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Example sentences for "extraterritorial"

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  1. Let us now observe the operation of the extraterritorial policy.

  2. To understand the operation of extraterritorial jurisdiction, let us suppose the principle to be applied to ourselves.

  3. The commission's report has been received and is being studied with a view to determining our future policy in regard to the question of extraterritorial privileges under treaties between the United States and China.

  4. A project for the reorganization of the consular service and for recasting the scheme of extraterritorial jurisdiction is now before you.

  5. The conditions originally necessitating extraterritorial jurisdiction had not, by 1871 undergone any change justifying its abolition.

  6. Therefore powers making treaties with Oriental nations establish within the latter's borders consular courts which exercise what is called "extraterritorial jurisdiction.

  7. The courts, however, generally held that extraterritorial notice of copyright, i.

  8. Relations between the two countries were far from improved by this episode and, during the following years, abuses in the exercise of French extraterritorial rights were a fertile source of provocation.

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