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Example sentences for "graduate"

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grads; gradu; gradual; gradually; gradualness; graduated; graduates; graduating; graduation; graduations
  1. Variations are of two kinds, which insensibly graduate into each other, namely, slight differences between all the members of the same species, and more strongly-marked deviations which occur only occasionally.

  2. The cases under this class graduate into others.

  3. The large biotites and hornblendes are not sharply distinct from those of intermediate size, which in turn graduate into the small crystals of the same minerals in the ground mass.

  4. The payment of one dollar at one time entitles a graduate to the White Crystal and White Seals for four years.

  5. At that time I hope to graduate at the Chautauqua University.

  6. They say he's a college graduate gone to the bad from drink.

  7. My dad's coming on the five-ten to see his only son graduate cum laude.

  8. And what department do you mean to graduate in, my Amber?

  9. Said he was ready to graduate now--college held nothing further for him.

  10. It might have been so, too, in the good old days when there was only one college graduate for each town and he had to do the heavy thinking for the whole community.

  11. He realizes that he has misspent his life; that football is a boy business; that frats are foolish, and that there ought to be a law giving every college graduate a job paying at least two thousand dollars a year on graduation.

  12. As far as I can see, Old Siwash produces as many governors, congressmen and captains of industry to the graduate as any of the single-track schools.

  13. Only Robert, a recent graduate of Harvard and at the time a member of Grant's staff, was there to represent the family.

  14. In 1793, Eli Whitney, a graduate of Yale college, was teaching school in Georgia, and boarding with the widow of General Greene.

  15. He was a graduate of West Point, had seen service in the Mexican War, and ultimately rose to the grade of captain.

  16. Yes, and obviously out of bounds for the ordinary graduate researcher.

  17. Remember, I'm an experienced teacher and a graduate to boot.

  18. Have we not power to graduate our sieves more effectually?

  19. With how little destruction to life, with how little injury to character, do we graduate the sieves of our younger members?

  20. Likewise a young clergyman, graduate of Brown College, and student of the Divinity School at Cambridge.

  21. The graduate is madly in love with the two girls, and they are irrevocably in love with him.

  22. A brilliant young graduate and his beautiful wife are living, as is customary, with the husband's parents.

  23. Conceive the qualifications of an interpreter and critic of English Literature, a graduate in Honours in his subject, whose education has proceeded on the hypothesis that he need have no acquaintance with the classics of Greece and Rome.

  24. Kinzer and submitted [under title: Separatism or Integration: the Dilemma of the Negro in American Business] to the Graduate School of Business Administration of New York University .

  25. Public lectures of the Division of the Social Sciences of the Graduate School, Howard University.

  26. The Department of Agriculture has given facilities for post-graduate work to five hundred young men during the last seven years, preparing them for advance lines of work in the Department and in the State institutions.

  27. It is absurd not to graduate the midshipmen as ensigns; to keep them for two years in such an anomalous position as at present the law requires is detrimental to them and to the service.

  28. The average graduate of the Point, whether the son of a doctor, a lawyer, or a farmer, sticks to the army as his profession.

  29. His pay, counting everything, is better than that of the average graduate of a university or a first-class professional school who practises a profession.

  30. I should venture to say that West Point is the harder grind; that the graduate of the Point has a more specifically academic military training than the graduate of Sandhurst.

  31. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College and of Andover The- ological School.

  32. The student who heals by teaching and teaches by healing, will graduate under divine honors, which are [5] the only appropriate seals for Christian Science.

  33. This young woman, a graduate of a large college, wore an amulet, which she believes protects her from accident.

  34. The graduate proved to be totally unfit for the position and was discharged.

  35. Thus a girl graduate will speak French with a good accent, or she will converse in Milwaukee German.

  36. It is impossible for a negro to graduate from the Naval Academy, though he has the right to do so.

  37. An employer of several thousand men told the Superintendent of Education of the District of Columbia that he had selected the brightest boy graduate of a high school for a position which required only a knowledge of simple arithmetic.

  38. A clever young graduate of my acquaintance, after four years of distinguished scholarship at Oxford, came up to the metropolis and entered the dangerous lists of literature.

  39. Just when the aureole is ready to be fitted on, some horrid graduate (Litterae inhumaniores) inks the statue.

  40. George Burroughs, a graduate of Harvard College, wrote his own name sometimes with, and sometimes without, the s.

  41. He was a graduate of Harvard College in the class of 1670.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "graduate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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