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gradually; gradualness; graduate; graduated; graduates; graduation; graduations; gradum; gradus; graffe
  1. I speak more directly to you, then, gentlemen of the graduating class.

  2. And now, gentlemen of the graduating class, nothing remains but for me to bid you, in the name of those for whom I am commissioned and privileged to speak, farewell as students, and welcome as practitioners.

  3. Finally, let me try to apply these lessons to you young men and women of the graduating class.

  4. When I read my graduating essay as an honor girl, nobody gave me any credit for having got the honor, whereas everybody clapped and said how cute and that sort of thing.

  5. Why certainly she can't go in her graduating dress.

  6. Entering Amherst College in 1830, and graduating four years later, he gave more attention to his own courses of reading than to college studies, and was more popular with his fellows than with the faculty.

  7. Trent's remarks and that continued until Barney had taken his place again among the graduating class.

  8. This he accordingly did, graduating at the Baltimore Dental College in 1842.

  9. Immediately after graduating he went to the war, and came near losing his life at the battle of Antietam.

  10. Besides being a member of the first graduating class, Miss Montague was one of the first to receive the degree of M.

  11. After graduating from Oberlin, she taught two years in New Jersey, and then in the Olive Street High School in St. Louis for ten years, "laying the foundation of her distinguished reputation as a teacher of higher mathematics.

  12. The two women went to their work again, and while Mavis asked nothing, the mother plied Jason with questions about Colonel and Mrs. Pendleton and Marjorie and Gray, and had him tell about his graduating speech and Commencement Day.

  13. He had written his graduating speech but had not shown it to her, though he had said he would.

  14. On graduating at Dartmouth, in 1853, our young friend pursued his medical studies in the office of his father.

  15. After valuable experience as a teacher in the Exeter Academy, he pursued a theological course at the Andover Seminary, graduating in 1815.

  16. We have no record of his boyhood, or of his life previous to graduating from Dartmouth College, with the class of 1836.

  17. After some remarks to the graduating class, the Chief Justice said: 'And let me add, my brethren of the alumni, a practical word to you.

  18. This degree was no small honour to such a young man, who, as we have seen, quitted his university before he had the opportunity of graduating in the ordinary manner.

  19. He was graduated from the law department in 1896, with first rank honors, and he was also a gold medallist in Roman law in his graduating year.

  20. After finishing his early education at Woodstock College, he attended the School of Practical Science of Toronto, graduating in 1896.

  21. Thérèse, where he took a classical course, graduating with the degree of B.

  22. In furtherance of his knowledge he then attended Joliette College, now known as the Seminary of Joliette, and Laval University at Montreal, graduating with the Bachelor of Arts degree from the latter institution in 1885.

  23. He studied medicine in McGill University, graduating with the degree of M.

  24. Descarries afterward attended Montreal College, McGill University and Laval University, graduating from the latter in 1879, with the degree of LL.

  25. In the acquirement of his education Alfred Forest attended the Seminary of Joliette and then followed the philosophical course at the Seminary of the St. Sulpice Fathers in Montreal, graduating in 1905 with the degree of B.

  26. After a couple of years spent in teaching he returned to the university for the study of law, graduating as B.

  27. Immediately after the completion of his course at St. Mary’s he began the study of medicine at Laval University, graduating summa cum laude in 1906, with the degree of M.

  28. He next entered McGill, where in four years he became first prize man in medicine, graduating in 1874.

  29. He was a student in the Montreal high school and then entered McGill for his arts course, graduating with the degree of B.

  30. He studied the classics at the Seminaire de Nicolet, graduating with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1908.

  31. He afterward attended the Grand Seminary, where he received his theological training, graduating with the class of 1883.

  32. Reared in Montreal, Thornton Davidson attended the city schools, graduating from high school.

  33. He acquired his preliminary education in the public schools there and after graduating from the Watford high school entered McGill University from which he was graduated with the degree of B.

  34. As the marks rise the percentage leaving in the early years steadily falls and the percentage graduating rises.

  35. Men Graduating from the Medical School and Receiving "Cum Laude" in Medicine Per cent Entered college "clear" 59.

  36. A distinguished professor in the medical department of one of our universities, in an address to the graduating class, recently said: "Some professional men seem to be ashamed unless they have the character of universal knowledge.

  37. This had been said by an eminent scientist who had addressed his graduating class.

  38. Its length varies from four feet to four feet and a half, and its colour is that of the fox, graduating in parts to white.

  39. He is distinguished by the beauty of his coat which is of a rich fawn colour, graduating to white underneath his belly.

  40. Graduating at Rockford College, in 1881, Miss Addams, then a delicate girl, spent two years in Europe.

  41. He went the way of all well-to-do Boston youth through Harvard, graduating there in 1831, without distinguishing himself particularly, except by his skill in debate and his finished elocution.

  42. He was a classmate of Longfellow at Bowdoin College, graduating without especial distinction, and spending the twelve succeeding years at Salem, living a secluded life in accordance with his abnormally shy and sensitive disposition.

  43. Deciding to enter the ministry, he managed to work his way through Yale theological seminary, graduating at the age of twenty-seven.

  44. He was an infant prodigy, graduating from Harvard at an age when most boys were entering, and afterwards going to Boston to take lessons from Copley.

  45. He received a thorough schooling, graduating from Yale in 1807, and at once turned his attention to art.

  46. But Whitney persevered, graduating in 1792, and almost immediately securing a position as private tutor in a Georgia family, which was to change the whole course of his life.

  47. He received his education at Exeter grammar school and Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 1818.

  48. There was great excitement in the graduating class.

  49. He had reached the last year in grammar school, the graduating class.

  50. But of the young men graduating from the English schools named, so far as I can ascertain, less than fifty per cent go to the university.

  51. To each member of the graduating class I sent a circular, a month ago, asking if he would be willing to tell me in confidence what his college course had cost.

  52. A new tie is formed between young and old, as together they persue the same studies and in the same graduating class walk through the Golden Gate.

  53. Due to the behavior of the previous graduating class, teachers patrolled the group to assure no items such as frizbees, squirt guns and bubble blowers made it into the field house.

  54. During this time, Mom was taking final exams and Norm was graduating from high school, which altogether spelled chaos for the family.

  55. Graduating from high school in the 60's greatly affected Todd's outlook and he adopted the prevalent anti-establishmentarianism attitudes with intense vigor.

  56. The graduating class usually waited on the table at dinner on Commencement Day.

  57. After which the morning was closed with an English oration by one of the graduating class.

  58. Every graduating class procures a beautiful and substantial folio of many hundred pages, called the Class Book, and lettered with the year of the graduation of the class.

  59. In 1760, it appears that it was usual for the graduating class to provide a pipe of wine, in the payment of which each one was forced to join.

  60. At Trinity College, Hartford, this is a testimonial voted by each graduating class to the first legitimate boy whose father is a member of the class.

  61. The salutatory oration was delivered by a member of the graduating class, who is now our aged and honored townsman, Judge Baldwin.

  62. This description would answer very well for the present day, by adding the graduating class to the procession, and substituting the Boston Lancers as an escort, instead of the "body guards.

  63. Graduating in June, 1856, the now full-fledged Midshipman Perkins could look back upon his five years' probationary experience with many pleasant recollections, though doubtless thanking his stars that his pupilage was over.

  64. At nineteen, graduating at Cambridge, I took and kept for the three following years an academy in a near neighboring town.

  65. Graduating in 1739, he was shortly afterwards sent to Kiangnan, and presently became magistrate at Nanking, where he greatly distinguished himself by the vigour and justice of his administration.

  66. Candidates for college-entrance diplomas who are in the graduating class of 1917 will be granted the diploma on certificate of the principal that their work up to the time of enlistment is satisfactory.

  67. That members in good standing of the graduating classes of the professional schools of the state who shall have been accepted for military service by the government be granted their degrees without special examination.

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