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dealest; dealeth; dealing; dealings; deall; dealt; deam; deaneries; deanery; deanship
  1. Clausewitz does not discuss the moral aspect of war; he deals with power and expediency.

  2. The writings of such classic authorities as Clausewitz give full confirmation of this view, while it is the resounding note of most popular German political literature that deals with "Weltpolitik.

  3. The author in question, in order to show how the thing could come about, deals with the matter prophetically.

  4. It is quite clear that the inability to act in concert arises from the fact that in the international sphere the European is still dominated by illusions which he has dropped when he deals with home politics.

  5. Every author who deals with this period seems to tell broadly the same tale, however much they may differ in detail.

  6. The great work by which he is known is a "Universal History," but it deals more particularly with the history of the Arabs of Spain and Africa.

  7. It deals especially with law, and contains the pith and the moral of all early Icelandic history.

  8. During my long illness and confinement to my room, the Bible has been almost a new book to me, and I see that God has always dealt with His children as He deals with them now, and that no new thing has befallen me.

  9. But He often deals far differently with His disciples.

  10. You must either, I hold, limit Political Economy to the field of statistical inquiry, or admit that, as a part of sociology, it deals with questions altogether beyond the reach of mathematics.

  11. The obvious general reply would be, that Political Economy cannot be an exact science because it also deals throughout with human desires.

  12. The text deals with three phases of outdoor science that have a perennial interest, and it will make the benefit of the author's long and successful experience available to younger teachers.

  13. A bazaar shop-keeper who deals in colours will not sell white paint after the lamps have been lighted.

  14. That was the keynote of a startling new thought which came to him: that there might actually be more money in legitimate deals than in the dubious ones in which he had always engaged; and that thought he took to Europe with him.

  15. By one of those strange runs of luck which sometimes break the monotony of persistent gambling disasters, he had won not less than five out of every six of the continuous deals intrusted to Fox & Fleecer.

  16. The papers chronicled these deals as examples of the wonderful wealth that had suddenly descended upon their respective towns.

  17. The third part of the act deals with what is called in the act working-class lodging-houses.

  18. The second part of the act deals with unhealthy dwelling-houses, and requires the urban district council to take steps for the closing of any dwelling-houses within their district which are unfit for human habitation.

  19. In this restricted sense the present article deals with England, the predominant partner in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, both as containing the seat of government and in respect of extent, population and wealth.

  20. Being a determined champion of Paris Garden, he has chosen a sign corresponding to his habits; and he deals in giving drink to the thirsty, that he himself may drink without paying, and receive pay for what is drunken by others.

  21. The mechanical, literal side of instruction, which deals with maps and names and facts about the Word, written and incarnate, should now be given.

  22. All these maxims may be traced to the same law of the soul, and they may all be summed up in the maxim, teaching must proceed from things to symbols, since the senses deal with things and reason deals with symbols.

  23. The end of the treatise deals with mosaics, with the grinding of colours in oil to make red, blue, green and other kinds of grounds, and with mordants for the application of gold but not at that time for figures.

  24. The first part of the book deals with the nature of colours, both minerals and earths, as he had learned it of Agnolo his master.

  25. Here again we see how our Lord deals with views falling short of the truth.

  26. This terror, reasonable or not, certainly existed, and Christ always deals with the fact He finds.

  27. Milton deals with the subject with great skill, from his point of view, in Paradise Regained.

  28. Our Lord is the great physician who deals with all according as the case and the constitution require.

  29. Another source of interest is that the story deals with inner struggles in a figurative way--the voices are personified and the action is localised.

  30. The novel treats, to be sure, of an emotional life; but it deals rather with the gradual drilling and final extirpation of the emotion of love than with any development of the latter.

  31. The one of his groups of dramas for which the poet is most noted is that which deals with antique subjects.

  32. It was not, indeed, until 1875 that Engels deals with the tendencies to State socialism, and then it was in answer to Dr.

  33. Out of this conception there had already grown that great division of the law which deals with the temporary relations between independent states, which we now call International Law.

  34. Cervantes, starving, but straight; he deals us some hard knocks in that second part of his Quixote; then there was some of the writers of the picaresque novels.

  35. He complained in these words to his ghostly counsellor, Staupitz: "Dear doctor, our Lord God does indeed deal terribly with us; who can serve Him when He deals such blows on all?

  36. It deals with wizards, harpers, dwarfs, priests, warriors, and noble dames.

  37. Or it deals with delicate informal anecdote as the short story does, or fairy legerdemain, or patriotic banners, or great surging mobs of the proletariat, or big scenic outlooks, or miraculous beings made visible.

  38. The Action Photoplay deals with generalized pantomime: the gesture of the conventional policeman in contrast with the mannerism of the stereotyped preacher.

  39. The patriotism of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, if taken literally, deals with certain aspects of the Civil War.

  40. Some deals were in the water by the bank, which had probably floated down from some saw-mill.

  41. I went to the shore and collected a lot of the deals that I mentioned, and made a very decent sort of raft.

  42. But these lessons have nothing to do with that part of the philosophy which deals with these myriad forms of life, for our time will be taken up with the unfoldment in the mind of man of his true nature and power.

  43. It deals with a far larger number of objects--at longer distances--and gives a far greater variety of reports to the mind than any of its associate senses.

  44. It deals specially with the philosophy of Leibnitz and discusses such questions as force, time and space.

  45. Such Dares was, and such he strode along, And drew the wonder of the gazing throng His brawny breast and ample chest he shows; His lifted arms around his head he throws, And deals in whistling air his empty blows.

  46. And with them all he deals in a spirit of wisdom for which multitudes unacquainted with his works would hardly give him credit.

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