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Example sentences for "fathom"

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  1. My child, there is much--ay, much for man to learn ere his poor intellect can fathom the decrees of Him who smiles at human vows and weeps at human projects.

  2. How low, how irretrievably low must I have fallen when such a creature has power to fathom me!

  3. Our century has given experimental proof of the existence of the atom, but has not been able to fathom in the same way the exact form or nature of this ultimate particle of matter.

  4. Like Huxley, Haeckel had at once made the logical application of the Darwinian theory to man himself, and he sought now to trace the exact lineage of the human family as no one had hitherto attempted to fathom it.

  5. She possessed fortunately one of Brunton's 70 fathom chain cables, which held good all the time, but it was found afterwards to have had the links of its lower portion polished bright by attrition against the rocky bottom.

  6. But where this mass is divided into three principal branches, the roof of the vaults has only a fathom and a half of thickness, while the excavation is three fathoms and a half high.

  7. The best kibbles are made of sheet-iron, and hold each about three hundred weight of ore: 120 kibbles are supposed to clear a cubic fathom of rock.

  8. The usher of the sheriff's court told him that his masters had already met, and that a tavern keeper had been summoned, because he lived a few hundred fathom from the place where the murder had taken place.

  9. I shall see thee on the gallows," replied Lamme, "thrust out thy poisonous tongue a fathom out of thy mouth.

  10. Yet with every fathom that the boat advanced, the shadow grew more palpable, expanded, and approximated more closely to the appearance of a vessel hove-to under bare poles.

  11. But I do not dream of happiness, neither (could you fathom one drop of the dark and limitless ocean of my emotions) would you name to me that word.

  12. Beyond the fathom of hope or fear, From bourn to bourn of the dusk I steer, Swept on in the wake of the stars, in the stream Of a roving tide, from dream to dream.

  13. It rolled and gathered and died and grew Far off to the rear; a smile thereto I turned; a fathom behind my ear A rider rode with a shadowy leer.

  14. Just beyond our utmost fathom Is the anchorage we crave, But the Master knows the soundings By the reach of every wave.

  15. Half an hour passed before she came down.

  16. Will you make me your wife, just as if nothing had happened?

  17. On this bob wood a line of ten or twelve fathoms was neatly wound--the end of the one line being fastened to the wood, and the other to the harpoon, the man keeping about a fathom of it loose in his hand.

  18. Their wooden clubs were jagged with crocodiles' teeth; they had no bows or arrows, but used lances a fathom and a-half long.

  19. He was silent a while, trying to fathom the reason of his sister's strange duplicity.

  20. He put out his hand and turned her face to him, gazing into her eyes, as if for the first time he saw and could fathom the sorrow and the fear in them.

  21. Iss, sur, if it haven't walked into the thirty-fathom level in passin'.

  22. To extend from the end of tram-hole, four fathom west, and from back of level, five fathom above.

  23. That worthy, true to his promise to Oliver Trembath, had gone to work in Botallack Mine, and had that very day commenced operations in the thirty-fathom level referred to.

  24. The greater part, however, went down to the eighty-five fathom level.

  25. In a few minutes they reached the thirty-fathom level, and here, to their great relief, they found Spankey supported in the arms of stout Joe Tonkin.

  26. I am, fellow-servant Of God, can man fathom God's dealings with us?

  27. I neither blame thee nor bless; If bitter is sure and sweet sure, These vanish with form and feature-- Can the creature fathom the creature, Whose Creator is fathomless?

  28. It's just two fathom from where you stand.

  29. It would need about eight fathom of stuff like you to tie me down.

  30. Then the line hung slack, and the last fathom was drawn on board by the sailor, while the mate went down on his knees and examined the slight planking of the boat to make sure that it was not stove in.

  31. It's a strange world, I cannot fathom it.

  32. Yet even her woman's wit could not fathom the mystery of Toni's new joy in life.

  33. Toni, listening breathlessly, could not fathom the significance of the lady's tone.

  34. For the life of him Herrick could not fathom her tone.

  35. Possibly from among those I rear, some one will arise to fathom and solve these things.

  36. Were I in reality a parent instead of masquerading as one, I should no doubt endeavor to fathom this mystery.

  37. And some in dreams assured were Of the Spirit that plagued us so: Nine fathom deep he had follow'd us From the Land of Mist and Snow.

  38. Under the keel nine fathom deep From the land of mist and snow The spirit slid: and it was He That made the Ship to go.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fathom" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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