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Example sentences for "incalculable"

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  1. He found her bending tense with emotion over the row of plants upon whose flowering such incalculable things depended.

  2. It is like looking on two enormous electric cables, carrying a current of incalculable amperage, lying beside a vast but motionless machinery, because no contact has been made.

  3. A clear, clean, pure water supply means an incalculable saving of life.

  4. In an instant, a treasure of incalculable value lay gleaming before us.

  5. Its value to Great Britain was purely temporary; it was of incalculable importance to the enemy, and it was expected to serve as a base for the movement in the south against the jacobin government.

  6. The victory was of incalculable importance.

  7. Often enough his tale-bearing or his mischief-making can not only do his victims incalculable harm, but cannot do him any possible good.

  8. A place for everything, and everything in its place," was a lesson Jack could not learn; the result was constant and incalculable trouble.

  9. The want of scientific knowledge occasioned our ancestors incalculable trouble and expense.

  10. Dudley," which has since that time been of incalculable benefit to the working classes, and now assumes vast usefulness as our renowned "Guest's Hospital.

  11. In our day, though philanthropy has brought incalculable mischief on society, it has produced some good for the individual.

  12. He was also anxious that Johnston should not be driven into Richmond, to reenforce the rebels there, who, from behind their strong intrenchments, would have given us incalculable trouble.

  13. These ideas impregnate the atmosphere we breathe; they frequently restrain the arm of criminals, and resist with incredible force materialistic and utilitarian doctrines; they continue to exert an incalculable influence on society.

  14. But this is not all: the question is enlarged, and acquires an incalculable importance, if we consider it with reference to foreign politics.

  15. It's the most erratic and incalculable thing about her.

  16. His singleness had many advantages; it kept him free; it made it easy for him to get about from place to place and obtain an uninterrupted view of the world; it left an open way for his abrupt incalculable movements, his panic flights.

  17. These may possess an incalculable value in religion, when used as means and not as ends; but they may, and often do, issue in its degradation to a stage which is hardly a spiritual one.

  18. With your vast agricultural and mineral wealth, with the incalculable richness of your domain, the wealth and prosperity of Colombia are sure to come some time.

  19. We also have incalculable and extremely varied natural resources.

  20. For the utilization of these two great forces, men and money, you in Argentina have the opportunity of incalculable potential wealth, and you have the formative power in the spirit and the brain of your people.

  21. The Duck, however, has been reduced to a state of domesticity from a very remote period, and has been of incalculable utility to mankind, filling in our poultry-yards no unworthy place.

  22. Its moral effect was incalculable and strategically it was of the utmost importance.

  23. They utterly failed to embrace that opportunity and the price paid for their neglect was four years of bloody conflict, involving the loss of lives by scores of thousands and the infliction of incalculable suffering upon the American people.

  24. Grant wanted to march on Nashville, which lay helpless before him and offered to the Federals a strategic position of incalculable value.

  25. They are fond of fruit, and often attack our orchards, doing an incalculable amount of injury.

  26. The excellent work performed by signallers and runners, all of whom had a hard day's work, were of incalculable value to Battalion Headquarters, and enabled Lieut.

  27. He knew the state of the business; Edward did not.

  28. Alison was a sure-handed, skilful hitter, but did not aspire to leadership.

  29. It was anticipated, especially by the rebels themselves, that these incalculable losses, these tremendous shocks and sudden changes, would utterly overwhelm the North with ruin and tear her to pieces with faction and disorder.

  30. Sidenote: Primary cause of the capitalistic revolution] So delicate is the adjustment of society that an apparently trivial new factor will often upset the whole equilibrium and produce the most incalculable results.

  31. And there will be profound, profound obedience in place of this love-crying, obedience to the incalculable power-urge.

  32. And in front of him, beneath him as he leaned forward shaving, a drop of water fell with strange, incalculable rhythm from the bright brass tap into the white enamelled bowl, which was now half full of pure, quivering water.

  33. A public utterance from you denouncing the Catholics would prove of incalculable value to us.

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