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  1. On each side of the figure of Christ are plaques of translucent enamel representing the penitent and impenitent thief, at the foot of the cross the Resurrection and Adoration of the Magi, and above the figure of Christ the Nativity.

  2. On her breast glittered the broad riband and the white enamel stag, whose antlers bore the diamond cross of the order of St. Hubertus.

  3. He left, besides, a little sealed packet, in which she was surprised to find several beautiful jewels, among them a white enamel cross, in the centre whereof was the image of a dove with outspread wings.

  4. When this enamel is wasted, either by a scorbutic humour or any external cause, the tooth cannot long remain sound, and must therefore be cleaned, but with great caution.

  5. This is the enamel ready for application.

  6. In combination with enamel white it can be tempered to any shade, resembling the pure ultramarine in tint, but of a brighter and less greenish quality.

  7. The muscles, and other parts in frequent exercise, change often during a year; the bones not so often, and the enamel of the teeth probably never changes after being once fully formed.

  8. The exposed portion, or "crown," is protected by a thin layer of enamel (Fig.

  9. This space is enclosed on either side by sliding doors, fitted with bolts, and inside it a porcelain enamel bath is fitted.

  10. Block tin, enamel ware and earthenware casseroles and fireproof china should be used; the two latter whenever possible, because by cooking and serving in one dish you save labour in washing up and generally have the food served hotter.

  11. Mastodons have fewer ridges on their molar teeth than elephants; the ridges are also less elevated, wider apart, with a thicker enamel covering, and scarcely any cement filling the space between them.

  12. He was apprenticed by his father to a coachbuilder to learn heraldic painting, but owing to a quarrel the indentures were cancelled, and he was placed under Bonifacio Musso, an Italian artist, father of the enamel painter Charles Musso.

  13. He led us at once to the enamel we so much desired to see, and we had ample time to contemplate one of the most remarkable curiosities of art which perhaps exists anywhere.

  14. The heat must be no greater than is just sufficient to make the enamel run upon the piece, for if greater, the colours will be destroyed or changed to a different kind.

  15. The heat of the enamel kiln is only a full red, such as is marked on Mr. Wedgwood's thermometer 6 degrees.

  16. Aunt Emmy drew out of her bosom a little locket, hanging by a thin gold chain, with a forget-me-not in blue enamel on it, and opened it.

  17. I had never seen that enamel locket before.

  18. These enormous engines of mastication are made up of a number of flat plates laid side by side, and composed of enamel and bone.

  19. There is an enamel ware works at Valparaiso and another one at Santiago.

  20. A business with a future and which could be made profitable is an enamel works and tin-ware factory.

  21. In our early mammalian ancestor they were seven in number, with broader crowns than the peg-like incisors and canines, the bright polished enamel of the crown being raised up into two, three or four cone-like prominences.

  22. There we find attempts to reproduce the colouring of the flesh by an enamel coating varying in hue from rose-pink to orange, and also grey and purple tints.

  23. Among the Egyptians and Assyrians enamelling was used more frequently than glazing; hence they used a kind of faience consisting of a loose frit or body, to which an enamel adheres after only a slight fusion.

  24. The desire of rendering terracotta less porous, and of producing vases capable of retaining liquids, gave rise to the covering of it with a vitreous enamel or glaze.

  25. Tarsos in Cilicia,[441] and in the Louvre there are glazed wares covered with yellow or green enamel from Smyrna and Kyme.

  26. Seeing it was not possible to make the said enamel melt, I was like a man in desperation; and although quite stupified with labour, I counselled to myself that in my mixture there might be some fault.

  27. At first this enamel was of a pure white, but he afterwards added the further invention of colouring it.

  28. The grinding and compounding of the ingredients of the enamel cost him the labour, day and night, of another month.

  29. The grey dawn comes, but still the enamel melts not.

  30. The discovery of the enamel had become the great mission of his life, and to that all other occupations must be sacrificed.

  31. He put the enamel figure into his pocket and taking up the broken board which bore the painted cat: "You are carrying a top-coat," he said.

  32. During the Greek period the figures were in bronze or in painted or gilded wood surmounted by a cat's head in bronze, many were life-size and modeled with elaborate art; they had eyes of enamel and amulets on the forehead.

  33. It was a little green enamel image; the crouching figure of a woman having a cat's head, a piece of Egyptian workmanship probably of the fourth century B.

  34. My notes completed, I turned my attention to the little image of green enamel ware which Gatton had left with me for examination.

  35. But cutting the outer enamel does not hurt at all simply because no part of that is alive.

  36. Besides this, they have the hard enamel all in one plate at the front of the tooth, instead of over the entire outside as we do.

  37. So the bone wears down faster than the enamel, and leaves the enamel standing up in sharp ridges.

  38. Then as the tooth wears down, the bone wears fastest and leaves the enamel as a cutting edge, always sharp.

  39. Therefore, as most of us find out to our cost, this enamel once destroyed, can never grow again.

  40. Meantime, the outside of the tooth pocket, as we have learned, has been plastering on enamel on the outside of the shell, and pushing itself farther and farther away.

  41. As for our teeth, the hard white enamel on the outside is just about as much alive as a clam shell.

  42. But the dogs and cats, which have teeth like ours, with the enamel all on the outside, soon wear down their teeth so that they will no longer cut.

  43. In Helicina, the operculum is concentric and the peritreme is not continuous; while in the small genus hitherto almost unknown of Pupina, the peritreme is not continuous and there is a glassy enamel over the whole of the external surface.

  44. Finished in white enamel and gilt, a very large and elegant cradle.

  45. Finished in white enamel with tasteful decorations in blue.

  46. Pink tint, frosted, heavy gold bands and sprays of flowers in enamel and gold 3 00 Glass Centres.

  47. Bohemian crystal, decorated with gold bands, and gold and enamel lace pattern, gold base and edge line.

  48. A new and striking rainbow design in enamel finish; metal back, hinges and corner pieces; leather handles 12 00 Toy Tools.

  49. The next thing to go, he supposed, would be the old wooden wheel, with its brilliant enamel of moss, and within five years he hoped to complete the reconstruction of his machinery on lines that were scientific rather than picturesque.

  50. These are sometimes cut in the brick with a point, sometimes painted with enamel like that on the face.

  51. The makers understood that their enamel colours when vitrified would penetrate deeper into and be more closely incorporated with the material upon which they were placed were the latter not so completely hardened.

  52. The enamel on the Babylonian bricks is very thick and solid; it adheres strongly to the clay, and even when brought to our comparatively humid climates it preserves its brilliancy.

  53. The enamel is laid upon one edge of the bricks, which are on the average three inches and a half thick.

  54. Within the space lying between this membrane and the pulp, there was deposited from the wall of the former a soft, granular, non-vascular substance, known as the enamel organ.

  55. Earthy matter was progressively deposited in them, by which they became the exceedingly dense and hard enamel of the crown.

  56. There were sculptors on the King's staff of copyists, and goldsmiths, and enamel workers.

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