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  1. But these men and women and babes that the shells dispossessed from their narrow tenements of mould had died peacefully in their beds away back yonder--and how long ago it seems now!

  2. In the beds that were in the rooms and upon blankets on the floors of the rooms and also in the hallway French officers were stretched, exhaling the heavy breaths of men who have worked hard and who need the rest they are taking.

  3. As everything was to be feared from the rascal, after the circumstance of the saddle-bags, we resolved that we would keep a watch; we dragged our beds near the window, and lay down without undressing.

  4. I know of beds of gallena extending for more than a hundred miles; and, in some tracts, magnesian earths cover an immense portion of the higher ridges.

  5. In Missouri and Wisconsin, immense beds of copper ore and lead have been discovered in every direction.

  6. On the first night the two beds occupied by the settler, his wife and children were vacated for our use, while the family, with generous hospitality, slept on the floor in the larger room.

  7. Your little flower beds are full of promise.

  8. The French system of intensive cultivation as practised on hot beds of manure round Paris is practically unknown at present.

  9. Finally the Eastern branch, known as the Cordillera of Bogota, is composed almost entirely of Cretaceous beds thrown into a series of regular anticlinals and synclinals similar to those of the Jura Mountains.

  10. To obviate the objection of cutting the same beds twice a year, two or three others may be left uncut in the spring, and additional beds made for the purpose.

  11. There is no need to continue the old beds when they begin to fail; it is better to make new ones, and to force the old roots by applying some rotten dung on the tops of the beds, and to sow seed every year for new plants.

  12. In order to have the roots early, as in January or the following month, the method of raising them in hot-beds is sometimes practised.

  13. This practice is continued all the summer, the plants are thus nourished by the repeated accession of fresh soil, and the trench as it deepens serves the purpose of keeping the beds dry, and of carrying off the superfluous water.

  14. And when in want of dung, if the beds be covered with frames, and the lights put on at night and in bad weather, the plants may be raised for use a fortnight sooner than in the open borders.

  15. Place hoops over the beds of ranunculuses and anemones, and lay mats or cloths in readiness to draw over them, in case of hard rains or frost.

  16. Beds that have much woodwork require to be taken down and well examined, before they can be thoroughly cleared of these vermin, and the mixture should be rubbed into all the joints and crevices with a painter's brush.

  17. Instead of making up beds as soon as people rise out of them, a practice much too common, they ought to be turned down, and exposed to dry fresh air from the open windows.

  18. Toward the end of July, the stalks of the asparagus are to be cut down, and the beds forked up and raked smooth.

  19. When the summer months prove dry, the beds should be plentifully watered.

  20. Rake over the beds of seedling flowers, and strew some peas straw over to keep out the frost.

  21. Clean asparagus beds, cut down the stalks, pare off the earth from the surface of the alleys, throw it upon the beds half an inch thick, and sprinkle over it a little dung from an old melon bed.

  22. There are mansion-houses, beds of glory, and places to walk in among the angels; and who knows what they are?

  23. His eyes are like the doves which waters wet, Well wash'd with milk, and also fitly set, His cheeks as beds of spices, and sweet flowers.

  24. When they came to the lamentable lodging taken up for him this night, they found in all but two beds for their whole company.

  25. The eldest is sixteen and he is allowed to have a gun, and there is some good wild fowl shooting to be had in the reed beds at the further end of the lake.

  26. The other old women rose from their hard beds with many "ughs" and groans, and undercurrents of grumbling.

  27. Beds stood in rows, back to back, at each side of this partition; beds stood in rows along the walls; there were narrow passages between the long rows of beds.

  28. They slept on clean little narrow beds in a huge ward upstairs.

  29. The house contained a dozen large bedrooms and all the beds had been slept in by Germans, some of whom had not taken pains to remove their boots.

  30. We slept last night in beds which had recently been occupied by German officers and spent a very chilly night therein on account of the cold, wet wind which blew in through the many shattered windows.

  31. There were five truckle beds ranged against the wall; 'twas clear that each of us would have a bedfellow.

  32. We stripped a plank from one of the truckle beds and placed it across the opening, one end of the rope being knotted about its middle; the knots were firm, you may be sure, as none but sailors can make them.

  33. Feather beds should be abandoned for mattresses; there should not be too many blankets on the bed, the pillows should be firm and high, and no curtains or hangings should be allowed.

  34. These creatures, which are found in immense quantities in the celebrated oyster-beds at Arcachon, near Bordeaux, cause great destruction amongst the bivalves.

  35. It is often found massive, frequently crystallised, and occasionally in beds of considerable thickness.

  36. There are also many other parts of America in which the yield of the oyster-beds is enormous.

  37. These consist of about twenty acres of land, immediately adjoining the road on which the tanks are placed, and have been arranged into filtering areas or beds on a plan devised by Mr J.

  38. No; the fairies are more considerate and just than that, and have dressed them all in the most beautiful colours and patterns, till they look like vast flower-beds of gay blossoms.

  39. We hold that the main essential of the beds of the House Garden is "finish.

  40. If the period of the ramp had synchronised for all the beds it would not have been so bad; but when one subject was rampant the others were couchant, and no one was pleased.

  41. But then we found that the stone-edged beds and the central fountain had not really taken possession, so to speak, of the House Garden.

  42. But every one of the little beds is brilliant with tulips or pansies or antirrhinum or wallflowers, as the season suggests.

  43. I only say that if what I have done in my stone-edged geometrical beds is to be slighted because some fool has called it carpet-bedding, I shall at least have the satisfaction of knowing that I have worked on the lines of Nature.

  44. I had the rubbish removed, the ground made straight, a stone sundial placed in the centre, and a Dutch pattern of flower-beds cut around it.

  45. We do not want a single day of empty beds or colourless beds; we do not want to see a square inch of the soil.

  46. I put my sundial exactly in the middle and made it the centre for four small beds crossed by a narrow grass path; and except for the simple central design there is no attempt at colour effect.

  47. Farther down the slope is a well-conceived arrangement of flower-beds cut out of the grass.

  48. To be on the safe side I planted the beds with herbaceous flowers, only reserving two for fuchsias, of which I have always been extremely fond.

  49. In default of habitable beds their hammocks were swung from the rafters of the loft.

  50. These noble women have attended their sick-beds when other Christian ladies of the South looked on unpityingly, and turned away without even tendering the cheap charity of a kind word.

  51. At the hotel to which they had been recommended two rooms were engaged,--a small single room for Letta, and one with two beds and a sofa for themselves.

  52. What colonies of beans and beds of lettuce should fill the spaces, like stars in the wake of a triumphant moon, and how odorous the breath of the healthful onion should be upon the midsummer air!

  53. The garden beds are full of scattered petals and the dusty roadways glimmer with ghostly blossoms too wan to be roses, and wafted by a breath into nothingness.

  54. Nor yet is it for those dear ones Who've passed from earth away That I grieve--in spirit kneeling Above their beds of clay; O, no!

  55. I don't think any attempt has ever been made, except in the spring on the west side at Scalloway and east at Fetlar, where there are spawning beds apparently for the ling.

  56. You say that now the oyster-beds there are really exhausted?

  57. This evil is often intensified in Shetland by having the beds arranged in tiers one above the other, in ship fashion, with the apertures of access reduced to the smallest possible size.

  58. I suppose the result of there being no restriction is that the oyster beds are nearly exhausted?

  59. The existence of adjoining beds of limestone, gypsum, etc.

  60. On the other hand, the fossil shells are carbonate of lime, and, as such, capable of producing petroleum under conditions such as many limestone beds have been subjected to in all ages of the earth's history.

  61. It is further suggested that when no such vacant spaces were available, the hydrocarbon vapors would be absorbed into, and condensed in, contiguous clays and shales, and perhaps also in beds of coal, only partially consolidated at the time.

  62. This is of some advantage in narrow river beds and canals, and applies equally to the duplex vessel as to the single semi-vessels.

  63. For once the Dorrances went up-stairs to their beds without any whoops or hurrahs for Dorrance Domain.

  64. I could see they were tired and sleepy, and so found for them bath and clean pajamas--somewhat too large to be sure--and good beds in the wing of my log house.

  65. Edouard noticed that Monsieur Renare had planted cabbages and lettuces in all the beds intended for flowers; he had cut down the beautiful acacias, which, to be sure, produced nothing but shade, and had replaced them by fruit trees.

  66. The supper came to an end at last, and we went into our bedroom, where there were two beds side by side.

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