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Example sentences for "formally"

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formalists; formalities; formality; formalized; formall; formam; formant; formar; formas; format
  1. He added, however, that he loved her in spite of her follies, and that if she would formally abjure them he would as formally offer her his hand.

  2. She has insisted on my being formally dismissed, and her father intimates that in case of non-compliance she threatens him with an attack of brain fever.

  3. She tossed her head, declared that at last she could breathe the sacred air of freedom, and formally announced that she had embraced an 'intellectual' life.

  4. Though not formally ratified by the Privy Council, it was secretly subscribed by the greater part of the nobility and barons who were members of the Council.

  5. Mysticism and common sense alike consist in a sense of the dominance of certain truths and tendencies which cannot be formally demonstrated or even formally named.

  6. The nobles were once again exempted from taxation; the monasteries were restored; the Jesuits returned to Spain; the Inquisition was formally re-established; all Liberal politicians were persecuted to the death.

  7. The work is still in process, and a decade later it may be formally completed.

  8. South Africa is in reality one colony, and it can only be a matter of years till this radical truth is formally recognised in a federation.

  9. The gentile chief appears before the chief of the council of the offender, and formally states the offense, explaining the picture-writing, which is then delivered.

  10. It was not till after some demur that Lismahago obtained a private audience, at which he formally defied his lordship to single combat, in the name of Mr Bramble, and desired him to appoint the time and place.

  11. That same night a consultation was held upon the concerns of the lovers, when the match was formally agreed to, and all the marriage articles were settled without the least dispute.

  12. Moreover, recent events and arrangements have fundamentally changed the situation to which our correspondence and engagements with the Amir of Afghanistan formally applied.

  13. So having formally made the place over to the maliks, we started on our return journey.

  14. From Rangoon we went to Mandalay, where Lord Dufferin formally announced the annexation by England of all that part of Upper Burma over which King Thebaw had held sway.

  15. They met several times in society during the early winter, and Mona always appeared so happy with him that he gradually grew bolder in his attentions, and finally formally requested the pleasure of acting as her escort in public.

  16. No, indeed; I would not allow any lady whom I knew to go unattended, and since it is known that I have been formally presented to Miss Richards, why should I not treat her with becoming politeness?

  17. She knew that he was choosing this opportunity to be formally introduced to her.

  18. I have been formally introduced to 'Miss Richards,' and I have a perfect right to cultivate her acquaintance if I choose.

  19. Whereupon Haridas, quoting the proverb that ‘pearls string with pearls,’ formally betrothed to him his daughter.

  20. Until he came, in spite of much violence and many laws, the popes had imagined no permanent security against religious error, and were not formally committed to death by burning.

  21. But it had not been legalized in the empire, formally sanctioned by the temporal law of the world, as the general rule of Christendom.

  22. But in the following year the heresy was formally condemned at a full council held at Ratisbon, under the presidency of the Emperor.

  23. In 388, after a brief eclipse under Julian, Christianity was formally declared by the Senate to be the established religion of the Roman Empire.

  24. The Transvaal had been annexed against the formally expressed wish of its inhabitants.

  25. Formally contrasted with the political party which was called Tory, was the political party which was called Whig.

  26. She had entered into a treaty with Russia and Sweden, by which she bound herself not only formally to transfer Norway from Denmark to Sweden, but actually to compel the Norwegians by force of arms to submit to their new masters.

  27. In 1833 the Bishop of Exeter formally moved that the Government should take steps to suppress it.

  28. At the earliest opportunity he formally recognized the revolutionary Governments.

  29. You shall zee I shall do myself ze 'onar of being your diplomat," said he, bowing himself formally out of the room.

  30. Mrs. Chapman made a courtesy, and the two gentlemen bowed formally and coldly.

  31. I am the first person whom he has had an opportunity of serving since his return from Tripoli, where he formally engaged, on the part of the Touaricks, to give British subjects all necessary protection in the Ghat districts.

  32. The transition to what are formally called "Sacred Books" leaves a considerable {186} literature upon the boundary.

  33. Over against this great figure Brahmanism placed another, that of Vishnu, with his series of "descents," in which the Buddha was formally incorporated as the ninth.

  34. He was formally admitted into their tribe and as they had then no missionary the priest's house, adjoining the chapel, was placed at his disposal.

  35. Others of the troops were formally discharged at New York.

  36. Soon after his accession a deputation of the Iroquois arrived at Quebec, and for the first time formally acknowledged the sovereignty of France, and claimed the protection of her flag.

  37. It was formally and finally ceded to England at the peace of Utrecht.

  38. The three rules already considered are formally ethical, inasmuch as they are directly based upon the dignity and claims of personality.

  39. However, the proponents of this view did not formally apply it to wage contracts, nor did they discuss systematically the question of just wages.

  40. According to his explicit declaration, his criticism of the modern interest-system was based primarily upon grounds of social utility rather than upon formally ethical considerations.

  41. The Labour Theory of Value This doctrine is sometimes formally based upon the Marxian theory of value, and is sometimes defended independently of that theory.

  42. In the second place, the civil law has never formally recognised any such claim on the part of even innocent investors, nor any such obligation on the part of itself.

  43. He accepted the labour theory of value laid down by Adam Smith, and formally derived therefrom the ethical conclusion that the labourer has a right to the whole product.

  44. The Church, he maintains, has never formally authorised or permitted interest, either on loans or on producing capital.

  45. And we may well doubt that it would be formally accepted as such by any competent and disinterested student of industrial relations.

  46. The Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, representing the principal Protestant denominations, has formally declared in favour of "a living wage as a minimum in every industry.

  47. Agreements of this sort should, in the opinion of President Van Hise, be formally permitted by law, with the proviso that a government commission should fix the maximum and possibly the minimum limits.

  48. The insertion of the latter condition clearly intimates that some day interest taking might be formally and officially condemned.

  49. Respecting Galt's defection Sir John Macdonald wrote: Galt came out, I am glad to say, formally in opposition and relieved me of the difficulty connected with him.

  50. The services of the day were formally opened with prayer by Dr.

  51. We submit it formally to be voted upon by the ballot.

  52. Mademoiselle de Cambray, I understand," rejoined Clyffurde stiffly, "is formally affianced now to M.

  53. She is not formally affianced, as you so pedantically and affectedly put it, my friend," replied Madame with her accustomed acerbity.

  54. Often and often in the past few weeks, ever since her father had formally betrothed her to Victor de Marmont, she had thought of this coming morning, and steeled herself to be brave against the fateful day.

  55. When he had bowed quite formally to Crystal he looked up at Bobby and gave him a pleasant and friendly nod.

  56. The ruler of Egypt has formally renounced them, Gordon is dead, and his trusted lieutenant has at last thrown up the sponge.

  57. They all renounce that false religion formally at their baptism.

  58. A palaver was opened with the assembled chiefs, in which Stanley was formally received and stated his object.

  59. Prince Bismarck formally opened the Conference by declaring that it had met to solve three problems.

  60. Baker formally annexed all this country to Egypt, and promulgated a code of laws for its government.

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