief joy.

  21. Instead of the yearnings of filial affection, I felt for him an unconquerable repugnance.

  22. It will serve as a background to his filial virtues and bring them out in bright and beautiful relief.

  23. Richard, there are thousands better and lovelier than Gabriella; and you will yet find an angel spirit in woman's form, who will reward your filial virtues, and scatter the roses of love in the green path of fame.

  24. Richard's filial mission might not be in vain.

  25. I love and revere my mother, but there is a passion stronger than filial love and reverence, which goes on conquering and to conquer.

  26. Mrs. Linwood praised my filial devotion, my fortitude and heroism.

  27. He was awake to Mrs. Doria's maternal predestinations, and guessed that Clare stood ready with the best form of filial obedience.

  28. In the calm composure of filial confidence He breathed away His soul--"Father, into Thy hands I commend My spirit!

  29. What new filial nearness; increased delight in prayer; an inner sunshine when it is darkest without!

  30. The same beautiful spirit of filial subjection shines conspicuous amid His acts of stupendous power.

  31. In festive array she desired to meet her beloved and yet not utterly discard the garb of filial grief.

  32. She buried him, bearing herself all the while with blameless filial piety and then awoke to the fact that she was rich.

  33. My uncles were not religious men, but they had an almost filial respect for my Mother, who was several years senior to the elder of them.

  34. In fact Herschel had become an astronomer from a sense of duty, and it was by filial loyalty to his father's memory that he was now impelled to undertake the completion of the work nobly begun at Slough.

  35. Carrissima, not wishing to fail in her filial duty, went down-stairs to meet him in the hall, as the butler was helping him off with his thick overcoat.

  36. You count upon finding natural filial affection in this son of yours.

  37. She made appeal neither to his filial feeling, nor to an affection which, as she well knew, did not exist.

  38. But what if there were something of the sort, a feeling of religious awe, if not of filial respect?

  39. Filial love for an unworthy father is an absurdity, an impossibility.

  40. Whence also follows the manifest corollary, that under this system the parental and filial relation, being a more friendly, will be a more influential one.

  41. And by pursuing this course, a much stronger filial affection will be generated than commonly exists.

  42. How wonderful is the transport of filial confidence and passionate gratitude in which she bends before the Hand which beckons, and blesses her, with such calm and sovereign tenderness!

  43. Torn between filial duty and sisterly affection, I sat twirling this telegram between my troubled fingers.

  44. Much as she felt, and sore as her heart was wrung, she, like a prudent woman, shed her tears of bitter anguish at the want of filial regard in her son, in secret.

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    adoring; affectionate; conjugal; demonstrative; devoted; dutiful; faithful; filial; fond; husbandly; languishing; lovelorn; lovesick; loving; maternal; melting; parental; paternal; romantic; sentimental; soft; tender; wifely

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