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Example sentences for "demonstrably"

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demonio; demonological; demonology; demons; demonstrable; demonstrate; demonstrated; demonstrates; demonstrating; demonstration
  1. But now, in this particular case it so happens that the answer admits of being conclusively negatived, by showing that the great assumption on which it reposes is demonstrably false.

  2. Archaeology is used as a test of passages very early and very late; and the archaeology is also wrong, demonstrably fallacious.

  3. The poems were demonstrably still in a fluid condition; and the intellect of Greece was focussed upon them.

  4. The modern theory that Homeric armour is of the seventh century, which it demonstrably is not, starts from the late Dr.

  5. Resemblances between such words are obviously no proof of a common ancestry; and they are often met with in languages which have demonstrably had no connection with each other.

  6. Self-consciousness is not demonstrably in itself any more ultimate or original than is consciousness of objects.

  7. We postulate them only because given experience is demonstrably not self-explanatory and would seem to refer us for explanation to some such antecedent generative grounds.

  8. So far I can defend my own method: it starts from features that are universal, or demonstrably have been universal in totemism.

  9. Such exogamous sets, therefore, no longer bearing totemic names, are often demonstrably variations from the totemic type; and are not proofs that there is no such thing as a totemic type.

  10. I say "unfortunately," because the ethical value of the Bible is inextricably intertwined with supernatural beliefs that are demonstrably false.

  11. Pursuing his search far enough, he succeeds in extricating himself from a quagmire of demonstrably false superstitions.

  12. Startling as this last assertion may appear to be, it is demonstrably true.

  13. To maintain that the existence of one being demonstrably proves the existence of an anterior being, would be, in fact, denying that any thing was self- existent.

  14. This is assuredly what nothing is competent absolutely, and demonstrably to prove.

  15. Hence it is the more necessary to insist that the historical statements which the treatise contains are sometimes demonstrably erroneous; the author appears to have relied excessively upon oral tradition.

  16. Westcott and Hort; who, with the purest intentions and most laudable industry, have constructed a Text demonstrably more remote from the Evangelic verity, than any which has ever yet seen the light.

  17. It is superfluous to enquire into the merits of the English rendering of words which Evangelists and Apostles demonstrably never wrote.

  18. When will men learn unconditionally to put away from themselves the weak superstition which is for investing with oracular authority the foregoing quaternion of demonstrably depraved Codices?

  19. The fact being that codex B is demonstrably one of the most corrupt documents in existence.

  20. But indeed the whole matter is demonstrably a weak imagination,--a dream, and nothing more.

  21. Which contention of yours I hold to be demonstrably incorrect, and proceed to prove is a complete misconception.

  22. Westcott and Hort have adopted every one of the 25 in which codex B is concerned--a significant indication of the superstitious reverence in which they hold that demonstrably corrupt and most untrustworthy document.

  23. They are often demonstrably wrong, and always unreasonable.

  24. For I cannot suppose that he himself will expect any of his readers to entertain so arbitrary, fanciful, and demonstrably false an assumption as the one in question.

  25. You see, therefore, that in either case, be Christianity true or false, death is demonstrably certain to us in refusing it.

  26. The whole aim of the teachers should be to produce work which could be demonstrably shown to be good and useful, and worthy of being bought, or used in any way; and after that the whole question of patronage and interest should be settled.

  27. No one can prove God," you say, and prayer, surely that is against reason, and demonstrably a weakness.

  28. And yet it is strange that if any religion is based on ascertained fact, if any religion is demonstrably true, no one can be brought to see this truth, to accept this proof, except believers who do not require it.

  29. But the Manifestations also consider that training and education demonstrably exert a tremendous influence.

  30. I even felt convinced that the meaning and purpose of the asterisks in question would be demonstrably different from what Birch had imagined.

  31. They appear to have too often depended on their memory, and sometimes are demonstrably loose and inaccurate in their citations; the same Father being observed to quote the same place in different ways.

  32. Influences have been demonstrably at work which altogether perplex the judgement.

  33. There has therefore demonstrably been no collusion--no assimilation to an arbitrary standard,--no wholesale fraud.

  34. But it is not always true that the individual is the best judge of his own ultimate interests; and it is demonstrably untrue that the pursuit by each of what he deems best for himself will bring the greatest happiness for all.

  35. But it was soon found that the results of their use were far from uniform, and farther still from being demonstrably beneficial.

  36. And yet to-day there is not a intelligent man in Christendom that does not know that the doctrine of man's fall and ruin is not only doubtful, but demonstrably untrue.

  37. We believe that all truth, through whatever medium it comes to the world, is in so far a revelation of our Father; and it is infallible revelation when it is demonstrably true, and not otherwise.

  38. On the other hand, it was declared to be demonstrably true that the reduction of the volume of paper did not lower the premium on gold.

  39. That matter is nothing else but a peculiar manifestation, or avatar, of some species of mind, whatever that species be, is a proposition as demonstrably true as its converse is demonstrably false.

  40. It is perfectly legitimate to suppose that any event or combination of events, not demonstrably impossible, may have occurred in the absence of complete certainty that they have not occurred.

  41. But although it be thus demonstrably certain that an author of the universe exists, it does not follow that there is only one.

  42. The preferences in question are demonstrably not due to the greater poignancy of the pleasures preferred.

  43. We are disposed to rank the derivative hypothesis in its fullness with the nebular hypothesis, and to regard both as allowable, as not unlikely to prove tenable in spite of some strong objections, but as not therefore demonstrably true.

  44. Theoretical egoism can never be demonstrably refuted, yet in philosophy it has never been used otherwise than as a sceptical sophism, i.

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