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Example sentences for "fillies"

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fillet; filleted; filleth; filleting; fillets; filling; fillings; fillip; filliped; fills
  1. In many respects the St Leger, run at Doncaster about the middle of September, is a better test, as here colts and fillies meet when both are presumably able to do themselves the fullest justice.

  2. Those other fillies have been brought up in loose boxes.

  3. Sandy had gentled too many high-spirited fillies and colts not to have found out that methods that apply to well-bred quadrupeds are generally coefficient with humans.

  4. The fillies are the easiest to capture and tame.

  5. When we commenced gathering we worked over every one of our sixty odd bands, cutting out all the fillies and barren mares.

  6. In breaking these fillies into new bands, we added a stallion a year or two older and of acceptable color, and they were placed in charge of a trusty vaquero, whose duty was to herd them for the first month after being formed.

  7. Under such circumstances Shire breeders may serve their own interests by mating their fillies with a good young sire at two years old and keeping them in good condition for producing a strong vigorous foal.

  8. It is, however, necessary to grow fillies along with the aid of supplementary food and to “do” both them and their foals well while they are suckling.

  9. After June or July colts should be separated from fillies unless the colts have been castrated, and they must be put inside good fences, this being something of a puzzle to a farmer with a few paddocks and poor fences.

  10. If fillies are well kept from birth they will attain size and may be mated at two years old to a young horse, but not too early in the season.

  11. Mares and fillies have also been successfully shown at the Royal Counties, and other meetings in the south of England from the Fan Court establishment.

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