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Example sentences for "dismantle"

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disloyall; disloyalty; dismal; dismall; dismally; dismantled; dismantling; dismasted; dismay; dismayed
  1. Must have twenty-four hours to dismantle it and ship machinery away.

  2. If any attempt is made to dismantle works, bombardment will begin at once.

  3. To be a nationalist is to belong to ever smaller and more homogenous groups and to dismantle the bigger, all-inclusive polity, which is the modern state.

  4. It would make a lot more sense to dismantle Bosnia and unite the Republika Srpska with Yugoslavia (Serbia) and the Croat bit with Croatia.

  5. On the pretext that the fortresses were now useless, since France and the Republic were allies, Joseph informed the States-General of his intention to dismantle them all with the exception of Antwerp and Luxemburg.

  6. I said they can't dismantle it at the spaceport.

  7. They may be trying to dismantle another cylinder at the spaceport right now.

  8. A Colonist brought it here and we've been trying to dismantle it.

  9. I'm going to take it to the Spaceport--I can get there in the conveyor truck in ten minutes--and have them dismantle it.

  10. Matters returned to their former state, so that, not only did the inhabitants of Buhahayen not dismantle their forts, as they had promised to do, but they repaired them and committed other excesses against their neighbors of Tampacan.

  11. The people of Buhahayen promised to dismantle all their forts immediately, for that was one of the conditions of peace.

  12. This was quickly done, for the captain and the soldiers of the garrison waited for nothing more than to dismantle the fort and leave.

  13. The Pisans were likewise pledged to dismantle the walls of the fortress of Pontedera, and to fill up the trenches; farther, to recall to the city all the leading Guelph exiles.

  14. He had to promise to dismantle his fortress of Pogna the following April, only retaining his own palace and tower; to demolish the tower of Certaldo, and never rebuild that of Semifonte.

  15. To dismantle a gun is to render it unfit for service.

  16. Men employed on board ships to fit the standing and running rigging, or to dismantle them.

  17. To dismantle a ship of her standing and running rigging.

  18. He would dismantle her of her womanly ideals, and give her in their place his table of market-values.

  19. Third, we will continue our successful efforts to cut paperwork and to dismantle unnecessary Government regulation.

  20. This demand was accompanied with threats; and the States-general, yielding to necessity, withdrew the Dutch garrisons from the barrier; and Joseph began to dismantle the fortresses and sell the materials.

  21. He sent a detachment under Alvarado to Lima, to collect such of the royalists as had fled thither from the field of battle, and to dismantle the ships of their cannon, and bring them to the camp.

  22. He began by ordering the barons to dismantle all the castles which had been built in the troublous times of Stephen, and enforced his command by appearing at the head of a large army.

  23. This made hostilities inevitable; when the Egyptian authorities refused to dismantle their new forts, Admiral Seymour bombarded the place (July 11), and drove out the garrison.

  24. That city was now without fortifications; for when the tide of conquest ebbed from the Moslem, their commander gave orders to dismantle all the fortresses in Palestine.

  25. He first proceeded to plunder and then to dismantle the city, which he set on fire in many places.

  26. It may be well to station a guard here," he added, "until you are ready to dismantle the place.

  27. Could anything be more wonderful than to force all the nations of the earth to break up their navies, to dismantle their forts, to disband their armies?

  28. As soon as I had returned this official visit, and had been invited to sup with the Mandarin, I proceeded to dismantle my aeroplane.

  29. First, to withdraw the German warships at once from Japanese and Chinese waters, also armed ships of any description, and to dismantle those which cannot be withdrawn.

  30. The five owners of the iceboats proceeded to dismantle them, which was not a tedious proceeding.

  31. We'll dismantle the boats all we can before we leave them, and the chances are ten to one we'll find them O.

  32. We are saying, "Dismantle that mechanism of plunder.

  33. If you still insist on getting rid of nuclear weapons, then you must first dismantle the city, which is both the hotbed and ringleader of war.

  34. She might well be required to dismantle her great armament factories; and since they are essential to the re-arming of a great army some check on her restoration would come from such dismantling.

  35. Under Wilmshurst's directions they set to work to dismantle the machine, removing the planes as carefully and expeditiously as a party of crack mechanics from the Royal Air Force factories.

  36. The outwork was abandoned by its garrison, and the Athenian engineers began to dismantle it.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dismantle" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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