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Example sentences for "bedstead"

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  1. A little to my office, to put down my yesterday's journall, and so abroad to buy a bedstead and do other things.

  2. This bedstead was captured as a trophy of war, and finally came into General Scott's possession.

  3. A bedstead which I still occupy has been said to be the first of its design brought from France to this country.

  4. During my many visits to the Scott household after the Mexican War, I always occupied a comfortable brass camp bedstead which had formerly belonged to the Mexican General, Santa Anna.

  5. There a fancy seized me to buy the bedstead which figures so accurately in Edwin Drood, in narrative and picture.

  6. At its lowest depth of what is worst, we never doubt that something better must turn up; and of a man who sells his bedstead that he may entertain his friend, we altogether refuse to think nothing but badly.

  7. My personal experience in the discovery of treasure, in the special significance of the word, is limited to the fragments of a bedstead (?

  8. In the best bedroom the bedstead is a tubular half-tester, the toilet-ware gold and white, the carpet again tapestry.

  9. The lofty bedstead had a canopy, terminating in a gilded coronet, and the ample hangings were of rich Venetian crimson velvet, trimmed and festooned "about, around and underneath.

  10. He sat down on his bedstead and, resting an elbow on the window-ledge, gazed out into the starlit, moonless night.

  11. Taking the toe in his right hand, and grasping the footrail of the bedstead with his left, he raised himself on his knees, and brought the boot-heel down heavily on the intruding head.

  12. Billy's mother made a bedstead nightly with three chairs and an old trunk in the front room by the mangle, and the eldest child lay in a floor-bed near her.

  13. For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon?

  14. The bedstead at her side, covered over with a counterpane, was evidently without a mattress, or anything else save the canvas sacking, to lie on.

  15. A seaman’s chest, a chair and a broken, propped-up bedstead were all the furniture the room contained.

  16. So, finally, he found himself reduced to a bare palace, containing only a big mahogany bedstead that he slept in, a small stool on which he sat to pull off his shoes and the moth-eaten ermine robe.

  17. Then he turned to face his visitor, but the Slave of the Royal Bedstead had disappeared.

  18. A rude stone altar stood at one side near the mound of the fort, under a little shed that sheltered the priest also; and the congregation worshipped in the open air on the green plot in the centre.

  19. I could stand by the bedstead at one end of the room, and nearly pull the bell at the other.

  20. But then the bedstead was so pretty, so tiny, so bright!

  21. There sat her brother on the edge of the bedstead staring before him with fixed eyes and terror-stricken countenance.

  22. There she lighted a candle, and as it came gradually alive, it shed a pale yellow light around, and revealed a bare chamber, with a bedstead and the remains of a moth-eaten mattress in a corner.

  23. In one village they went three times to try to persuade an aged woman to leave, but she refused to move unless the ancestral bedstead on which she lay could be transported with her.

  24. In final desperation the girls brought a big supply wagon and loaded the bedstead and the woman into it, leaving the village fifteen minutes before the first of the Uhlans arrived.

  25. On the bedstead was a mattress and a pair of uncovered pillows, but this part of the room had escaped the struggles of the victim to save his life.

  26. When he was shown a cheap bedstead he said, 'That is all right; I will take that.

  27. There was nothing on the bedstead but a spring mattress and comforter, the carpet was cheap and the chairs, washstand and other articles were of the most common kind.

  28. Your bedstead is of iron, and by wrenching off the side-rail you will have the means of working much more rapidly than with a file.

  29. Turn your bedstead up on end, and you will have a ladder well fitted for your object," he replied.

  30. Putting up my bedstead as before, I climbed to the window, from which I noiselessly removed the bar; then getting outside, I replaced it, and dropped a height of ten feet or so into a sort of inner ditch.

  31. I then placed the bedstead against the wall, in a position which enabled me to stand on it so that I could work at the bars.

  32. The interior of the canvas should now be filled with dried grass, leaves, moss or spruce boughs, after which the bedstead and bed is complete.

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