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  1. But you said they'd a young man of Charlotte's dining with them.

  2. I shall be dining at my club, and I'll call you up at about ten, if I may.

  3. Yes; a few years ago it would have seemed improbable that I should ever again be dining with Mary Giles and Harriet Fresbie and Mrs. Lorin Boulger.

  4. Possessed of the full appetites of growing boys, the Rovers were not loth to follow the fat youth and Spouter into the dining car, which, to their surprise, was almost full.

  5. Come this way," was the reply; and the party of six started for the other end of the dining car.

  6. In the meanwhile the waiter, by a lightning-like move, had managed to save the broiled steak from slipping to the floor of the dining car.

  7. Come on if you are going to the dining car.

  8. With the real opening of the school, the cadets would have a dress parade previous to dining and would then stack their arms outside and march in in regular order.

  9. On the far side of the stream was the tent for the guides, the cook tent, and the dining tent, which consisted of the table described before with the big tent fly over it.

  10. Ten minutes later, the party was seated around a table in the dining room eating a breakfast of oatmeal, milk, ham and eggs, hot biscuits and coffee.

  11. The dining part of the business I had not the least objection to; but after dinner, when we had chatted till he fell into a doze, it became, to a boy nine years old, rather tedious.

  12. Few of the girls in the dining hall, however, could keep their minds or their gaze off Rebecca Frayne.

  13. And just at this moment, as the pleasant bustle of dinner began, and the lightly tripping waitresses were stepping hither and yon with their trays, the door opened and a single belated girl entered the dining hall.

  14. Every senior and junior (and there were more than half a hundred in the dining hall) arose, save those acting as table-captains or monitors.

  15. Ruth hurried through her dessert and left the dining hall ahead of most of the girls.

  16. But as they walked out of the dining hall, their dinners scarcely tasted, the slight put upon the freshman who would not obey was too direct and obvious to be mistaken.

  17. This evening the dining hall had filled early.

  18. She planned to get out of the dining hall at the same time Rebecca did, but just as the dessert was being passed the odd girl rose quickly, bowed her excuses to the housekeeper, and almost ran out of the hall.

  19. She did not again appear in the dining hall.

  20. For in this dining hall--one of the finest in England--the Caradoc family had for centuries assembled the trophies and records of their existence.

  21. Round about this dining hall they had built and pulled down and restored, until the rest of Monkland Court presented some aspect of homogeneity.

  22. Three servants relieved Miltoun of his little luggage; and having washed, and learned that his father would be dining in, he went for a walk, taking his way towards his rooms in the Temple.

  23. They have a room to themselves upstairs, and a dining room and a stove to cook on.

  24. There is a dining room, and every girl can pay 3s.

  25. Here he comes now," he added, as Jim sauntered out of the dining room and joined them.

  26. Now that you come to speak of it, I remember catching sight of Fleming at the Long Beach Hotel when we were dining there.

  27. They breakfasted in the dining car, and then Joe's party adjourned to the hotel where rooms had been reserved.

  28. Live on the fat of the land in the dining cars.

  29. But he was dining at the Country Club with a party of friends that we both knew, and I couldn't make a scene without being conspicuous.

  30. Tell her, with my respects, to oblige me by dining to-day in her own private rooms.

  31. I was afraid that the gods, angels, and spirits who are the daily associates of the great maestro would deprive us poor mortals of the honor of dining with the favorite of the Muses and the Graces.

  32. Is it then a festival, that my children should be dining at the imperial table?

  33. How surprised he will be to see us dining in private!

  34. The two were dining at one of the newest and most fashionable restaurants in Berlin.

  35. Whatever the truth may be about your methods," she declared, "I rather like them, or else I should not be risking my reputation in this still prudish city by dining with you alone and without a chaperon.

  36. Tell me on your honour," he said, "that you are not dining with Baring, and I will forgive!

  37. Be careful not to mention the fact that I am dining with Mr. Hebblethwaite.

  38. I am dining with the worshipful tanners--turtle soup and all the rest of it.

  39. It isn't the man you were dining with in the Café de Berlin when Prince Karl came in?

  40. An older man who had been dining in a distant corner of the room, and who wore the uniform of an officer of high rank, suddenly approached.

  41. I have to leave early to-night--I am dining out--and I should like to make a little money.

  42. Jack, hearing mention of "The Talisman," joined in and the others drew up their chairs, so that when Miss Betty rustled back from an excursion to the dining room she found the ice broken and sociability prevailing.

  43. Even with its southern windows the dining room was sombre in its massive furnishings of Flemish oak.

  44. It is very kind of you, Miss Betty," said Celia, following her into the dining room.

  45. The dining parlour will admit eighteen couple with ease; card-tables may be placed in the drawing-room; the library may be open for tea and other refreshments; and let the supper be set out in the saloon.

  46. When they were seated in the dining room, Sir John observed with regret that they were only eight all together.

  47. Marianne, to the surprise of her sister, determined on dining with them.

  48. An opportunity was soon to be given to the Dashwoods of debating on the rest of the children, as Sir John would not leave the house without securing their promise of dining at the park the next day.

  49. She said to Jennings: "You think I can make a career?

  50. I can't make Mr. Presbury out," replied the girl.

  51. I don't hide because I'm haughty, but because I'm weak and soft.

  52. Again Mildred flushed; but her eyes did not flash, neither did she open her lips to speak.

  53. And how sad he looked when you took to gadding abroad again and dining out!

  54. Yesterday Wenceslas was dining with her--" "Dining with her!

  55. You see, I thought of you when dining with my cousin.

  56. From half-past nine till ten she had listened to the passing carriages, telling herself that never before had her husband come in so late from dining with Florent and Chanor.

  57. I am dining with him to-night, and will send him to you.

  58. Well," said Marneffe, "Mademoiselle Lisbeth came back from dining with the Baroness with an attack of indigestion and Mathurine asked Valerie for some tea for her, so my wife went up to see what was the matter.

  59. Why, only yesterday the vicar of the parish was dining with her.

  60. But, cousin, has anything happened since the last time that I had the pleasure of dining here?

  61. They had not heard her, in their absorption in the song and in each other, but Pearl had come into the house through the front door, and was confronting them now in the doorway between dining room and kitchen.

  62. The instrument was fastened to the dining room wall.

  63. While Sally was stacking the soiled supper plates on the dining table, the telephone rang three short and one long ring, and Pearl, who had been almost forcibly holding David Nash in conversation, sprang to answer it.

  64. Winfield Bybee had entered the dining car during her talk with David and was seated at his own table, his thin, hatchet-faced wife opposite him.

  65. Sally fled to the dining room then, ashamed to have David Nash see her in the betraying uniform of the orphanage.

  66. Then had come a marvelously satisfying supper in the dining car, or "privilege" car, with Bybee himself introducing her to those astonishing people whom the spieler was now exhibiting to the curious country people.

  67. Louis Philippe is said to have been an overnight guest there and, during the Civil War, General Lee, a cousin of Captain Ball who had served on his staff, held a military conference in the present dining room.

  68. Then we walked back through the dining hall, down the hallway, and out the door.

  69. He led me down one of these and it proved to be a dining hall, though it was not as commodious as most, with only a round wooden table with a few chairs around it and some cupboards and cabinets.

  70. But the dining party was not yet complete; two others were expected, who soon came in.

  71. In addition to those staying at the Hall, there were others specially invited for the occasion--of course, the first families of the shire, who dwelt within dining distance.

  72. So he hurried back to the dining hall and showed the empty dishes to the Abbot.

  73. And every day he opened to them, and the steward showed the five into the great dining hall where Ailbe sat at the head of the table, with five places set for the rest of the family.

  74. The place where they were to stay was the large apartment adjoining the dining hall.

  75. We remember dining in one of these famous old houses two or three seasons ago.

  76. I washed in the public trough and basin which stood in the office between the saloon and the dining room; and I spent my time either in the saloon watching a game of poker that never ceased, or in wandering about in the world outside.

  77. From beginning to end they treated the whole mountain as you would treat your library (dining room were, perhaps, nearer the mark) upon an idle morning between regular meals.

  78. Chippendale's are cut open into fanciful patterns; and in his more highly ornate work, the twisted ribands of his design are scarcely to be reconciled with the use for which a dining room chair is intended.

  79. The dining tables of this period deserve a passing notice as a step in the development of that important member of our "Lares and Penates.

  80. The term still used by auctioneers in describing a modern extending table as "a set of dining tables," is, probably, a survival of the older method of providing for a dinner party.

  81. There are also the old dining tables and benches; these are as plain and simple as possible.

  82. As the Chapter House was, until comparatively recent years, used as a room for the storage of records, this table was probably made, not as a dining table, but for some other purpose requiring greater width.

  83. Gillow's patent is described as "an improvement in the method of constructing dining and other tables calculated to reduce the number of legs, pillars and claws, and to facilitate and render easy, their enlargement and reduction.

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