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Example sentences for "distasteful"

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distans; distant; distante; distantly; distaste; distastefully; distaunce; distemper; distemperature; distempered
  1. It does not seem a very logical consequence, notwithstanding, to me, that because my brother may have to defend his title to his estate, that I must accept a post that is highly distasteful to me.

  2. Nailles showed no disposition to ask questions, for he well understood that his wife felt a certain delicacy in telling him that she had been to pay a brief visit to her own relatives, who, she knew, were distasteful to him.

  3. But that need not make you unhappy," said Jacqueline, "unless he is really distasteful to you.

  4. Colonel Dickson admonished him to honest warfare, which was so distasteful to Black Hawk that he wrote: “I told him (Col.

  5. Some scheme was usually found to counteract the order, if at all distasteful to the volunteers.

  6. Sir Victor in the role of Romeo was excessively distasteful to her.

  7. She covered her own with her hands, and turned away from him, as though the sight was distasteful to her.

  8. Indeed, the annexation of Texas, which had been accomplished the preceding year, was known to be distasteful to those governments.

  9. His Recommendations Distasteful to the South.

  10. These recommendations were intensely distasteful to the South, and grew to be correspondingly popular in the North.

  11. The propositions enunciated by Douglas in answer to the questions of Mr. Lincoln, in the Freeport debate, were as distasteful to the Southern mind as the position of Mr. Lincoln himself.

  12. This gave serious offense to many of Mr. Lincoln's most valued supporters, and was especially distasteful to the Union men of Maryland, with Henry Winter Davis at their head.

  13. No appointment to Mr. Polk's cabinet could have been more distasteful than that of Mr. Marcy.

  14. The loss of Whig votes was not distasteful to Mr. Van Buren after the prospect of his securing the electors of New York had vanished.

  15. This part of the daily programme was intensely distasteful to the little Dolmans, and certainly the Delaneys did not appreciate it a bit better, but at long last the wearisome lessons were over, and the little people were free.

  16. Certainly this place is distasteful to me now, and there is--upon my word, there is something in her suggestion.

  17. Cecily raised her eyes with a weary air, as though she spoke of a distasteful subject unwillingly and to no good purpose.

  18. He did not seem inclined to talk more about the Gainsboroughs, though his frown told her that something distasteful was still in his thoughts.

  19. She was so full of this idea that she did not spare a thought to the dead man or to anything which might strike us as peculiar or distasteful in her own attitude and the way in which she received the news.

  20. Another article, extremely distasteful to Austria, yielded Tuscany; which Napoleon resolved to transfer to a prince of the House of Parma, in requital of the good offices of Spain during the war.

  21. Elsewhere, there were squads “pulling fodder” from the dry corn stalks; hot and distasteful work enough.

  22. Naturally, I resisted anything so distasteful as being dragged through rounds of amusement that had no sort of attraction whatever for me.

  23. For the assumption of superiority that it may seem to require upon the whole must be distasteful to them.

  24. Also something else had happened which had proved very distasteful to Mrs. Robinson.

  25. He spoke with a certain sharpness, as if the discussion were distasteful to him.

  26. What thought he did give was extremely distasteful to him, perhaps because he regarded those who now provided these problems as irrevocably condemned and past present help.

  27. Was I not in the position of a shepherd driving sheep into a pasture which was distasteful to them?

  28. The name had always been distasteful to me, as I had never wished to join with it the feeling of death.

  29. But in three years she had learned that what from one point of view is agreeable authority, becomes from another point of view distasteful restraint.

  30. She grew "nervous," which is often a misnomer for combined worry and distasteful labors.

  31. He found the question of Miss Shirley's blame for the collusion as distasteful as the supposition of the collusion, but there was a fascination in the innocence before him, and he could not help playing with it.

  32. It was a distasteful question, and he did not find it much more agreeable when it subdivided itself into the question of necessity on her part, and of a not very clearly realized situation on Mrs. Westangle's.

  33. A lady has one great advantage in an argument, that she cannot be abruptly choked off, especially by her host, no matter how distasteful her arguments may be.

  34. Her mother and grandmother undertook the nursing, and as the husband found them both with the twins whenever he came to see the infants and their mother, the sick-room grew distasteful to him.

  35. Meanwhile the latter set out for the second distasteful interview of the morning.

  36. Such action, however, would have been distasteful to the Shan chiefs and might have rendered it more difficult to dispose of other pretenders still remaining in the Northern States.

  37. This arrangement had taken place before the retirement of the Sawbwa, Kun Kyi, to Kengtung, and was very distasteful to him.

  38. The service could hardly have been other than distasteful to him; but it must have been with some thrill of the anche io!

  39. Orleans wearily, fearing to be sent back on some distasteful journey.

  40. I fear it is a harder task than that, Count Conrad, and so distasteful that I would not burden you with it were there any other worthy to entrust with it," he said.

  41. I felt instinctively that all this sentiment would be exceedingly distasteful to Mr. Winthrop, and was amused at the look of relief that passed over his face when our own station was reached.

  42. The Superior powers are apt to humor such fancies in the young, and remove them from this distasteful world.

  43. But here there was no need to dwell on annoyances or distasteful reminders.

  44. But even such semi-public life as this was distasteful to him, and he soon gave up his Oriel tutorship for a country curacy and private pupils.

  45. Some found the purport too distasteful to give a dispassionate attention to the presentment; others disliked the manner itself as formal, effeminate, and "precious.

  46. The very idea of a fixed income is as distasteful to him as the possibility of possessing it is distant and visionary.

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