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  1. Luther, as he said, only wished to answer this diatribe out of regard to the position enjoyed by its author, and, from his sheer aversion to the book, for a long while postponed his reply.

  2. Erasmus now retorted by his diatribe 'On Free Will,' by virtue whereof, he said, man was able and was bound to procure his own blessing and final happiness.

  3. He wrote a pamphlet, full of wit and as full of bitterness, called "La diatribe du docteur Akakia," so evidently satirizing Maupertuis that the king grew furious.

  4. Despite the work of the flames, a copy of the diatribe found its way to Paris, was printed there, and copies of it made their way back to Prussia by mail.

  5. King Leopold, the diatribe against the Czar of Russia, essential vindications of the moral principle.

  6. His diatribe against the Czar of Russia for his inhumanity to the serfs was an equally convincing proof of his noble determination to throw the whole weight of his influence in behalf of suffering and oppressed humanity.

  7. A diatribe against the genuineness of the poems of Ossian.

  8. Johnson's diatribe against the authenticity of the poems of Ossian.

  9. This heated diatribe against the author of her days turned him pale and paralysed him.

  10. But long before the poor old man finished his diatribe against morocco, his daughters burst in with such ironical laughter, and sarcastic speeches that he was quite crushed.

  11. It was a lengthy diatribe from Miranda Bailey, accustomed as they were to hear her state opinions freely.

  12. Now he put it to his lips, unable to find a sufficiently crushing retort to Mormon's diatribe against words of more than one syllable, breathing out the burden of "My Bonnie lies over the Ocean.

  13. The famous Diatribe of Doctor Akakia, in the autumn of 1752, brought matters to a climax, because its publication was supposed to show marked defiance of the king's wishes.

  14. Sixtus and Alexander, because the writer of the diatribe and his friends were maltreated by this pope.

  15. The Diatribe was published, and received with shouts of merriment and applause by all who could read the French language.

  16. I warned you, and you can't say I didn't," her diatribe ran.

  17. Each of the sonnets was a dull diatribe ending with "l'abbate Chiari e un coglione.

  18. A few years later I took my revenge by writing a diatribe against presentiments.

  19. Traditional instruments were in one far corner but most of the museum seemed to be a diatribe without words, a deprecatory pronouncement against Siam, French, and American imperialists in photographic images, uniforms, and guns.

  20. Yes, he reiterated, in that respect the howling was figuratively no different than the aspersions and diatribe of human speech.

  21. She was now rather ashamed of her diatribe to Muriel Graham about her London visit.

  22. Cicely, who had not remained quite unimpressed by the Squire's diatribe against the unfortunate suburb.

  23. I submit that your diatribe is quite undeserved.

  24. To this diatribe Roland made no reply, and the sixteen, seeing the attitude of their leader, hesitated to raise flagon to lip.

  25. The first in order was the diatribe of Morlin in 1568.

  26. No more profound diatribe than "Dead Souls" has ever been written in Russia, though it is a country where satire has flourished abundantly.

  27. It was safest to ignore Ty's diatribe completely.

  28. The point of all of this diatribe is that computers can get sick too.

  29. He ended the diatribe by his usual device, when he desired to remind the Government of his necessity to them, of offering his resignation, in case they refused to take vigorous measures against the malcontents.

  30. But they have nearly all survived; and the diatribe against ambition itself supplies the feather wherewith history may wing her shaft at the towering flight of the imperial eagle.

  31. He sent an aide-de-camp, Lavalette, charged with a vehement diatribe against the Doge and Senate, which lost nothing in its recital before that august body.

  32. Don Custodio was on the point of refusing to explain it from resentment at not having found any supporters in his diatribe against Simoun.

  33. And here Richard launched out into a diatribe against his fellow-colonists: "This sordid riff-raff!

  34. He had listened to Tangye's diatribe in a white heat of impatience.

  35. That this introduction comes in the form of diatribe and denunciation is a matter of the least moment.

  36. It is a sufficient mark of self-sacrifice if she listens patiently to a diatribe against butterfly bonnets, trains, or crinolines, or even thanks her pastor for describing evening costume as a "propaganda of the devil.

  37. Among them are the ever-recurring diatribe against the fickleness of fortune, and (through the medium of Dante) the reflection on the distinction between gentle birth and a gentle life.

  38. In contains the elaborate diatribe against Rousseau, the grave panegyric on Cromwell for choosing Hale to be Chief Justice, and a sound criticism on the laxity and want of foresight in the manner in which the States-General had been convened.

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