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Example sentences for "inconstant"

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inconsistently; inconsolable; inconspicuous; inconspicuously; inconstancy; incontestable; incontestably; incontestible; incontestibly; incontinence
  1. An individual who is observed to be inconstant to his plans, or perhaps to carry on his affairs without any plan at all, is marked at once, by all prudent people, as a speedy victim to his own unsteadiness and folly.

  2. For we are proud, when Fortune favours us, As if inconstant chance were always one, Or, standing now, we should continue thus.

  3. Hadrian was also a patron of letters, though an inconstant one.

  4. For an excellent account of this inconstant prince see his biography by Aelius Spartianus, who preserves other poems of his.

  5. She will inconstant prove, I greatly fear it.

  6. To His Inconstant Mistress WHEN thou, poor Excommunicate From all the joys of Love, shalt see The full reward and glorious fate Which my strong faith shall purchase me, Then curse thine own inconstancy!

  7. It is difficult to paint the light, the various, the inconstant character of Gallienus, which he displayed without constraint, as soon as he became sole possessor of the empire.

  8. An inconstant spirit, the thirst of rapine, and a disregard to the most solemn treaties, disgraced the character of the Franks.

  9. The native charms of unpolished beauty seem to have fixed the daughter in the affections of the inconstant emperor, and the bands of policy were more firmly connected by those of love.

  10. How then can I remain constant to your inconstant charms?

  11. Speak not of the faithless, inconstant plebeian rabble!

  12. In the patching, the shallow wells came to light, packed with faded, musty love letters from some young Spanish gallant to somebody's inconstant wife, and the carver spoke of them.

  13. The artist, I fancy, was merely a wild, reckless, inconstant sort of chap who did not regard the simple Seminole marriage tie as binding.

  14. I should be unhappy with an inconstant lover, and you would be unhappy too, for you would feel bitter remorse for having destroyed my peace of mind.

  15. The plan amused me, and though I was passionately attached to Agatha I knew my inconstant nature well enough to be aware that another woman may be not so fair as she, would soon make me forget her.

  16. He too well knew his friend's frivolity and inconstant fancies with regard to women.

  17. There was the history of the Inconstant Lover, who, when he thought to clasp the bride to whom he had pledged his vows, found himself in the arms of the pale ghost of her whom he had deserted.

  18. It was a pleasant summer, bright in all but Shelley's health and inconstant spirits; yet he enjoyed himself greatly, and became more and more attached to the part of the country where chance appeared to cast us.

  19. I know it may appear inconstant and changeable, but I do assure you, I came here with a heart as faithful to your daughter as ever beat in a man's bosom.

  20. Where I will ruminate on woman's ills, Laugh at myself, and curse th' inconstant sex.

  21. And the two main facts we have to deal with are that the historical record of miracle is always of inconstant power, and that our own actual energies are inconstant almost in exact proportion to their worthiness.

  22. First, I say, the history of miracle is of inconstant power.

  23. It is, perhaps, as much the virtue of a Spirit to be inconstant as of a poison to be sure, and therefore always impossible to weigh the elements of moral force in the balance of an apothecary.

  24. And in the second place, our own energies are inconstant almost in proportion to their nobleness.

  25. Commerce is one of the daughters of Fortune, inconstant and deceitful as her mother.

  26. But even an inconstant flame may burn brightly, if the soul is naturally combustible.

  27. It was a pleasant summer, bright in all but Shelley's health and inconstant spirits; yet he enjoyed himself greatly, and became more and more attached to the part of the country were chance appeared to cast us.

  28. Never smiled the inconstant moon On a pair so true.

  29. When ever smiled the inconstant moon On a pair so true?

  30. An Inconstant Lover, called Phaon, occasioned great Calamities to this Poetical Lady.

  31. The wild woods surround them on either side; and along the broad stones of the paved road which divides them, you hear the late leaves of autumn shiver and rustle in the stream of the inconstant wind, as it were like the steps of ghosts.

  32. The inconstant people have changed their mind, and glow with a universal ardor for learning: young men and grave fathers sup crowned with leaves, and dictate poetry.

  33. Sometimes I fancy that my abominable handwriting had as much to do with alienating a certain fair inconstant as the news of my reputed unluckiness.

  34. Larcher remembered the talk of an inconstant woman.

  35. Davenport's inconstant had abandoned him because he was unlucky; Larcher had always conceived her as such a woman, and so of a different type from that embodied in Miss Kenby.

  36. She felt that she was no longer loved commensurately with the heroic and tender ideal of which she had dreamed, and that a struggle with fortune, too long continued, had cast down his inconstant and wavering spirit.

  37. Sidenote: Fortune is as inconstant as the ebb and flow of Euripus.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "inconstant" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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