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Example sentences for "freckled"

Lexicographically close words:
freakishness; freaks; freaky; freckened; freckle; freckles; freckling; fredda; fredom; fredome
  1. A hesitating knock sounded on the door and, after a moment's discreet delay, Sandy's freckled face peered round the doorway.

  2. He shifted awkwardly to the other foot, flushing to the hair while he buried her soft little hand in his big freckled one.

  3. Did it tell how a freckled cow-punch rode a fat tinhorn on his spurs?

  4. Her tawny hair hung loose about her head; her yellow-brown eyes blazed in an ashen and extremely handsome face; she shook a pair of freckled fists at the universe.

  5. There came a dark man wearing an eyeglass, then cousin Laurie with a friend, and Laura with a little freckled fellow whose tie was crooked.

  6. The Jefferson boy grew up tall, thin, awkward, freckled and red-haired.

  7. The prince soon struck the other boy, as he was in the habit of doing, but naughty Noll struck back and sent “the bonnie prince” howling to the king with royal blood streaming from his little freckled nose.

  8. As the two finished speaking, and moved away, a thin, freckled face peered furtively from the door of stall number six.

  9. A look of deep cunning crept into the boy's thin freckled face; his eyes contracted and blinked nervously.

  10. His freckled face was shining from more than a recent hard scrubbing.

  11. The eggs number from five to seven, white in ground colour, numerously spotted and freckled with purplish-brown and underlying markings of grey.

  12. The eggs number four or five, of a dull bluish-green, freckled or blotched with reddish-brown, markings generally larger and fewer than those of the Blackbird.

  13. The eggs number four to seven or eight, and are white in ground colour, freckled and spotted with reddish-brown, generally forming a belt round the large end.

  14. After fluttering around the village beauties for a time he ended by marrying a sweet-tempered, freckled country girl, with whom he lives in great content in a small house, crowded now with jolly, freckled boys and girls.

  15. His "red hair and freckled face" were constantly in his mind, making him loathe the very sight of himself.

  16. Take me quick, please, out of her sight, where my freckled face won't offend her.

  17. The sands of life were running out indeed; a great change was apparent in his pinched and freckled features, and his small colourless eyes had sunk entirely back into his head.

  18. He thought her face was a little less freckled than Nan's--perhaps she did not brave the sunlight and the sea air so much.

  19. But this shy, freckled young person, whose eyes could laugh up so quickly, had a nimbleness of wit and dexterity of fence that usually left her antagonist exceedingly sorry.

  20. There was freckled places on the ground where the light sifted down through the leaves, and the freckled places swapped about a little, showing there was a little breeze up there.

  21. Donald turned, in time to go under a sizzling right-hand blow from the mulatto and come up with a right uppercut to the ugly, freckled face and a left rip to the mulatto's midriff.

  22. He was a giant mulatto, and his freckled face wore an evil and contemptuous grin.

  23. Aunt Hester's courage died, and her long, freckled face drooped like a sad flower.

  24. These family councils were held in the billiard-room, and when Aunt Mary and Aunt Hester had had their tea they came along the passage, Aunt Mary of course in front, Aunt Hester timid and freckled and with her usual air of tracts.

  25. Easily distinguished by the cross-bars of sandy or reddish buff and dusky brown, which give the upper surface a freckled appearance; throat uniform, with scarcely any indications of streaks on the lower part.

  26. Young birds are much browner than the adults, and can immediately be recognized by their more freckled appearance, the feathers of the upper surface having ochraceous margins.

  27. As I drove by the place I saw this freckled chap and that other backing the car into one of the big hay barns.

  28. It was that freckled fellow who spoke to Ruth that day.

  29. Let the kid wait for us," suggested the freckled young man, leering good-naturedly enough at Agnes, and probably not at all aware that he was distasteful to the Kenway girls.

  30. But, perhaps that freckled rascal is one of the thieves, and maybe he can be traced.

  31. Angry as I was about her acting as though I were a snake, I wished I could have thrown her certification that I was a Normal in the freckled face of the sharp-chinned gambler at Nick's later that night.

  32. I accuse that freckled snake over there of lying deliberately.

  33. Jordan Sloane stood there, his round, freckled face looking as anxious and sympathetic as it was possible for such a very round, very freckled face to look.

  34. The she-fox whelps upon its floor; The owlet roosts above its door; And where the musty mosses run, The freckled snake basks in the sun.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "freckled" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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