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Example sentences for "diatribes"

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  1. Villon, indeed, were it not for the depth and pathos of his poetical sentiment, might be claimed as a poet of the lighter order, and the patriotic diatribes against the English to which we have alluded easily passed into satire.

  2. Nothing can be farther from the allegorical erudition, the political diatribes and the sermonizing moralities of the authors of Renart le Contre-fait than the sly naivete of the writers of the earlier branches.

  3. Unless we ask them, we must be content to echo the coarse and violent diatribes of Clemens Alexandrinus against the vigils of the deified exoletus.

  4. But he tells us that he had no sooner perceived the character of the man against whom these diatribes are directed than he devoured them greedily (jeg slugte disse skrifter).

  5. By the side of his cruel clearness the satire of Carlyle is bluster, the diatribes of Leopardi shrill and thin.

  6. You might have thought to read their bitter diatribes that they themselves lived saintly lives, and were shocked at sensual sin.

  7. And how can this man have a fair trial now when the papers for weeks past have been filled with violent diatribes against him and his works?

  8. Instead of writing diatribes against the irrevocable he adopted "Peace and good will among men" as his motto.

  9. The French Revolution of February, 1848, rendered these misguided young men more impulsive and less discreet than ever, and they wrote, published and uttered the most bloodthirsty diatribes against the legitimate authorities.

  10. For his powerful advocacy of the Governor-General, and his scathing diatribes against the tactics of the Opposition, he was fiercely denounced by the Conservative leaders.

  11. The colloquial taint of Roman philosophical discussion is repeated in the moral diatribes of the humanists.

  12. On all sides there were diatribes against Britain's high-handed and lawless behaviour, and some German papers affected to believe that Hamburg might next be chosen for bombardment by the British fleet.

  13. In order to discourage the futile anti-British diatribes in the German Press, B├╝low declared in the Reichstag that in no quarter was there an intention to intervene against England.

  14. But his heavy diatribes on priests, nobles and kings make the description of these childish fancies almost tragic.

  15. He knows also of the anti-Semitic diatribes of Philo's great enemy Apion, and two of his extant books are masterly reply to their outpourings.

  16. In reply to the offensive picture of a Manetho and the diatribes of some "starveling Greekling," there appeared the eulogistic picture of an Aristeas, the improved Exodus of an Artapanus.

  17. Footnote 78: It is noteworthy that in all the negotiations that followed, Napoleon never raised any question about our exacting maritime code, which proves how hollow were his diatribes against the tyrant of the seas at other times.

  18. Of course, Caulaincourt kept these diatribes to himself, but his painfully constrained demeanour betrayed the secret that he longed for peace and that his hands were tied.

  19. This is practically the notion still prevalent on the Continent; and it is clearly traceable to the endless diatribes against Pitt's gold with which Napoleon seasoned his bulletins, and to the caricatures which he ordered to be drawn.

  20. Diatribes against perfidious Albion filled the French Press and overflowed into splenetic pamphlets, one of which bade odious England tremble under the consciousness of her bad faith and the expectation of swift and condign chastisement.

  21. Rabid diatribes appeared in "The Light," and incessant scenes took place at the municipal sessions.

  22. For the first time in his life Don Rosendo read the diatribes with no sensation beyond that of infinite scorn.

  23. Cromwell, if he heard of his diatribes against him, appears to have cared little for them.

  24. The Herald was recognized by reformers as at the head of the opposition, and its diatribes were considered "Satanic.

  25. Sundry American papers had indulged in diatribes against fulsome speeches at English banquets by some of Mr. Pierpont's predecessors, and he had evidently determined that no such charge should be established against him.

  26. As these attacks soon became scurrilous, I made no reply to any after the first; but his wrath was increased when he saw my reply quoted by the press throughout the State and his own diatribes neglected.

  27. Under the name of Horatius he contributed to The Virginia Federalist diatribes of a polished ferocity against the Democrat-Republicans and their chief, and he owned Mustapha, the noblest race-horse of the day.

  28. In all sorts of ways this hatred showed itself--in the diatribes of professors, in the pages of books, in the columns of the Press.

  29. Some of it also came, as it seemed to me, from a perfectly natural jealousy, and some as the result of the preaching of those extraordinary professors whose idiotic diatribes have done so much to poison the minds of Young Germany.

  30. Yet the offenders themselves are allowed to break up an orderly procession and to hurl angry diatribes at the very people they have been banned for seeking to injure.

  31. Wagner's disagreeable diatribes aimed subsequently at the Jews were, and are, in part attributed to Mendelssohn's behaviour regarding it.

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