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Example sentences for "confronted"

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confraternity; confrere; confreres; confront; confrontation; confronting; confronts; confuse; confused; confusedly
  1. My feet sank into the same deep-piled Daghestan; the bookshelves took the firelight on the same rows of rich subdued bindings; her armchair stood in its old place near the tea-table; and from the opposite wall her face confronted me.

  2. But he confronted her with a glance of preoccupied brightness; her first impression was that she had never seen him so vividly, so expressively pleased.

  3. They had been four days in Paris when Claudia, returning one afternoon from a parenthetical excursion to the Rue de la Paix, was confronted on her threshold by the reproachful figure of their benefactress.

  4. But he had died soon afterward; and Miss Anson found herself confronted by his grandson, a person with a brisk commercial view of his trade, who was said to have put "new blood" into the firm.

  5. Ingiwan who is walking is confronted by high bank and is forced to cross the ocean.

  6. We had crossed from the east to the west bank; and yet, going west, we were confronted with another river, running north.

  7. Turning quickly, Billie was confronted by a tall, slender young woman in a white serge suit and a big black hat.

  8. The two Japanese girls confronted each other.

  9. Inside their prison the two turned and confronted each other.

  10. Through a pregnant instant of silence they confronted one another.

  11. As the giant saluted for the third time and diminished himself into the doorway, Major d'Hubert confronted his friends with a pessimistic shake of the head.

  12. It was impossible for a soldier like Trajan to endure the conditions laid down by Domitian; but the conquest of Dacia had become one of the most formidable tasks that had ever confronted the Empire.

  13. On a dull afternoon in November, 1532, Pizarro entered Caxamalca, and undismayed by the innumerable host that confronted him, went to pay a visit of courtesy to the Inca.

  14. The never-ending Parthian problem confronted him, and with it were more or less connected a number of minor difficulties.

  15. The map-maker of to-day would be astonished if confronted with the coast-line of that early time.

  16. The permissive character of the "Rural Police Act" has often been adversely criticised, sometimes, perhaps, without due allowance being made for the difficulty of the problem which confronted the government.

  17. As we burst in the door and confronted him, he raised his pale face and regarded us with calmness and scorn.

  18. As he turned his head I saw the peculiar cowl, with its peaked top, which had confronted me the previous day.

  19. Flinging open the door he heard a shriek, and found himself confronted by Deborah, who had hastily flung on some clothes.

  20. On arriving in the room over the shop they found themselves confronted by Aaron, who looked less timid than usual, and glowered at the pair angrily.

  21. In place of an assured future with Sylvia, he found himself confronted with his former poverty, with no chance of marrying the girl, and with the obligation of telling her that she had no right to any name.

  22. From the deck of the Niger I found myself again confronted with my great temptation--the magnificent Mungo Mah Lobeh--the Throne of Thunder.

  23. Am I to be confronted with that Yankee everywhere I go?

  24. Suddenly confronted at a booth in a public fair with the heir to the English throne, who but one of her own kind might have carried it off so well, have been so complete a mistress of herself?

  25. And perhaps, if I ever should succeed in getting back, it would only be to encounter a second Roger Tichborne case, or to be confronted with the statute of limitations.

  26. It would be hard to tell which was the more surprised as they were confronted by the meeting.

  27. But it is something that the boast should be made, and when England is confronted with the greatest moral issue of the modern world, that boast will stand her in good stead.

  28. The man turned suddenly and confronted the rector.

  29. The rector softly left the room, only to be confronted with another harrowing scene in the library, where a frantic woman was struggling in Sally Grover's grasp.

  30. His voice, as he answered, shook with rage,--all the greater because the undaunted sternness by which it was confronted seemed to reduce it to futility.

  31. In actual life we are confronted with unpleasantness without notice.

  32. Being now confronted with opposition, he turned his attention to the finding of corroboration of the various results, which he had already obtained, by some other method of investigation.

  33. Thus no conditions could have been more desperately hopeless than those which confronted me for the next twelve years.

  34. She laid aside her work, neatly folded; put scissors and thimble in their cases, and the cases into her work-box, and calmly confronted her companion.

  35. Finally, brought to bay by his argument and searching questions, she confronted him abruptly.

  36. She stood looking at him as if confronted with a sudden nightmare.

  37. Up the long slope, where three months before he had ridden to find himself confronted with the adventure of his life, John Strangewey jogged homeward in his high dog-cart.

  38. She was gone, and John, thrilled though he was through all his senses by the almost passionate fervor of her leave-taking, found himself once more confronted by that little black demon.

  39. He wrote it at white heat, strung to momentary madness by the ruin that confronted him.

  40. It's no use blinking the fact that we are confronted with a more than usually difficult case," he said, at length.

  41. I hope his Majesty isn't busy," said Rob to a solemn-visaged official who confronted him.

  42. The Demon of Electricity Rob was a courageous boy, but a thrill of fear passed over him in spite of his bravest endeavor as he gazed upon the wondrous apparition that confronted him.

  43. At last I confronted the inspector, and was told that under the new regulations I should have had my Red Cross card viséed in Paris.

  44. As they stepped out of a wood the boy confronted them, with his revolver levelled.

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