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Example sentences for "blotched"

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blossoming; blossoms; blossomy; blot; blotch; blotches; blotchy; blots; blotted; blotter
  1. The flowers have crispy petals, all of which are a rich vermilion in color, broadly margined with white, and the upper ones blotched with maroon.

  2. Like the Camellia, they are found in all the leading colors, and also striped, blotched and spotted.

  3. I refer to Acalypha Macaffeana, the leaves of which are large and finely formed; color, reddish-brown, and irregularly blotched with bright shades of crimson.

  4. Flowers very large and intensely double, of a rich rosy, orange color blotched and flecked with carmine.

  5. How do I know that the former will be a brilliant scarlet, stained and ribboned with pure white, while the latter will have salmon colored blossoms, spotted with scarlet and blotched with dark garnet?

  6. The specimens I have are these: Aucubae Folium--leaves large, dark green, blotched with golden yellow.

  7. Hermione Roddice came up, in a handsome gown of white lace, trailing an enormous silk shawl blotched with great embroidered flowers, and balancing an enormous plain hat on her head.

  8. They were blotched by mosquito bites and tanned to a leather brown.

  9. He was blotched by mosquito bites, thin and weak with hunger, and his clothes hung in tatters.

  10. If it was to-day, I'd, say Man found it and blotched the brand.

  11. Ammunition wagons, guns and wheels were streaked and blotched with yellow, brown, and green.

  12. It was long, whitish, and blotched with pimples, the nose flattened, and the lower jaw projecting, with a bristle of coarse whiskers round the chin.

  13. We now stood amazed at the sight, for their blotched and warty skins were of a curious fish-like iridescence, and the sunlight struck them with an ever-varying rainbow bloom as they moved.

  14. There were three eggs, cream-coloured, and blotched with brown.

  15. The number of eggs seemed to be about three in each nest, and their colour was generally olive brown, blotched and spotted with darker brown, but there was a very great variety in their colour.

  16. Is it not pretty to think of the wrinkled Japanese in bunk beside the hot and clamorous engine conning hymnal--a trifle blotched with grease here and there--and whistling softly those endearing tunes on which so many of us were brought up?

  17. After the big spotted and blotched eggs were hatched, the hen would perch on the side of the nest within a foot of admirers, accepting compliments with tilted head and bright and twinkling eyes.

  18. Merican Joe was silent, and as the boy turned toward him, he caught him glancing furtively over his shoulder toward the dark patches of timber that blotched the hillside.

  19. Before the mound were many wolf tracks, and there it was that the blotched trail began.

  20. Arcot looked at their strangely blotched and mottled heads, faces, arms and hands.

  21. Patches of white skin, patches of brown, patches of black, blotched and twisted across the faces.

  22. There was a Victorian gown of thick green silk, with a creamy blotched cross-over shawl.

  23. The usual long table, with this time a foully blotched table-cloth.

  24. The door opened and closed softly; and a figure with an ashen face, blotched with claret-color, slunk into the silent room.

  25. The eggs have a grayish white ground and are boldly blotched with rich brown and chestnut with fainter markings of lilac.

  26. Their eggs are very similar to those of the Song Sparrow, three or four in number, greenish white in color, heavily spotted and blotched with chestnut and gray.

  27. The eggs are an olive buff in color, spotted and blotched with brownish black.

  28. Their eggs are of a reddish buff color, speckled and blotched with reddish brown, they being much darker than those of the American Sparrow Hawk.

  29. The eggs are generally deposited upon the bottom of the cavity with no lining; they are creamy or yellowish buff in color, sprinkled, spotted or blotched in endless variety, with reddish brown.

  30. They lay two eggs of a brownish buff color, irregularly blotched with brown, and with fainter marking of gray.

  31. It is similar both in size and shape to that of the Puffins, but is often quite heavily blotched with brown.

  32. Their nests are made of grasses and shreds of bark, lined with hair and finer grasses, and the eggs are white, specked, spotted and blotched with shades of brown and neutral tints; size .

  33. Their nesting habits are similar to others of the family; they lay three or four eggs with a brownish or greenish buff color, heavily blotched and spotted with shades of brown and chestnut.

  34. The nesting season commences in May, they laying three eggs of a brownish or greenish color, very heavily blotched with blackish brown.

  35. The eggs are laid in May or June; they vary from three to five in number, of a pale bluish green color, spotted, blotched and clouded with shades of brown and gray.

  36. They are three or four in number and have a ground color of dull white, or pale greenish blue and are quite heavily blotched with several shades of brown.

  37. They lay two or three eggs of a bright creamy color, handsomely blotched with bright chestnut brown.

  38. The eggs have a dark brownish buff ground color and are blotched with brownish black.

  39. He remembered how he had looked up to the horizon and the sky was blotched with scarlet; and the earth was deep red, with red woods and red fields.

  40. A few of the stones that had formed the base of the cross still remained in position, grey with age, blotched with black lichen and green moss.

  41. The slate roof was all stained and livid, blotched with the drippings of a great elm that stood at one corner of the neglected lawn, and marks of damp and decay were thick on the uneven walls, which had been washed yellow many years before.

  42. Her son turned to look at her as she reeled and swayed in the middle of the room, her fierce face convulsed with passion, her blotched arms raised high in imprecation.

  43. In front of one of these places, whence came the sound of a violin vigorously scraped, the patter of feet on boards and the ring of loud laughter, there stood a man with blotched features.

  44. In front of one of these places, from whence came the sound of a violin vigorously scraped, the patter of feet on boards and the ring of loud laughter, there stood a man with blotched features.

  45. The sycamore, blotched with white on trunk and limb, also carries a load of dangling seed balls throughout the winter.

  46. The tall trunk looks as if it were blotched and streaked and spattered with whitewash, from the trunk to the topmost limb.

  47. Later in the summer, the plants which had at first borne flowers identical with those of the Painted Lady, produced flowers streaked and blotched with purple; showing in these darker marks a tendency to reversion to the mother-variety.

  48. So again with the heartsease (Viola tricolor); hot weather suits the blotched sorts, whilst it destroys the beautiful markings of some other kinds.

  49. The young lady was evidently enjoying an animated and entertaining conversation with Colonel Yeo, whose face became blotched as he went into fits of laughter.

  50. Beaple Yeo was leaning back in his green-painted iron chair, very red and blotched in face, and opposite him was Artemisia whom he had just made his wife, flushed and talking rapidly.

  51. The fore wings are brownish-black blotched with yellow; the hind wings are a dingy orange.

  52. The upper side of the fore wings is a bright brown, spotted and blotched with cream color and black; the upper side of the hind wings is black with cream-colored spots.

  53. Three to five eggs are of a greenish color, spotted and blotched all over in many patterns with shades of brown (.

  54. They nest on the high cliffs in almost inaccessible places, building large nests of sticks, in which they deposit four eggs of a pale greenish white, spotted and blotched with shades of brown and drab (1.

  55. Four or five eggs of a grayish white, thickly blotched and spotted with brown of different shades and lilac, generally covered with ground color on the larger end (.

  56. Three to five eggs are laid, which are very variable in marking, a dull white, spotted and blotched all over thickly with brown of different shades (1.

  57. From six to twelve creamy white eggs; speckled and blotched with chestnut brown (1.

  58. They lay from six to ten eggs of a buff color, spotted and blotched with shades of brown (2.

  59. They lay from four to nine eggs of a light buff color, spotted and blotched with brown and lilac (1.

  60. Four to six grayish white eggs are laid, these being spotted and blotched with shades of brown (1.

  61. Three to four bluish white eggs, specked and blotched with brown about the larger end (.

  62. Placed on the bare ground in a simple hollow are four eggs, brownish gray, spotted and blotched with shades of brown (1.

  63. The eggs are a reddish buff color, completely blotched and dotted with reddish brown.

  64. The two eggs are a grayish white color, marbled, blotched and spotted with darker shades of gray and brown (1.

  65. Usually four eggs are laid of a dull white, blotched and spotted with shades of brown and lilac (.

  66. They lay three or four eggs of a dark greenish or brownish buff color, spotted and blotched with brown and black (1.

  67. The eggs are three or four, greyish olive, with more or less of a brownish shade, spotted and blotched chiefly about the larger end with varying shades of umber brown.

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