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Example sentences for "blotchy"

Lexicographically close words:
blossomy; blot; blotch; blotched; blotches; blots; blotted; blotter; blotters; blotteth
  1. In his excitement he walked up and down the room, while his listener stared fixedly at a number of blotchy pieces of paper on a card.

  2. Hewson gazed dispassionately at ten somewhat blotchy pieces of paper, and refrained from heretical utterance.

  3. The mode of onset is cold symptoms of the nose and eye, cough; appearance of the mouth, throat and the blotchy eruptions are very characteristic.

  4. By the rapid onset, absence of cold symptoms of the nose, eyes, and bronchial tubes, blotchy eruptions that occur in measles.

  5. The eggs resemble those of the Cedar-bird, but are larger and the marking more blotchy with indistinct edges; dull bluish blotched with blackish brown; size .

  6. They nest on the lower horizontal branches of trees, usually live oaks, making the nests of rootlets and weeds; the eggs are bluish green, like those of the next, but the markings appear to average more blotchy and brighter.

  7. On the day I met him, by mere chance in the street, he looked sick and miserable; his sallow face was more blotchy than ever.

  8. He was a stocky young man, with light-coloured hair and a pale, rather blotchy complexion.

  9. I certainly answered to the description of the man wanted, with the exception of not having a blotchy face, which had been characteristic of the guilty man.

  10. This feeling seems to be natural; that I felt inclined to see familiar faces, although they were red and blotchy with drink; to hear familiar voices, however foul their language might be.

  11. He had never shaved; his face was obscured in a sort of brown fungus and was blotchy about the forehead and chin.

  12. It got so bad soon that Blotchy Smith sang out to me to train my Maxim on the crowd, and you would have laughed if you'd seen the brutes clearing away.

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