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Example sentences for "dismal"

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  1. The intruded earth, (I mock not thy affects,) Becket conj.

  2. Thou great defender of this Capitol, Stand gracious to the rites that we intend!

  3. Although posing as the champion of liberty, Wilkes’s parliamentary career was a dismal failure; in the House he was of no account whatever.

  4. But Mar’s design was plainly, when next they went to fight, Only to show a dismal thing which would like Death’s-head fright.

  5. All that dark and fearful day, and even by the glare of volcanic fires on the dismal night that succeeded, the men rowed and rowed as for dear life, and about nine o'clock next morning they saw the sun.

  6. Some delay was caused in unloading, and as the summer was now far advanced, and Captain Blunt had no desire to winter in these dismal regions, he was naturally anxious to get away south as soon as possible.

  7. For now, up-looming through the dismal fog, came great green-ribbed icebergs, the waves lapping at their feet and the spray washing their dripping sides.

  8. And through the drifts the snowy clilts Did send a dismal sheen, Nor shapes of men nor beast we ken-- The ice was all between.

  9. What was gained by prolonging the dismal condition of these abodes of woe for some years longer, I leave others to discover.

  10. Hence arose the dismal and complete eclipse which for upwards of a year his mental powers suffered.

  11. Dark, dismal and deserted as it was, it afforded an immense, glowing feeling of comfort after that mysterious, dark and wintry plain, with its long lines of grey trenches soaking away there under the inky sky.

  12. Somehow one felt that slogging away out in the dismal fields of war was the real thing to do.

  13. The first house I went into was a dismal failure.

  14. On we went through the driving dust and dismal scenery, making, I could clearly see, for Ypres.

  15. Some few days later they did make a sniper's post of that spot, and a captain friend of mine, with whom I spent many quaint and dismal nights in St. Yvon, occupied it.

  16. The bell is pealing, And every feeling Within me responds To the dismal knell; Shadows are trailing, My heart is bewailing And tolling within Like a funeral bell.

  17. And all on board the Valdemar Was still as still could be; Save when the dismal ship-bell tolled, As ever and anon she rolled, And lurched into the sea.

  18. Through these streets so broad and stately, these obscure and dismal lanes, Walked of yore the Mastersingers, chanting rude poetic strains.

  19. On the morrow the butler gropes alone, The graybeard in the desert hall, He seeks his Lord's burnt skeleton, He seeks in the dismal ruin's fall The shards of the Luck of Edenhall.

  20. It sends a dismal echo through my heart, As if forever it had closed between us, And I should look upon his face no more!

  21. They drank to the Saints and Martyrs Of the dismal days of yore, And as soon as the horn was empty They remembered one Saint more.

  22. The Student laughing said: "Far more Like to some dismal fire of bale Flaring portentous on a hill; Or torches lighted on a shore By wreckers in a midnight gale.

  23. Wake you to sin and crime again, Whilst on your dreams, like dismal rain, I scatter downward through the night My maledictions dark and deep.

  24. And yet on such a dismal day We need a merrier tale to clear The dark and heavy atmosphere.

  25. Somebody 's natchurally goin' to spread you all over some dismal landscape one of these days.

  26. Sammy saw the agent and, leaving him much less sweeter in temper than when he had found him, rode down the dismal street kicking up a prodigious amount of dust.

  27. A night bird whizzed past me, croaking out a dismal incantation from its black throat; something at which I did not care to look clattered from under a stone I loosened with my foot, and sped into the shade, and I hastened on.

  28. The wind now rose, and the dismal sighing of the trees speedily grew into a series of the most perturbing screeches, as the branches and trunks swayed to and fro like reeds before the violence of the hurricane.

  29. O the dismal care That shakes the blossoms of my hoary hair!

  30. Soon spreads the dismal shade Of Mystery over his head, And the caterpillar and fly Feed on the Mystery.

  31. And the stern old scholar waited for the fluttering bird whom adverse Fate had driven into his dismal lair with all the pompous severity of a guardian and trustee.

  32. And, if a dismal failure in Lender had been his Leipsic, the black week at Monaco had been his long drawn-out Waterloo!

  33. But "the morning after" knows neither latitude nor longitude, and it is just as dismal and conducive to remorse and good resolutions in Paris as it is in any other quarter of the irresponsible world.

  34. The sky was of a yellow gray, and the earth reflected the dismal hue of it.

  35. Once or twice they heard the dismal howl of a wolf--the most melancholy, the weirdest, the most hopeless of nature's calls.

  36. But he had time to get dismal again, and long for four o'clock; because he had nothing to do except whittle.

  37. Boys don't care for baby-houses," returned Bab, collecting her homeless goods and chattels with a dismal face.

  38. Down they splashed again; and Sam gave a dismal groan as he thought of the leeches and water-snakes which might be lying in wait below.

  39. May Gedney had insisted upon her wearing something beside the dismal browns.

  40. I have told you what a dismal place my brother had in Wisconsin.

  41. Gazing at their sombre contour, the reason can be readily divined why the Indians called this vast weird region Cony-a-craga, or the "Dismal Wilderness.

  42. Another is the Chateaugay Railroad, which has a circuitous route around the northern and eastern verges of the wilderness, from the Chateaugay and Chazy Lakes, where are the ore beds in a dismal region.

  43. After the girls had laughed over the incident, Nathalie started homeward, her mind full of dismal forebodings in regard to Philip.

  44. She gazed wonderingly at the dismal chamber.

  45. The dust and smoke had almost stifled her, and even now the dismal parlours, rich and wonderful as they were to her unaccustomed eyes, oppressed her deeply.

  46. Is the literary geographer abashed by this conjunction of two sympathetic Scots in a dismal London shed?

  47. Then in Mrs. Lebber's dismal little hall she stood still.

  48. He would not need, thank God, to go to Chestnut Ridge and fix his eyes for the rest of his life upon the dirty street and the dismal breaker and the ignorant, unclean women who were so often and so direly in need of waiting upon!

  49. The city was wrapped in the same dismal blanket.

  50. They said a great deal about the unfortunate event, and their own sorrow and distress; but Ormond saw that theirs were only the long faces, dismal tones, and outward show of grief.

  51. My room being in the rear of the house, I of course had the benefit of the wrong side of the neighboring houses; which, I will do them the justice to say, were as dismal and unpretending as houses need be.

  52. Hair-cloth and mahogany are rather dismal for sensitive nerves, it must be acknowledged," glancing with a smile around the apartment.

  53. For the time, my companion forgot abstraction, and I forgot timidity, and both forgot the dismal storm without.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dismal" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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