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  1. The incantation not being entirely finished, one foot remained in the shape of the hoof of an ass and continued so until her death, which was not till many years afterwards.

  2. Then to his regret he remembered that no other human being knew the incantation necessary for his release and that he would have to remain a tiger for the rest of his days.

  3. Her serpent-husband pursued her, but she sang a charm or incantation and this delayed his progress and gave her a chance of continuing her flight.

  4. And at sacrifices animals are invariably killed by regenerate Brahmanas, and these animals being purged of sin, by incantation of hymns, go to heaven.

  5. The much-esteemed incantation of Vedic hymns, the music of the celestial band, and the songs of gods and Gandharvas then rang on all sides.

  6. The Tibetans of the neighbouring tents perhaps thought that we had all gone mad, or perhaps that we were executing an incantation dance, and had lighted sacrificial lamps to propitiate our gods.

  7. Repeat the incantation that I may depart.

  8. Up to 1840, and even later, people used to come to Ardvoirlich from long distances to have the stone immersed in water, while a Gaelic incantation was repeated by the laird or lady.

  9. This incantation succeeded in providing the witches' dairy with a double supply of milk, while their neighbours had none!

  10. This very night you must repeat the incantation in my presence.

  11. This manuscript,” said he, “is a form of incantation for the recovery of hidden treasure that is under the power of enchantment.

  12. He, too, had a nonsensical name but his sanity and reputation escaped unscathed, perhaps for no other reason than the sonorous incantation of his vowels.

  13. Yet most of that brief moment was consumed in expectation and, as suddenly as it had begun, the pregnancy of the incantation was dissolved.

  14. This seems to me to be the case with the incantation to Orpheus, which is now before me, written in rude dialect, which indicates, so to speak, the depth of the earth from which it was taken.

  15. I can, however, inform the reader as to the incantation which is needed to call to the spirit of the well to settle this question.

  16. And upon the silence could be heard the low humming incantation song, rising every now and again into a shrill chant, from Masuka's hut; and this lasted until the sun touched the distant mountains.

  17. Over this he sat for some time, keeping up the while that strange humming incantation with which he had accompanied the witch-finding.

  18. But soon had come the final compensation, Soon would the land one brotherhood have known, Had not some spell of hellish incantation The new-formed fane of Freedom overthrown.

  19. When in the vicinity of the place, where, according to her dream, the elk are to be found, she stops and commences her incantation song, while the others continue in quest of the game.

  20. And as he went on he prayed to great Ukko that if this magic incantation should not prove sufficient, Ukko himself would come and stop the wound.

  21. When Wainamoinen had finished, the old man rose from the hearth and began an incantation to make the wound close up.

  22. Then Wainamoinen began to sing a magic incantation to stop the blood from flowing, but his magic was powerless against the evil Lempo, and he could not stop the blood.

  23. At length he regained hope and courage, and having sung an incantation that made his snow-shoes and arrows and staff whole again, he started off once more.

  24. Who by his own holy incantation hath destroyed all the evil ones.

  25. Saying]: I have recited the incantation for thee, I have magnified thee in the assembly of the gods.

  26. Saying], "I have recited the incantation for thee, I have magnified thee in the assembly of the gods, 40.

  27. Saying]: 'I have recited the incantation for thee, I have magnified thee in the assembly of the gods.

  28. Saying], "I have uttered the incantation for thee.

  29. The remainder of the text is fragmentary, and shows that the text formed part of an incantation which was recited in the Temple of E-Zida, possibly the great temple of Nabu at Borsippa.

  30. All forms of the Legend of the Creation and of the Dragon were popular in Babylonia, and one of them achieved so much notoriety that the priest employed recited it as an incantation to charm away the toothache.

  31. Ea recited an incantation which caused Apsu to fall asleep.

  32. This incessant incantation operates like a spell or charm, and checks the efforts of loyalty in many an honest breast.

  33. This perpetual incantation kept the people in continual alarm.

  34. Here allusion is made to a mixture of poisonous herbs gathered at midnight, probably hemlock among others, as mentioned in the witches' incantation in Macbeth, to which we shall refer later.

  35. In the works of Horace an interesting description of a witches' incantation is also given, the details of which it is instructive to compare with those given by other writers.

  36. The method here used by the witches to measure the time that the cauldron should boil by singing their incantation is, according to Dr.

  37. The words incantation and charm seem to have been derived from the ancient practice of curing diseases by poetry and music.

  38. The gift of fruitfulness is bestowed by Druid and saint, but in the story of Conall it is rather the swallowing of the worm than the Druid's incantation that causes conception, and is the real motif of the tale.

  39. They used divination and had regular formulæ of incantation as well as ritual acts by which they looked into the future.

  40. The incantation itself, fith-fath, is still remembered in Highland glens.

  41. Probably the obligation was framed as an incantation or spell, and the power of the spell being fully believed in, obedience would follow as a matter of course.

  42. Legend told how, the full version of the Táin having been lost, Murgan the Filé sang an incantation over the grave of Fergus mac Roig.

  43. Perhaps the incantation was repeated mechanically until the seer fell into a kind of trance.

  44. But in Ransome, without intermission, the magic of that incantation worked.

  45. For that incantation not only called up the past; with a still greater magic and mystery it evoked the future.

  46. The Guru then teaches him the incantation (mantra), which he commits to memory.

  47. The Pâwang here scatters parched rice stained with saffron in every direction, and chants the following incantation the while: `Peace be unto thee!

  48. A hyperbolical description of each of the nine months during which the grain is coming to maturity; the tenth, or harvest time, is compared with the birth of Mahomed, and the incantation closes with a prayer for an abundant crop.

  49. The tyrant answered that he would soon show which religion was the most powerful, and forthwith gave orders to the magicians to prepare a certain incantation considered infallible in its operation, to cause the death of the missionary.

  50. Then the cavalier poets sang their gallant songs; and Herrick made Dean Prior magic ground by the holy incantation of a verse.

  51. This incantation method could hardly advance intelligence; but the methods of practical measuring were more effective.

  52. The Magi, who were the priests of the Median religion, greatly developed the practices of incantation and sorcery.

  53. Prayer takes the form of incantation as we ascend in antiquity, 684-l.

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