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Example sentences for "incalculably"

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  1. He was constitutionally timid, and he probably divined in his new helper a man of no ordinary calibre, whose influence might very well turn out some day to be of the 'incalculably diffusive' kind.

  2. As the continents rose from the ocean, the slow drainage by the rivers has excavated numerous long and deep gorges, requiring periods incalculably extended.

  3. Her English always incalculably wrong and right, in startling alternations, became a thousand times droller when she set herself to deliberate renderings of the lines of the Saga.

  4. It would add incalculably to my own enjoyment, and I presume to that of my colleague and his friend, if they could be prevailed upon to join our party.

  5. If we had courage instead of cowardice--the capital mark of an age that has no organ voice but many steam whistles--we could accelerate incalculably the gradual decrease of these diseases.

  6. The human mother has instinctive love and the uninstructed intelligence which is the form, at once weak and incalculably strong, that instinct so largely assumes in mankind.

  7. What is real and vital in our religious beliefs will gain incalculably by being disengaged from what may once have had a life and a meaning of its own but is now nothing better than a morbid growth.

  8. It augments incalculably the pleasure which is derived from the possession of all other good of a subordinate nature.

  9. Now this idea of winning union through death is incalculably older than the faith of Shaka; but it has somehow borrowed in modern time from Buddhism a particular ecstatic colouring, a mystical glow.

  10. Here is where Shakspere and the others I have named perform a service incalculably precious to our America.

  11. Behind it there is a subdued window light seen in the opening between two columns, without which the impressiveness of the whole subject would, I think, be incalculably brought down.

  12. The frauds on the part of various capitalist corporations in obtaining vast mineral deposits in Alaska, and incalculably rich water power sites in Montana and elsewhere, constitute one of the great current public scandals.

  13. What some of them did was to turn about and defraud the Government out of incalculably valuable mineral deposits which were never included in the original grants.

  14. Her lips parted a little, her eyes were fixed on a point incalculably distant.

  15. It is impossible to hold that one thing is incalculably better than others, without holding also that others are incalculably worse than it.

  16. The ideal bride and bridegroom, the ideal man and wife, would not value purity as they are supposed to do, did they not believe that it was not only different from impurity, but essentially and incalculably better than it.

  17. These processes are incalculably more important than Huntsman's, both because they are incomparably cheaper, and because their products are far more useful than his.

  18. The moral influence of the queen's personal character over the Castilian court was incalculably great; from the debasement and degradation of the preceding reign she raised it to being "the nursery of virtue and of generous ambition.

  19. We have just now incalculably increased the democratical action of the people, and, at the same time, weakened the executive power of the government.

  20. These Transatlantic volors were incalculably in advance of any he had seen before.

  21. For in those early years it was generally assumed that a man returned from service at the front need not go out again (unless he wished) for a period almost incalculably remote.

  22. They have devoted their lives to the production of literary works, the beauty and excellence of which have incalculably elevated the public taste.

  23. Violent and ignorant as these classes were, the effects upon them of so cheap and maddening a drink were incalculably debasing.

  24. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "incalculably" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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