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Example sentences for "demonstrating"

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demonstrable; demonstrably; demonstrate; demonstrated; demonstrates; demonstration; demonstrations; demonstrative; demonstratively; demonstrativeness
  1. Every system, as such, is precisely the means of demonstrating the insufficiency of the central idea which dominates it, and the necessity for the human mind of passing beyond it.

  2. There is generally but one way of demonstrating what is merely possible, and that is by realizing it, by converting it from possibility into actuality.

  3. It has, indeed, been supposed generally, that success in proving an opponent to be wrong, is the same as demonstrating your own propositions to be right.

  4. But investigation into a supposed truth can only end by confirming it fully, and thus making the truth more useful; or by demonstrating that the belief entertained is untenable.

  5. Another parable he proposed unto them, saying: The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field.

  6. And his disciples came and besought him, saying: Send her away, for she crieth after us: 15:24.

  7. Scheurlen suggested a method for demonstrating the tubercle bacillus in milk by steeping the cover glasses first in alcohol and then ether, after which they were stained with Ziehl-Neelsen.

  8. In Chad, the world is watching with dismay as a country torn by a devastating civil war has become a fertile field for Libya's exploitation, thus demonstrating that threats to peace can come from forces within as well as without Africa.

  9. Some of the Queensland planters have taken pride in demonstrating that intelligent white labor is possible, and more profitable, all things considered, than any other.

  10. I have noticed in Athens, the same as in Italy, two gentlemen meeting on the public street, with hats off, demonstrating their affection by hugging and kissing each other in the most violent manner.

  11. Men of the world are tempted to say that "Science can lay but little claim to certainty in demonstrating the truth or falsity of handwriting and the whole procedure is more a mass of doubtful speculations than a body of demonstrable truths.

  12. As a means of demonstrating that chemical erasures have been made a certain manipulation and treatment of the paper submitted will almost invariably bring back the original and obliterated writing.

  13. The task would even then remain of demonstrating the particular supernatural Being by whom the miracles were performed, which is admitted to be impossible.

  14. Against Vaal Krantz General Buller determined to make his real effort; while once more demonstrating in the direction of Brakfontein.

  15. There was no neutralisation or reversal, demonstrating the absence of transverse conduction (cf.

  16. I succeeded in demonstrating the paratonic effect of geotropic stimulus on the periodic movement of the palm leaf, by holding the plant in an inverted position (p.

  17. In spite of the difficulty involved in the problem, I have recently been successful in demonstrating the dual impulses in the animal nerve.

  18. In these leaflets diffuse electric stimulation induce a fall of the leaflets demonstrating the greater excitability of the lower half of the pulvinule.

  19. He succeeded in demonstrating that prussic acid, the name at that time given to the colouring principle, was a compound of carbon and azote.

  20. But it was also in a way meant as a compliment to one of the other guests, a Mr. Spielhagen, who, during the week, had succeeded in demonstrating to a few experts the value of a discovery he had made which would transform a great industry.

  21. They are increasingly demonstrating their right to be called champions of the Cause of God, and manifesting their ability to follow in the footsteps of the early heroes of their religion.

  22. Convention, Summer Schools, meetings, all are not only demonstrating the calibre of their faith, but also evincing marked progress, all of which greatly cheers and delights the Guardian.

  23. As in all the other Argentine sections, the exhibition is made more complete by the display of splendid photographs which assist in demonstrating the rapid advance in the number and character of Argentine manufactures.

  24. My further task now consists in demonstrating to you what manner of psychical faculties may be detected in insects.

  25. They explain the latter as reflex-machines, and take their stand on the ground of the so-called psycho-physical parallelism for the purpose of demonstrating our inability to recognise mental qualities in these animals.

  26. Somebody been demonstrating that your doll's stuffed with sawdust, Tracey?

  27. Then Bartlett sent a requisition for a model, and supplied the funds for making it--thus demonstrating his confidence.

  28. As it is our business, in demonstrating plants, to guard the student against such confusion, it will be proper that specimens of such as come under this head be preserved, as a work for reference and contrast wherever doubts may arise.

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