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Example sentences for "incontestable"

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  1. No, for Glenarvan saw a token which furnished incontestable proof that the convicts had frequented that part of the coast.

  2. But still I should like them to be submitted to a final examination, in order to make their worth incontestable and uncontested.

  3. One incontestable fact is, that writers of antiquity were completely ignorant of the existence of this superb tree.

  4. The name even of this food, they say, furnishes an incontestable proof of this assertion.

  5. If this theory could be supported by incontestable facts--and there are many who think it possible--it would give to the term degeneracy that real and tangible meaning which the author alleges to be wanting.

  6. Better to let the veil of obscurity cover a point of erudition, than to call in question so high and incontestable an authority.

  7. This incontestable fact has led to the inquiry whether in those species which, by domestication, have lost their original habits, and contracted others, the forms and instincts of the primitive stock were still discernible.

  8. Now it is incontestable that these orders are instruments negotiable by indorsement, and by indorsement alone.

  9. And may not every word of his invective be applied to the British bank in America, and find its appropriate application in well-known, and incontestable facts here?

  10. It is forced upon us by numerous facts of the most incontestable character.

  11. For it is incontestable that what the government receives, it must pay out; and what it pays out becomes the currency of the country.

  12. Though the general postulate of the immensity of geological times may be conceded, such calculations are on too uncertain a theoretical basis to furnish incontestable results.

  13. In the "Dialogues concerning Natural Religion" he makes Philo say, "Strong and almost incontestable proofs may be traced over the whole earth, that every part of this globe has continued for many ages entirely covered with water.

  14. Baxter, in the narrative of his own life, has enumerated several opinions, which, though he thought them evident and incontestable at his first entrance into the world, time and experience disposed him to change.

  15. Praise is seldom paid with willingness even to incontestable merit, and it can be no wonder that he who calls for it without desert is repulsed with universal indignation.

  16. The physician, seeing the incontestable improvement, returned to Blois, after having ordered some prescriptions, and declared that the comte was saved.

  17. I am now advocating to be absolutely incontestable and of universal application in ball games.

  18. Now it is absolutely incontestable that this principle is scientifically more accurate and will deliver a stronger blow than the golf clubs which are at present used.

  19. These facts may seem startling, but we are only speaking after the incontestable authority of experiments.

  20. It is incontestable that infidelity hates and opposes God and religion," replied Gerlach.

  21. Personal liberty, speedy trial by our peers, were first secured in an incontestable form by an archbishop of the church which some of our so-called and "loudly called" preachers are never tired of denouncing as tyrannical.

  22. Quatrefages afterwards summed up the character of the Congress of Brussels: it appears from scientific evidence in every direction that certain existing types have an incontestable resemblance to the people of the quaternary period.

  23. Here, then, is contemporaneous Italy studied by an observer of incontestable impartiality--studied on the spot, and from authentic sources.

  24. He likewise considers it as an incontestable principle that no council, not even a provincial one, may be held without the permission of the pope.

  25. The same habits, the same principles which impel the one to assert his independence, predispose the other to consider the use of that independence as an incontestable right.

  26. It is plain that the visible action of the devil in the affairs of this world appeared to him an incontestable and evident fact.

  27. It was a reddish flame, which grew gradually larger--an incontestable proof that the projectile was getting nearer it, and not falling normally upon the surface of the satellite.

  28. He admits that these religious emotions are inexpugnable facts of human nature, as certain and as incontestable as the facts of physics.

  29. The consoling result of my studies is that these different proofs are more or less strict in form, but they have all a depth of truth which needs only to be disengaged and put in a clear light in order to give incontestable authority.

  30. We present first of all the incontestable fact that prayer is natural to man.

  31. The allied operations in the Windward Islands for the season of 1780 had thus ended in nothing, notwithstanding an incontestable inferiority of the British to the French alone, of which Rodney strongly complained.

  32. The incontestable merits of the rank and file, however, must not be permitted to divert attention from the great qualities of the leader, but for which the best material would have been unavailing.

  33. If there is any vindication needed of the sex's incontestable prerogative to enjoy the last word in any argument, be it of the nature of metaphysics, reason or common practice, here is it to be found.

  34. To be sure, in what way it had been manifested was not very clear; but as his speech, his behaviour, and the airs he gave himself furnished incontestable proofs of its possession, how could we help doing homage to it?

  35. The reported confessions which it contained (though the weakest of all testimony in the eye of the law, and utterly repulsed when obtained by force, terror or seduction), were received by the masses as incontestable evidence of guilt.

  36. It is incontestable that it was the great, absorbing, and controlling question, in all our recent divisions and exertions.

  37. On the 26th July Said Pasha formally announced that the Sublime Porte, resolved to give effect to its incontestable Sovereign rights over Egypt, had decided to send immediately a sufficient number of troops.

  38. As regards the Russo-Turkish war, it is incontestable that if Russia, in the exercise of her undoubted rights as a belligerent, had seized on the Canal as a piece of Ottoman territory, no other Power would have had reason to complain.

  39. Everyone spoke of that as an incontestable and uncontested fact.

  40. I have no material proofs to give, and justice demands incontestable evidence.

  41. They, like myself, were not in the good graces of Marshal Davoust, who could not pardon the one for his incontestable superiority of talent, and the other for his blunt honesty.

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