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  1. Lucas Iron and Steel Fillers For the heavy iron parts of carriages and wagons of all kinds.

  2. Silica is an acknowledged pore filler, and in many of the wood fillers heralded along the highway of commerce it is the piece de resistance.

  3. Apply one coat of either of the above fillers per day and regulate the number of coats to suit the condition of the surface.

  4. I have heard some talk against planting peach fillers in an apple orchard.

  5. Right--Scott net weigher] Coffee Additions and Fillers In all large coffee-consuming countries, coffee additions and fillers have always been used.

  6. Before Parliament passed the Adulterant Act, some British coffee men used as fillers cacao husks, acorns, figs, and lupins, in addition to chicory and the other favorite fillers.

  7. Their flavor is rather neutral, and they are frequently used as fillers in blends.

  8. The chief commercial reason for using coffee additions and fillers is to keep down the cost of blends.

  9. The order fillers would generally start at the top floor and pick all of the items which were to be shipped, place them on a truck and take them to the next lower floor, and follow this plan until the order was entirely filled.

  10. This idea allowed the order fillers on all floors to work simultaneously, and resulted in considerable saving of time.

  11. This is a very good idea, as it indicates clearly to the order fillers old orders which should receive attention first.

  12. Many workmen mistakenly mix large batches at a time with a view of securing uniformity of colour, and this is one cause why such fillers work tough and produce a poor surface.

  13. Thick compositions or putty fillers are composed of whiting and plaster, or similar powders having little or no colour.

  14. In addition to the liquid fillers already mentioned, there is a putty or powder filling used for cross-grained woods, or such woods as have a deep pore.

  15. The use of these fillers provides an oil-finish in a simplified form for those who are not aware of the difference between hard and soft gum compositions as a base for rubbing.

  16. These fillers should be mixed fresh every day, and allowed to stiffen and solidify in the wood rather than out of it.

  17. The wood finisher can improve this oak's natural appearance by employing fillers and stains to lighten shades or deepen tints.

  18. When sapwood changes to heartwood, some of the pores disappear, but those which remain are abundantly sufficient to absorb any stains or fillers which the wood finisher may wish to apply.

  19. The pores thus cut diagonally across are taken advantage of by the finisher who works stains and fillers into them, and changes their natural color, thereby accentuating the wood's figure.

  20. The woodworker knows how to finish the boards and treat them with fillers to bring out the figures.

  21. On the whole, the writer is inclined to advise the use of fillers in the general farm orchard.

  22. The varieties of standard apples which are advisable as fillers have been indicated in Chapter II.

  23. Trees used as fillers for apples should have two important characteristics; they should be rapid, vigorous growers and should come into bearing at a very early age.

  24. The use of peaches and the Japanese plums, both of which make excellent fillers because they grow rapidly and come to heavy bearing quickly, is limited to their soil and climatic adaptation.

  25. A slight modification of this arrangement which is often advisable, especially where fillers are used, is to set a tree in the center of the square.

  26. Fillers make a more complete use of the land, bringing in larger as well as quicker returns from it, three distinct advantages.

  27. Whether or not the planter of an apple orchard should use fillers is a question which he alone must decide.

  28. Is it wise to use fillers or temporary trees, and if so, what kind?

  29. Where fillers are used the latter distance is best, as the twenty feet apart at which the trees will then stand is close enough for any standard variety.

  30. Paste fillers should be spread on the surface to be filled very liberally with a wide, stiff brush, allowed to stand from five to seven minutes, and then rubbed off with a piece of burlap or a handful of fine shavings or excelsior.

  31. There are many kinds of fillers in common use, but they may all be considered as belonging to one or the other of two classes.

  32. They are either liquid fillers or paste fillers.

  33. The order fillers fill lots of orders, and they are filling orders on up to quitting time in the afternoon, and those wouldn't go out until the next day, or sometime, if they get ahead of the checker.

  34. But any of the order-fillers there might be a possibility--there might be a possibility they might need something off the sixth floor.

  35. The fillers are placed in a large can, covered with sawdust, and then burned in the incinerator.

  36. Pasteboard fillers in such quantities as will be required during the current day are issued to the patients.

  37. A special duck case, holding 30 dozen duck eggs may be used, the fillers in this case being 6 cells square like the fillers used for hens' eggs.

  38. With these fillers a case holds 20 5-6 dozen duck eggs.

  39. Besides the common paper wrapped variety some have fillers of Turkish tobacco with Havana or Virginia leaf wrapper; others have mixed fillers of Turkish, Virginia, Havana or Perique, two or more or all kinds being mixed.

  40. Imported Cuban leaf is used both as fillers and wrappers.

  41. In addition the "scrap" or waste portions of the high priced leaf is used for fillers for little cigars.

  42. The tar thus obtained is manufactured into products that are used for dust layers on gravel or macadam roads, binders for macadam and gravel surfaces, fillers for brick, wood block and stone block pavements and for expansion joints.

  43. One of the most commonly used fillers for brick pavements consists of a grout composed of Portland cement and fine sand.

  44. Fillers are solid asphalts or tars that are used for filling expansion joints in rigid pavements and for filling the spaces between the blocks in brick, wood block and stone block pavements.

  45. Oil asphalts are used for dust layers, for binders for macadam roads, for asphalt cements for sheet pavement surfaces, and for fillers for block pavements and expansion joints.

  46. Such fillers are of high melting point and consequently solid at ordinary temperature.

  47. Asphaltic materials and tars are widely used as fillers for brick pavements.

  48. Board fillers are always laid on top and the book placed so that the knife will cut against the back.

  49. To trim the heads and tails, fillers must be made to take up the thickness of the back.

  50. Mineral fillers should not be regarded as adulterants.

  51. These fillers are used widely in the cheaper book-papers, and can often be detected by holding a sheet against the light, as the little, translucent crystalline particles then appear like pinholes.

  52. Fillers consist of silex or of ground earths mixed with oil, japan, and turpentine.

  53. There are also considerable amounts of inert mineral substances which are used as fillers in fertilizers to give bulk to the product, but which have no agricultural value.

  54. Several different methods are in vogue for the solution of this problem; but probably the best one is that system which supplies fillers or temporary trees between the standard or permanent ones.

  55. So far as apples are concerned the chief value of dwarf trees for modern commercial enterprises in America will come through their use as fillers between rows of standard trees.

  56. It is a great advantage when a commercial orchard is designed and when dwarf trees are used for fillers as explained below.

  57. In an orchard of standard apple trees these fillers may very properly be dwarf apple trees; or between standard pears dwarf pears may be planted.

  58. I know that we should have planted the fillers after each row of apple trees, and there were twenty-foot marks on the wire for that purpose, but nobody told me.

  59. But the great mistake was in imagining that if I got the apple trees in straight I should have no trouble putting in the fillers by sighting along the rows of apple trees.

  60. Of course, the fillers will be cut out some time in the future and the orchard will then look all right, but I shall have to wait a good many years before it looks as I should like to have it.

  61. After the first couple of rows of fillers had been put in, I thought they would help me in sighting, but matters kept getting worse steadily.

  62. The fillers are all alike, it is the wrappers that make the difference.

  63. Then comes the best class of cigars in which domestic tobacco is used, those which are made with clear Havana fillers and Connecticut wrappers.

  64. The fillers were selected from various kinds of tobacco, including Virginia, Kentucky, and Spanish, using for a wrapper Spanish, American or Maryland leaf.

  65. The peaches have taken right hold, and those fillers of strawberries are hurrying on the green.

  66. But, while he was waiting for the trees to grow, he put in fillers of alfalfa and strawberries.

  67. Fillers of alfalfa stretched along the spillways from the main canal like a green carpet; strawberry plants were blossoming; grapes reached out pale tendrils and many leaves.

  68. Your fillers of alfalfa and strawberries would bring swift returns, and before your orchards came into bearing, your vineyards would pay the purchase price on the whole tract.

  69. Fillers for Plastics and Plywood Glues The Laboratory has studied the use of shell flours for use in plastics and plywood glues.

  70. Sundry Applications Stock bedding, poultry litters, fillers in feeds and fertilizers, mulches, charcoal, tannin and abrasives in hand soaps are some of the other products that are prepared from nut shells.

  71. Fillers for plastics and plywood adhesives | Finer than No.

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