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  1. There was a low-spirited dingo at his heels, whose sole object in life was seemingly to keep his front paws in his master's last footprint.

  2. See if you can find a couple of straight sticks for splints; and kill your own dingo next time, please.

  3. He was on a good horse, but a dingo is a fast traveller when it is pressed, and for a little it held its own.

  4. The others found Steve waiting for them at the dingo fence of the back paddock.

  5. He went straight and without drawing rein to the spot where Steve and Aleck had met that night—where they had killed the dingo pups—and he halted and dismounted, and searched the ground where they had sat and talked.

  6. If you knew what I feel to know that I’m going to be hunted like a wild dingo with a price on his scalp; to know that you’ll have to listen to all sorts of tales and speculation and gossip about me.

  7. I mind Steve an’ him got a litter o’ dingo pups up in the hills somewhere a year ago, an’ Aleck will ken just where.

  8. The howl of a dingo in the distance, the wail of a curlew, or the hum of a mosquito, were the only sounds beyond the occasional crackle of a twig trodden under foot, or the swish of a bent shrub swinging back to its original position.

  9. General Dingo also steps over and feels of it.

  10. And then comes a quantity of yells, and round a corner and across the plaza gallops General Mary Esperanza Dingo embracing the neck of his horse, with his men running behind him, mostly dropping their guns by way of discharging ballast.

  11. General Dingo has informed me, Señor Casparis, of your gallant service in our cause.

  12. And then a neat black carriage drives to the door, and out steps General Dingo and a bay man in a silk hat and tan shoes.

  13. We heard a pattering up a side street, and here came General Mary Esperanza Dingo on a white horse with a couple of hundred brown boys following him in red undershirts and bare feet, dragging guns ten feet long.

  14. But we were deprived of Sterrett's treat by a lot of gunshots several squares sway, which General Dingo seemed to think he ought to look after.

  15. From what we could hear, General Dingo seemed to be kindly contributing some noise while we feasted.

  16. General Dingo again, and then he lays his chest on the table quite like Gaspard the Miser.

  17. If, however, we consider the Australian dingo as a native animal we might class the genus Canis as cosmopolite, but the wild dogs of South America are now formed into separate genera by some naturalists.

  18. This would indicate a great antiquity of man in Australia, and would enable us to account for the fossilised remains of the dingo in Pleistocene deposits as those of an animal introduced by man.

  19. Remains of the dingo have been found fossil in Pleistocene deposits but the antiquity of man in Australia is not known.

  20. Say that again and I'll whistle up Dingo and run your hind legs off.

  21. Yellow-Dog Dingo lay Like a yellow cloud in the distance-- Much too busy to bark.

  22. He was both astonished and exceedingly indignant that a dingo should have the brazen impudence to stand and stare at him, within thirty yards of camp, too.

  23. The dingo people are not cats, and when they kill they kill outright.

  24. She knew herself unable to run a yard, probably unable to stand; and the dingo scent, as she understood it, had no hint of mercy in it.

  25. But the dingo at bay is as brave as a weasel; and no lion in all Africa is braver than a weasel at bay.

  26. For actual toughness under murderous assault a dingo could have beaten Finn; yet in a test of staying power, an ordeal of long endurance, the Wolfhound would have won easily, by reason of his greater reserve of strength and vitality.

  27. I could make a roast dingo look foolish this morning, and I'm none so sure I couldn't eat the brute raw if I got him.

  28. An ordinary dingo would assuredly have been obliged to fight many fights before obtaining ascendancy over the Mount Desolation pack; but the mastery fell naturally to Finn without calling for any effort upon his part.

  29. And the gesture in Finn's direction, with which they turned away from the rock, was as near to being a salutation, an obeisance, as anything that mortal dingo has ever achieved.

  30. Arriving at the "Dingo plains," a place so named from the number of those animals which frequented it, they halted for the night, intending to camp and cross the river in the morning.

  31. It wouldn't wait any longer for the other dingo hounds.

  32. In the meantime Dot's ears were filled with the sounds of snarling snaps from the dingo dogs, and hideous noises from the Blacks, encouraging the animals to attack the Kangaroo.

  33. For a moment the dingo hound seemed daunted by her bravery, and paused a little way off, panting, with its great tongue lolling out of its mouth.

  34. And as it spoke, Dot heard a sound as of a half dingo dog howling and snapping in the distance.

  35. If we stay here, the Blacks might come this way and their dingo dogs hunt us to death.

  36. Dead Dingo Hotel with instructions to hang round on some pretence, see that the doctor didn't either drink himself into the 'D.

  37. Yellow-Dog Dingo lay like a yellow cloud in the distance-- Much too busy to bark.

  38. Moran, slow and sulkily, put down his hand and glared round like a dingo with the dogs round him--as if he didn't know which to snap at first.

  39. The dingo must live as well as the collie or the sheep either.

  40. I've often watched a dingo turn round twice, and then pitch himself down in the long grass like as if he was dead.

  41. His only duty was to see that no enterprising dingo swam over from Murray Downs on the opposite side and ravaged the flock.

  42. The dingo and kangaroo, with our poor relations, the aborigines, have mostly disappeared.

  43. Reynard was still absent, but Brer Dingo was fast across the open, and a good stayer, while his insatiable appetite for mutton and poultry rendered him beyond a doubt the fox's natural successor.

  44. Another colonial breed, the Dingo or Wild Dog of Australia, many of us have heard of but few seen.

  45. Borzois trying to twist their legs into geometrical figures; an Esquimo asleep; a vicious Dingo in a cage.

  46. Dingo remains have been found in river-gravels in Australia where no human remains have been detected.

  47. The distribution of the Carnivora is world-wide, excluding only the Australian region, if, as seems probable, the Dingo of that region is an introduced species.

  48. Nehring, an expert investigator into the subject of domestic animals, has stated that the skeleton of the Dingo does not suggest a feral animal at all but a purely wild race.

  49. The Dingo is stated to feign death with so much persistence that {422} an individual has been known to be partly flayed before moving.

  50. Whether indigenous or introduced, the Dingo is a plague to Australian settlers, devouring Sheep, which it generally destroys by tearing out the paunch.

  51. Let us suppose that each such group has raided for its wives among Opossum, Grub, Cat, and Dingo groups.

  52. Thus a male Dingo (among the Urabunna) may marry a female Water Hen, as far as 'phratry' and totem are concerned.

  53. By female descent, both the Emu and Kangaroo groups will contain persons of the Opossum, Grub, Cat, and Dingo groups.

  54. If it were a dingo he would walk out to meet it; but you see he cowers close by us.

  55. They are signs of some sort of madness--whether that of a Jaques or a dingo dog matters very little.

  56. The young fellow was he who had pointed me out in Hyde Park to his companion, and lightly assured her that I was as mad as a dingo dog.

  57. That's Ordeyne--came into the baronetcy--mad as a dingo dog.

  58. The maddest dingo dog, if he could appreciate my state of being, would learn points in insanity.

  59. Here the dingo found his last refuge, and to the infinite joy of the dingo, as it may be supposed, the rabbit appeared upon the scene.

  60. Leaving science to unravel this problem, it may be said of the dingo that he is a good-looking but an ill-behaved animal.

  61. He would never be allowed to forget the dingo he had mistaken for a black-fellow; and he felt hot all over when he thought of that foolish shot--the cause of all the commotion.

  62. I don't wonder you shot at that dingo in the way you did; I should have done it myself, I believe, under the circumstances.

  63. King, after ample opportunities of observation, informs me that the Dingo and European dogs often cross in Australia.

  64. Hodgkin states that a female Dingo in England attracted the male wild foxes.

  65. Mr. Philip King informs me that he once trained a wild Dingo puppy to drive cattle, and found it very useful.

  66. The Dingo differs from the dogs of the central Polynesian islands.

  67. It is an ever-ready refuge from the prowling dingo dog, and any little kangaroo who breaks a window has always a capital hiding-place handy.

  68. The distance the black dingo had already come was considerable, the pace decidedly good.

  69. The black dingo for a thousand,’ said old Tom to the Master, as he hustled Boney alongside of the roan cob.

  70. Would not the first cry of the hounds, as a dozen couples, to begin with, hit off the scent of a dingo or a blue forester, sound like a forgotten melody in his ears?

  71. The front rankers were sailing along, while the hounds were carrying a good head and forcing Master Dingo along at a pace which prevented him from availing himself of one or two hiding-places.

  72. To preserve our meat, I hung it up on the bough of a small tree, at a height no dingo could reach; feeling very sure that otherwise it would be carried off during the night.

  73. As soon as we had done so, Mudge started to look for water, leaving me to attend to the roast, and to watch that no hungry dingo carried off our store of meat.

  74. But in those days the black man, the kangaroo, the emu, and the dingo ranged in unrestrained freedom over the land.

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