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Example sentences for "fickle"

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fica; fice; ficht; fichu; fichus; fickleness; fico; ficta; fictile; fiction
  1. If I had known this secret sooner, it might perhaps have spared us both some sad trouble; I might then coldly and justly have refused to listen to the sighs of a fickle lover, and perhaps have sent back whence they strayed.

  2. But with what eye can you look upon a fickle lover, whose crime.

  3. Ah, fickle and blind guidress of the world!

  4. What help can be expected at her hands, Whose foot is standing on a rolling stone, And mind more mutable than fickle winds?

  5. It is true her friends had often cautioned her in joke against the homage of the fickle poet; she ascribed it to envy, which even amongst young female friends is not a rarity.

  6. If that species now grows wild here in our province, well so be it; but when men who have drank at our refreshing well of salvation, are so fickle as to go over to the camp of the unrighteous, one could shed burning tears!

  7. Unless one has intimate acquaintance with the ways of the great ice peaks, he should never attack such a wilderness of crevasses and shifting snow-slopes save in company of those who know its fickle trails.

  8. Ah, I may have been fickle in the days gone by.

  9. Whereas I have received a little hint, it does not matter how or where, that Mabel Lovejoy (who is much too good for any fickle jackanapes) is down for a nice round sum in the will of a bachelor banker at Tonbridge.

  10. They flew to arms with the temerity of a fickle rabble, took the Bishop prisoner, menaced and insulted him, and tore to pieces one or two of his canons.

  11. In 1703 appeared the Fickle Shepherdess, 'As it is Acted in the New Theatre in Lincolns-Inn Fields.

  12. Herminie thought that Albert resorted to that pretext in order not to make her husband jealous; for she was far from suspecting that the shawl was really what had brought her fickle lover back to her.

  13. The two ladies were slightly acquainted, having met rather often at Count Dahlborne's receptions, and Herminie had no suspicion that it was the fair American for whom the fickle Albert had purchased a shawl like hers.

  14. The broad streets and squares with trees and turf were quiet and English-looking, and although fickle fashion has in later years forsaken the region, it remains singularly attractive.

  15. Which racks my breast, your fickle bosom please.

  16. But had the Goddess clearly seen, His form had fixed her fickle breast, Her countless hoards would his have been, And none remain'd to give the rest.

  17. But the Fickle Goddess at last forsook him, and under another name he started a bogus loan office in Brussels.

  18. Heedless of danger, of hardship, of the fickle fortune of the fight, the determination to assist in the struggle rose instantly within them.

  19. The fickle jade smiled upon them for a moment or two, then allowed a stronger hand to lead her away into bondage.

  20. A woman, however fickle she may be, is more constant than a nation .

  21. Good fortune is a fickle woman, Captain Dawson," Yammanato spoke again, as Dawson caught himself swaying like a drunken man.

  22. Even I have suffered from her fickle ways at times.

  23. The crowd of eager citizens throng after them, and with the fickle sympathy of the mob unite in loud shouts of "Long live Bacon, the Champion of Freedom.

  24. Highly elated with the easy victory they had gained over the loyalists, the triumphant patriots forgetting their fatigue and hunger, marched into the city, amid the loud acclamations of the fickle populace.

  25. But the bay itself is fickle and morose in winter, and in summer must be raw and gusty.

  26. For of ice and of lust and of hell-fire are all we sprung; old records attest it; and fickle and cold and ravenous and without fear are all our race until the end.

  27. Of ice and of lust and of hell-fire are all we sprung; old records attest it; and fickle and cold and ravenous and without shame are all our race until the end.

  28. Now the King, being a total stranger to the whole assembly, excepting Fritelli, presents himself as De Nangis and swears to dethrone his fickle friend, the King, this very night.

  29. The first quarrel takes place between the couple, and Vulkan hearing it, consoles himself with the reflection that he is not the only one, to whom a fickle wife causes sorrow.

  30. Gregory alone awaited the storm calm and fearless, relying upon the sacredness and justice of his cause, neither dismayed nor discouraged by the fickle course of human events.

  31. It is possible that someone else betrayed Mr. Áronffy, perhaps some fickle woman, to whom he babbled of all his secrets and who handed it on to her ambitious husband as a means of supporting his own merits.

  32. She was the magnanimous fairy, of whom Desiderius spoke, and that fickle woman of whom she had spoken herself.

  33. What have I done, thou lovely, fickle maid, that thou shouldst be my murderer?

  34. Yet tell me truth, because it will look like love; shew me that excellent virtue so rarely found in all your fickle sex.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fickle" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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