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Example sentences for "counteracted"

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countenances; countenancing; countenaunce; counter; counteract; counteracting; counteraction; counteracts; counterattack; counterattacked
  1. Their success has been the 'specie basis' that has upheld all the paper theories, and counteracted the failures, of the French and English schools.

  2. Their success has been the solid capital that has upheld all the paper theories, and counteracted the failures, of the French and English schools.

  3. But the proclamation enjoining neutrality upon the people of the United States, indirectly counteracted the torrent of partiality in favor of France, and was immediately assailed with intemperate violence in many of the public journals.

  4. This is counteracted by plenty of mucilaginous liquids, as solutions of gum arabic, or small chicken broth, to wash away or dilute the stimulating material, which causes the disease.

  5. Lord Hopton recollected that his designs had been counteracted by Fairfax, in a manner which implied previous acquaintance with his purposes.

  6. This can be counteracted by precipitating in both solutions a mixture of ferric and aluminic hydrates, which settles readily and leaves the supernatant liquor clear.

  7. Errors of this kind are counteracted or neutralised by "blank" or "blind" determinations.

  8. There can, thus, be little doubt that the cause of the greater part of the "cupellation loss" is a chemical one and cannot be counteracted by a mechanical contrivance.

  9. When they are present in only a moderate amount, their effect is simply to increase the weight of the button of lead; and this is easily counteracted by reducing the amount of flour, or by omitting it.

  10. This interference of strong sulphuric acid may be completely counteracted by somewhat modifying the mode of working.

  11. This tendency in ordinary arable soils is largely counteracted by ordinary tillage operations, such as ploughing, &c.

  12. She had never seen a place for which nature had done more, or where natural beauty had been so little counteracted by an awkward taste.

  13. These qualms and these fears, would inevitably have produced a restoration of the Mowbray estate to it's owner, had they not been counteracted by the influence of the Marchioness of Montreville and Sir Richard Crofts.

  14. He considered too that resentment could not unmarry his daughter; that the lineal honours of his family could not be affected by her marriage; and that he owed the Crofts' some favour for having counteracted the indiscretion of Delamere.

  15. Providence is not counteracted by any means which Providence puts into our power.

  16. Turkey is poor and weak, and we hear much of the designs of Russia, to be counteracted by England; but does England desire that Turkey shall grow strong and her people become free?

  17. In dry, sultry weather the heat ought to be counteracted by means of a cooling diet.

  18. To be sure her red rose was not redder than she was, but she held her head with a gentle air of maidenly dignity that quite counteracted the weakness of that blush.

  19. The selfish and self-righteous texts come principally from the three first gospels, and are greatly counteracted by the deeper spirituality of the apostolic epistles.

  20. He belonged to the course of nature, like markets and toll-gates and dirty bank-notes; and being a vicar, his claim on their veneration had never been counteracted by an exasperating claim on their pockets.

  21. Such temptations are now counteracted by the force of law and opinion; but if these sanctions were nullified, every man, just or unjust, would seize every thing that he desired, without regard to others.

  22. The prompt measures of Queen Eleanor had in some degree counteracted this design.

  23. The unremitting influence of Elin, notwithstanding, counteracted the complaints of the malcontents, and Llewellyn religiously maintained friendly relations with England during her brief life.

  24. Sabourof, in the summer of 1883, that the evil results of the congress of Berlin might be counteracted by a formal agreement between the three emperors.

  25. Had they been so, or had he not been so jealously counteracted by his suzerain, he might have founded a new Norman dynasty on as solid a basis as William, or as Rollo himself had done.

  26. Though gratified with the title of President of Ulster and afterwards that of Marshal of Ireland, he found his schemes constantly counteracted by orders from Dublin or from England.

  27. It is but justice to add, that the principle of nonresistance, which the abolitionists have connected with their passionate appeals, seems to have counteracted the peril.

  28. False metaphysics can be effectually counteracted by true metaphysics alone; and if the reasoning be clear, solid, and pertinent, the truth deduced can never be the less valuable on account of the depth from which it may have been drawn.

  29. But can it not be counteracted in any way?

  30. There may be some little hereditary tendency, but the disease itself is certainly not inherited, and can be counteracted in its early stages by prophylactic treatment, as we have now fully demonstrated.

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