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Example sentences for "dingy"

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dingles; dingo; dingoes; dings; dingus; dining; diningroom; dink; dinkey; dinks
  1. Rising above these stones, the many dingy tombs scattered among them, clusters of noble trees raise their spreading branches toward the sky above, overshadowing this time-honored burial place of the dead.

  2. But all their surroundings were dingy and disagreeable.

  3. The vista of the New York street is flanked by high rows of dingy brick tenements, fringed with jutting white iron fire-escapes, and hung with bulging feather-beds and pillows, puffing from the windows.

  4. She gave the effect of hard lines and angles, and hair and eyes and skin all cut from the same piece, a dingy dust color.

  5. He was musing on the accident of her life, this flower of the dust, which he had taken from the dingy environment she loathed.

  6. Dingy Joe flung up a ghastly face, screamed, and falling on his knees in the water, began to babble about his Redeemer.

  7. Kit, crouching in a heap close by, noticed his boots, old, split across the toe, dingy white socks showing through.

  8. At that Fat George truss Dingy Joe by the arms.

  9. A miserable little lunch-room caught his eye, displaying in its dingy windows, pies, oranges, big shallow pans of pork and beans.

  10. In any other condition, the dingy little lunch-room she presently turned into, would hardly have invited her.

  11. As she mounted the stone steps she caught a glimpse of broad gloom within the threshold, a big, square, dingy hall where some other servants were drawn up in a row.

  12. For a moment afterward, old Henry Beamish stood thinking and looking out over the dingy roof adjacent.

  13. The exaltation of rarefied atmosphere was in his brain; dingy offices were gone forever.

  14. It was four o'clock when they found themselves at the door of a dingy building in Bloomsbury.

  15. The maid ushered the visitors into a dingy little drawing-room.

  16. She was dressed in a faded tea-gown much betrimmed, covered up with a dingy white shawl.

  17. But the number 453, on the dingy door, could be still made out by the light of the street opposite, and she mounted the steps.

  18. She bent over the dingy bit of silk, her cheeks dimpling with laughter.

  19. The paper of the room was a dingy grey, and the furniture was heavily old-fashioned and in Delia's eyes inconvenient.

  20. That morning she went over to the dingy row of buildings to sign the lease of the hall for three evenings a week, as quarters for Combat Club No.

  21. He sat gazing out of the window, where there was nothing to see except leafless trees and faded grass and starlings and dingy sparrows.

  22. Four abreast, behind them, marched a dingy column of men and women, mostly of foreign aspect and squatty build, carrying a flag which seemed to be entirely red.

  23. We sat silently looking out over the dreary stretch of roofs and down into a dingy court of Bernard's Inn below, when suddenly there arose a commotion on the stairs, as of a man mounting hastily.

  24. Who had taken me to the humble cottage under Criffel, who had poured into my ear his ambitions and his wrongs when we had sat together in the dingy room of the Castle Yard sponging-house.

  25. Those who knew the Judge (and there were few who did not) pictured to themselves the dingy little apartment where he lived, and smiled.

  26. And he led us into a dingy antechamber littered with papers, on every one of which, I daresay, was written a tragedy.

  27. In the dingy passageway he perceived a tall figure which immediately turned out to be that of an old gentleman.

  28. In the dingy brick station of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad more than one person paused to look after them, and a kind-hearted lady who had been in the car kissed the girl good-by.

  29. We dine with our student club for the last time at the Burg Keller, a dingy little tavern under a grim old house, but very dear to us.

  30. It made a palace out of that dingy furniture shop.

  31. And then under the new Blackfriars Bridge to Southwark, dingy with its docks and breweries and huddled houses, but forever famous,--the Southwark of Shakespeare and Jonson and Beaumont and Fletcher.

  32. The dingy brown parlour was filled with men, standing in groups and talking in subdued voices.

  33. She is in a large and dingy wrapper, very different from the lady who had presented herself a few months back to my wife--how different from the smiling Mrs. Mackenzie of old days!

  34. For the most part they were in paper bindings, some of them neat enough, but more with broken backs and dingy edges; they were set along the shelves in serried rows, untidily, without method or plan.

  35. In one corner sat a fellah woman, motionless, in ample robes of dingy black.

  36. And he brought dainties and flowers to the dingy room.

  37. Then she surveyed the dingy felt hat that rested brutally on the silken wonder of her hair, and rebellion rose again.

  38. And night after night Mr. Preston, Dick and Ellery tried to put fire into some dingy little hall-full of men.

  39. Mrs. Quincy gave her a sharp look and grudgingly handed out a dime; for Lena's voice was instinct with hope, and hope was such a rare visitor in the dingy little lodgings that Mrs. Quincy grew generous under its magnetic warmth.

  40. The solitary horseman was not sorry to leave behind him the raw metropolis, the dirty streets of which were lined with log cabins and dingy white frame houses.

  41. Within the dingy front cell or bar-room of the prison-like shanty, one evening in the early part of September, five or six persons had assembled.

  42. For the present it will suffice," said Dicky, softening as he crinkled the envelope and looked down at the half-inch thickness of smooth, dingy bills.

  43. At nine o'clock he walked down to the dingy little cable office and hung for half an hour over a blank.

  44. I found the place when I was poking about one afternoon--a dingy little shop kept by a Jew who marvelously resembled Cruikshank's Fagin.

  45. On the first floor, up the dingy stairs, were two apartments.

  46. He quickly made up his mind, and retraced his steps to the dingy house from which the detectives had taken their prisoner.

  47. Through a dingy and unpretentious doorway, unmarked by sign or plate, they passed into the premises of Benjamin and Company.

  48. While Nevill was speeding along the Kentish Town road in a cab, Mr. Timmins, alias Noah Hawker, was at home in the dingy little room which he had selected for his residence in London.

  49. Turning into Wellington street, he crossed Waterloo Bridge, and the gray dawn was breaking when he let himself into a big, dingy house not far from the river.

  50. In Wardour street, Soho, as many an enthusiastic collector has found out to the depletion of his pocket-book, there are sufficient antique treasures of every variety stored away in dingy shop windows and dingier rooms to furnish a small town.

  51. It was a most important discovery when he unearthed in a dingy hotel the man whom Philip had dismissed for tampering with the locked portmanteau.

  52. His house was a dingy frame structure, painted red, which time and storm made a dead red.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dingy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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