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filius; fill; filld; fille; filled; fillers; filles; fillest; fillet; filleted
  1. A favorite filler is dried peat, which is taken from some of the peat bogs, as at Manito, Illinois, and shipped in train loads to the fertilizer factories.

  2. Laundry starch may be used in place of china clay, giving a filler which is somewhat easier of application than the clay filler because it does not settle.

  3. It will be remembered that all open-grained woods require treatment with a paste filler before they are finished.

  4. It needs to be treated with a paste filler and given two coats of varnish, well rubbed down.

  5. The beginner will need to be cautioned again and again not to rub the filler all off or draw it out of the grain, but to rub it in as much as possible.

  6. For a good quality of liquid filler it is safe to say that one pint will cover eight square yards with one coat.

  7. It is evident that the dimensions of the filler determine the size of the cover; but, in planning the cover, care should be exercised to allow sufficient play for width, length, and thickness after all the cutting and sewing are done.

  8. The coarse or open-grained woods require a filler with body enough to close up the pores of the wood and give that perfectly even surface necessary as a foundation for good finishing.

  9. The slightest spot of glue remaining will keep the filler out of the wood and show through any kind of finish.

  10. A practical question that the amateur finisher will ask is, how can one know in advance how much filler is needed for given pieces of work, and what will be its cost?

  11. A good commercial filler or surfacer can be bought for $1.

  12. The finest grained woods do not require the addition of any material to the filler to give body.

  13. The cost varies greatly, depending upon the quality of the filler and whether it is home-made or obtained of a dealer.

  14. Praise-dight filler of ravens, who every bay doth close, Hath out a teeming host of Danes, from the south all.

  15. To make perfect the process of ordinary filling, shellac may be used as a filler either by itself or preparatory to other processes.

  16. Since oil darkens wood, if wood is to be kept light, a filler without oil, as whiting and turpentine, should be used.

  17. The principal makers of paints now recommend a filler before any white lead is added.

  18. The filler should be applied after staining the wood and should be allowed to dry thoroly, say forty-eight hours, before it is covered with shellac or varnish.

  19. But for fine painting, as carriage work, a filler is now used first, because a priming to be durable should unite with the wood, grasping the fibers and filling the pores, so that after coats cannot sink in.

  20. A filler with ground joints costs about 6d.

  21. A small brass filler should be affixed to the boiler halfway up.

  22. God Himself is the filler and the only filler of a human heart, and it is by this impartation of Himself and by nothing else that He bestows upon us the supply of our needs.

  23. This filler should be very thin and leave only a suggestion of gloss.

  24. When the specimen is dry apply a coat of thin shellac as a filler to the surface to paint upon.

  25. Largely used in the cigar trade as filler and wrappers.

  26. Filler leaf for the finest cigars may stand in these cases for two or three years.

  27. It is used for cigar filler and pipe, but is not suited for cigar wrappers.

  28. Sometimes clear Havanas made of scrap filler and inferior wrapper are included.

  29. Hence the term which ordinarily means an American made cigar, the filler being wholly or partly of Cuban tobacco and the wrapper, a domestic or Sumatran leaf.

  30. Some of these qualities are essential in filler leaf; some in wrapper leaf.

  31. The filler leaf is made up into "books," a "book" being a bunch of leaves suitable for one cigar.

  32. The former rolls the bunch of filler leaves and presses them into shape.

  33. Smoking tobacco made up from cigar clippings and cheap cigar leaf of the filler and binder type.

  34. The plug consists of a wrapper and filler like the cigar, the brighter and better grades of leaf being used as wrappers.

  35. They consist of filler and wrapper only and are all hand-made.

  36. Thus the color of filler leaf does not matter; neither does the aroma of the wrapper the essential qualities of which are color, lightness and elasticity.

  37. The board filler is placed on top in the same manner as above described and the operation continued.

  38. On thin books the board filler may be dispensed with by reversing the backs of the books alternately, so as to distribute the thickness of the back on both sides of the pile.

  39. The filler can be glued to the clamp and the books put directly under it.

  40. There are several ways of producing Flemish finish; you can fill the wood with a paste filler strained with raw umber, and when dry apply a stain of transparent flat raw umber, and for the darker shades of finish use drop black with the umber.

  41. Directions for its application will be found upon the cans in which the filler comes.

  42. A filler must be rubbed well into the wood, the surplus only being removed.

  43. Next apply a coat of filler colored to match the stain.

  44. When filler has hardened, apply two coats of wax.

  45. Especially is this true if stain and filler are used.

  46. After the filler has hardened put on a very thin coat of shellac.

  47. After the filler has hardened, a very thin coat of shellac is to be put on.

  48. With soft woods you first apply a stain, then apply a liquid filler or shellac, according to the quality of work to be done.

  49. Illustration: Detail of the Dresser] For a finish, a coat of paste filler colored so as to give a rich golden brown should be applied first.

  50. Next, apply a coat of dark brown filler; the directions for doing this will be found upon the can in which the filler is bought.

  51. If the natural color of the wood is not desired, the wood may first be stained, the filler being colored somewhat darker than the stain.

  52. Directions will be found on the filler cans.

  53. Fill with paste filler colored to match the stain.

  54. No good filler seems yet to have been devised for packing grapes in California.

  55. The profits from the fillers are never large, scarcely pay for the extra work, and if the permanent vines are stunted, the filler must be put down as a liability rather than as an asset.

  56. Too often the filler vines are left a year too long with the result that the permanent vines are checked in growth for several years following.

  57. After 1 week she gave out the order to the order filler and packer.

  58. Commando is a description which we more or less gave because we have another 2-inch gun at a higher price and, in order that the order filler is able to identify between the two types, we have this type described as Commando.

  59. This is a title, order filler and packer.

  60. Take a self-filler fountain pen--no glass filler to break.

  61. During the convention, there will be some kind of filler stuff from the central office.

  62. The filler broadcast from central office must be sent to the twin cities of Tarog.

  63. The gentlemen remained in the hall of audience, where the cup-filler and the hookah-filler were in attendance.

  64. Ordinary putty, into which a little mastic has been well worked, or plaster of Paris with size and a little flour paste, with one drop of oil to an ounce, makes a good filler for such a purpose.

  65. Any dealer in paints and varnishes will supply a filler suitable to any special work.

  66. After the filler has hardened the wood may be waxed or varnished.

  67. If the highlights are to be brought out, as in the case of oak, stain and then give a light coat of shellac, and apply the filler after the shellac is dry.

  68. The shellac keeps the dark filler from staining the flakes of the oak darker, and the pores of the wood fill in as before.

  69. A Cottage neare the said Furnaces built by the workmen of the said Works, now enjoyed by the Filler there, and not belonging to the Workes.

  70. Gage, two rods of iron jointed in the middle, with a ring for the filler to drop the shortest end into the furnace at the top, to know when it is worked down low enough to be charged.

  71. A legitimate use of filler is to give good physical condition to a fertilizer.

  72. Filler may be used, however, for two reasons, and one is legitimate.

  73. This acts as a filler for the canvas, and makes it water-tight.

  74. As the keel and waring strips are put on after the canvas has been painted, they ought to receive two coats of filler and one of spar varnish.

  75. This would indicate a third good quality of corn flakes, that is, used simply as a filler for its value as a water absorber only.

  76. Next take a reasonable amount of this so-called filler and mix it with any canned fruit, thereby holding the filler together, and cheaper at the same time.

  77. My way of making filler is as follows: I take Pearl tapioca, have same ground to fine meal like corn meal.

  78. For "antique" finish on oak or chestnut, dissolve lampblack in turpentine, mix with filler and proceed with polishing as explained.

  79. If an open grained wood, a coat of filler may be used; if close grained this may be dispensed with.

  80. Filler may be made at home, but it is a staple article to be found in paint stores and it is advisable to buy it ready made.

  81. After the filler has hardened, sand it lightly and put on a coat of orange shellac.

  82. Sand this lightly, and apply the filler and the varnish as described above.

  83. Sand this lightly and put on a very thin coat of shellac to bind the filler and to prevent the stain in the filler which follows from discoloring the high lights.

  84. This is to protect the high lights from the stain in the filler which is to follow.

  85. Sand lightly, then apply a paste filler of a sufficiently dark shade to make a dark field for the brown Flemish.

  86. Sand the shellac lightly and apply a filler of a color to match the stain, but darker in tone, of course.

  87. For a finish, apply a filler colored, as desired.

  88. Sand this lightly and put on a coat of paste filler according to the directions that will be found on the can.

  89. A simple finish is obtained by the application of a coat of paste filler of a soft brown color, if oak has been used.

  90. This filler should be colored in the following proportions: Light paste filler, 20 lb.

  91. It will be found easier to apply the finish of stain and filler before the parts are assembled.

  92. If the wood is coarse grained, put on one or two coats of paste filler and rub it off carefully, that a smooth surface may be prepared.

  93. These hollows, though they are hardly visible to the eye on the unfinished surface, show up as ugly streaks upon the surface after it has had a finish of stain and filler applied.

  94. If there is no hole in the filler cap, the latter should not be screwed down so tightly that an airtight joint will be formed.

  95. If the flow through the main feed pipe is not free, however, it is possible that the vent hole in the filler cap on the tank has become stopped or that the latter has been screwed down too tightly.

  96. Gage, two rods of iron jointed in the middle, with a ring for the filler to drop the shortest end into the furnace at the top, to know when it is worked down low enough to be charged again.

  97. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "filler" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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