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Example sentences for "fathering"

Lexicographically close words:
fates; fatha; fathah; father; fathered; fatherland; fatherless; fatherly; fathers; fathom
  1. Whence is the fathering of this desire Which mocks at fated circumstance?

  2. Boldness, in fathering of his misunderstanding upon the authority of the word of God: and flattery, in soothing up persons in a way of their own, by making of them the judges in their own cause: the which I hope to make farther appear anon.

  3. By fathering I mean that He has not only brought us into existence, but He has sent us forth, provides for us, watches over us.

  4. Even though his science was a poor enough thing, his doctors were none the less doctors and the medical profession to-day is entirely within its right when it goes back to Hippocrates for the fathering of it.

  5. Those who have been fathering new religions and seeking to make the abnormal normal have been quick to avail themselves of the suggestions and permissions in the new psychology.

  6. Alone I did it," was to be his boast, and he knew that if once he resumed fathering Max, Max would be fathering him, and his small spurt of initiative would be over.

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