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Example sentences for "inconspicuously"

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inconsistency; inconsistent; inconsistently; inconsolable; inconspicuous; inconstancy; inconstant; incontestable; incontestably; incontestible
  1. Often Boone went to hear Morgan delivering his philippics to street corner audiences, and often too he dropped around inconspicuously to listen as that administration orator popularly called "The Bull" exhorted "the pure in heart.

  2. There followed a rap on the panels, and in response to his growled permission the door opened and closed almost without sound, showing inside the threshold a man clean shaven and inconspicuously dressed.

  3. Female -- Feathers finely and inconspicuously speckled with brown, rusty black, whitish, and orange.

  4. Too inconspicuously dressed, and usually too high in the tree-top to be identified without opera-glasses, we may easily mistake him by his voice for one of the warbler family, which is very closely allied to the vireos.

  5. It would have been fairly easy for Hanlon to be inconspicuously present--perhaps hidden by a screen--while the Ruler called his guards and servants in one by one and questioned them.

  6. Leaving his room, he went inconspicuously along the darkest parts of the streets until he came to the market place, and a certain stall that specialized in theatrical costumes and make-up.

  7. It must be remembered that, other things being equal, the inconspicuously coloured organism has a better chance of survival than the showily coloured one.

  8. We shall have no difficulty in proving that it would be more advantageous even to a highly nauseous creature to have remained inconspicuously coloured rather than to have gradually become more and more conspicuous.

  9. Let us suppose that it is inconspicuously plumaged.

  10. Inconspicuously coloured fruits, like those of the ivy, are frequently eaten by birds.

  11. The hour of Ivery's coming on the 19th had been fixed by him for noon, and that morning Mary would drive up the valley, while Wake and the Alpini went inconspicuously by other routes so as to be in station around the place before midday.

  12. My business was to get to Bradfield as quick as my legs would take me, and as inconspicuously as the gods would permit.

  13. Inconspicuously I slipped through the long heather so as to reach the road ahead of the gig.

  14. Meantime I had to get back to London as inconspicuously as I had come.

  15. And--er--as such, the thing to do is to get you out of here as quickly and as inconspicuously as possible.

  16. I've been trying to get out inconspicuously myself," Mary suggested.

  17. He had slipped from the mission house at first light and, clasping his peaked black hat tightly over his forehead, he had tried to melt inconspicuously among the rattling bullock carts and noisy street vendors.

  18. She had remained free, able to move inconspicuously about the camp, mingling with the other Muslim women.

  19. Female--Feathers finely and inconspicuously speckled with brown, rusty black, whitish, and orange.

  20. Keel minutely or inconspicuously crested; the true petals not longer but mostly shorter than the wings; seed pear-shaped.

  21. He went inconspicuously and, as it were, by accident up the stone steps, and disappeared into the interior.

  22. By laying a plot for him; forget to lock your studio door occasionally, lay prepared paper inconspicuously about, and powder your tables and floor with fine dust.

  23. His absorption blinded him to the appearance of an inconspicuously dressed, heavily veiled woman who, at sight of him, shrank back under cover of the archway leading to a movie theater, until he had passed safely up the street.

  24. The quick eye of the officer had swept over the place and found the two men he wanted sitting inconspicuously at a small table.

  25. The head, wings and tail are grayish blue without white markings; the back is pale brown, the underparts dirty white, with the throat inconspicuously streaked and a faint bluish breast-band.

  26. The immature bird has the tail rather inconspicuously barred with blackish, and a broken band of blackish spots across the underparts.

  27. You will withdraw as inconspicuously as you came.

  28. Within two hours, shaved, bathed, and inconspicuously dressed in a cheap suit of ready-made clothing, he was breakfasting famously upon the plain fare of a commercial tavern.

  29. Presently Yeager arose, yawned, and drifted inconspicuously toward the stable that had been converted into a bedroom by the simple process of throwing a lot of blankets on the floor.

  30. He merged inconspicuously into the picture, a quiet, brown-faced man with cool, alert eyes.

  31. All messages arriving there for transmission to San Diego and Mare Island could be readily intercepted by the wireless apparatus attached inconspicuously to the huge wind-wheel on an orange plantation between Pasadena and Los Angeles.

  32. It was in this way that, in the course of several years, the entire equipment for the Japanese army came quietly and inconspicuously across our borders.

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