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Example sentences for "bedspread"

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  1. The same relic radio still graced the dresser, and the same avocado crushed velvet bedspread sagged drearily to meet the worn carpets covering the floor.

  2. As I unloosed the bedspread from its clutch around the pillows, I noticed that the pillows rustled when touched; inspecting them further, I discovered they were encased protectively in plastic.

  3. Bedspread of blue denim, with stitched bands of yellow sateen at edge.

  4. Bedspread of yellow and white seersucker, or a silky yellow sunfast.

  5. The bedspread is worked in small diamonds, which are joined together by over-sewing.

  6. Each motif has its edges turned under, then tacked to the quilt or bedspread when the quilting is finished.

  7. But, undoubtedly, for bedspread purposes, there is nothing like the pinks or the blues.

  8. In this bedspread there is no lining required, and cheap cotton material serves for the foundation, or old sheets, casement curtains, bolton sheeting, etc.

  9. Many of the more artistic kind are made up into bedspread size, which is longer than the quilt, and allows for a fall over each side.

  10. And hem stitched sheets all trimmed with lace, And blankets edged with blue, And frills around the pillow case, A pink silk bedspread too!

  11. Now if you can do satin stitch, the bedspread can be started.

  12. We’ve made new curtains and new mats, A carpet for her feet, A bedspread fit for any queen, A hearthrug worked in pink and green— It all looks very sweet.

  13. Illustration: This pretty Bedspread is made of cream canvas embroidered in white and blue.

  14. You usually dress her in blue, don’t you, to match her eyes, so you had better work the bedspread in blue.

  15. The bedspread is worked in coarse cream Hardanger Canvas.

  16. You will have to see about a new bedspread quickly, and you can make one that will be very pretty, with just a few little pieces.

  17. But of course you will not want all your doll-children’s beds to look quite the same, so how about a bedspread with a fringe to it for Victoria’s bed?

  18. The pattern of the bedspread is shown on page 61.

  19. You will see how to do this stitch in making the doll’s bedspread (page 67), only as you are using a different kind of canvas here, you leave 3 holes instead of one.

  20. Wouldn’t you be in a fix with no nice bedspread for the spare bed, because you were reading that book instead of attending to the dolls’ spring cleaning?

  21. Presently the leading lady's right hand began to grope about on the bedspread for her handkerchief.

  22. Lapakun pagtáud ang mga lainláing kulur sa buluhátung bidsprid, Sew patches of assorted colors into the bedspread you are making.

  23. Mau niy talamdan ug maggansilyu ka ug bidsprid, This is the instruction sheet to crochet a bedspread by.

  24. And come to look closter, I see he had took off the blanket and bedspread and had swathed 'em round his form some like a toga.

  25. And this night it wuz so cool that a good woollen blanket and bedspread wuz none too much for comfort.

  26. The bedspread is handwoven, the silk quilt was made by Mrs. Julia Nichol More, granddaughter of Josiah Nichol, friend and neighbor of the Jacksons.

  27. The bedspread is a replica of the original, handmade with the initials R.

  28. A bedspread of about the same size as the blanket is then dipped into cool vinegar-water, wrung out well, and placed on the blanket so that the upper edge of the latter protrudes.

  29. The patient is now laid on the bedspread so that it reaches to the arm-pits.

  30. She was still lying with her head buried in the bedspread when Kosloff returned.

  31. The blow partially stunned him and Epworth and Billy dragged him into Joan’s room, and with a bedspread stripped into cords bound him.

  32. It reminds me of an exquisite bedspread we have at home something like it, only ours is linen, with shamrocks on it in solid embroidery.

  33. My cousin said at the time she’d never buy a bedspread like that; the colour’s so fleeting.

  34. Miss Quirker decided she would take the bedspread she had crocheted for their forthcoming Red Cross bazaar (but didn’t intend to give it to them now it was finished; it was far too pretty.

  35. Next day I remarked, irritably, that I didn’t like the green walls, and I thought the green bedspread positively bilious.

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