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Example sentences for "decipher"

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  1. It was the same which Hilda had copied, and the characters were familiar to him from his former attempt to decipher them.

  2. It contained what seemed like a key to decipher the letters on the other.

  3. Because I wanted you to decipher it yourself on your own principle.

  4. What would be the use of trying to decipher an inscription in Arabic?

  5. I had taken a copy myself, and had found a man who helped me to decipher it.

  6. I hope to find some friend who may have more skill in cryptography than I have, and may be able to decipher it.

  7. You might as well have expected me to decipher a Ninevite inscription.

  8. Many reasons have urged me to decipher it, but the chief motive was the hope of bringing to you a complete explanation.

  9. There was a key connected with it, by means of which I was able to decipher it.

  10. Hincks of being one of the first to decipher the cuneiform inscriptions of Nineveh.

  11. These inscriptions, in an altogether unknown character, were at first enigmatic, but oriental scholarship soon availed to decipher them.

  12. It would have been hard for the expert in physiognomy to decipher Raisky's characteristics, inclinations and character from his face because of its extraordinary mobility.

  13. Tatiana Markovna put on her glasses, and tried to read them, but she found that she could not decipher them, and eventually Vera had to read them.

  14. Bishop Brent's small caligraphy had been difficult to decipher by the half-light.

  15. It took the French three years and a half to decipher a code despatch from Von Bethmann Hollweg to Baron von Schoen.

  16. Surely it would be impossible for any one, even Mr. Fleck, to decipher any message that these figures might convey.

  17. We have managed recently to intercept and decipher some code messages.

  18. He bent forward a little and tried to decipher the letters, but the candle-light was too faint.

  19. If we pick up the finger and nail of a real man, we can decipher a whole story--could almost reconstruct the creature again, from head to foot.

  20. To sing one of his songs, to decipher manuscript, was the last thing she felt she could do, and the proposal irritated her.

  21. Mr. Mallery, suppose you come and decipher for me the motto underneath the French scene in the further parlor.

  22. One of these was turned topsy-turvey, which was not to be wondered at, for a native almost always holds English characters upside-down when either trying to decipher them himself or when holding them to be read by others.

  23. Some of these scrolls were decorated with scenes which it would take hours to decipher and appreciate.

  24. It was impossible to decipher the exact device, but the breast and head, in most instances, were plainly distinguishable.

  25. Though it was sixteen feet overhead, and therefore inaccessible, I should not have abandoned some attempt to decipher it had I not felt sure that, even if I were close to it, it was too much defaced by the storms of ages to be legible.

  26. Grace, being on her defense, read this letter very slowly, and as if she had to decipher it.

  27. There are curious inscriptions, and some brasses nobody could decipher when I was a girl; but perhaps you might, you are so clever.

  28. He said nothing in answer to this last remark, and Ancrum could not decipher him in the darkness visible of the ill-trimmed lamp.

  29. He came close to her, trying to decipher her face in the moonlight.

  30. By the end of it David, his face propped on his hands, was trying nervously to decipher the names and devices cut in the wood of the table on which he leant.

  31. Although I must confess I have made little progress so far in my investigations, for my failure to decipher spirit-writing is not the only set-back that I have encountered, I still have hopes.

  32. Of Greek I can decipher perhaps the greater part of the Greek alphabet.

  33. Now this coldness had disappeared, and he saw and felt but could not decipher the strange change which had taken its place.

  34. The wind almost tore the sheets from his hand and he was scarcely able to decipher the contents as the young widow continued: "Joseph Tanner had a small office at Ostwalden, when seized with a hemorrhage this morning.

  35. Holding the brooch closer to the light, he was able to decipher the inscription.

  36. When secrecy is desired, some method of enciphering or key is employed in such a way that only persons in possession of it can in conjunction with the code book decipher it.

  37. To decipher the message, reverse the proceedings above described; thus the letter "a" on the upper disk is brought under the first letter of the key word "P.

  38. These words of the report, which I repeated mechanically while trying to decipher what followed, were the last that I was able to read.

  39. Our knowledge is adjusted to our strength; and it is not good to learn and to decipher too quickly truths to which we have not had time to adapt our existence and riddles which we do not yet deserve to know.

  40. And next forty or fifty very closely-written lines, in a hand too small to allow me to decipher them.

  41. The other paper was written in finer and more hasty characters, and I could not decipher it in the uncertain light.

  42. We kept our secrets of authorship very close from everybody except the editor, who had to decipher the handwriting and copy the pieces.

  43. The ex-President, in making the presentation, expressed the hope that Mr. Marvell would spend many happy and profitable years in endeavouring to decipher it.

  44. I decipher what the child only felt in cipher.

  45. I the child had the feelings, I the man decipher them.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "decipher" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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