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Example sentences for "foil"

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foible; foibles; foie; foies; foight; foile; foiled; foiling; foils; foin
  1. And then comes the admirable Lotze, whom Mr. Cook is continually setting off as a foil to Herbert Spencer.

  2. The Giants, of which the Mont Blanc is a favorite, put out large, snow-white blossoms, forming an effective foil for the dark blue flowers of the other assortments.

  3. This gives a bit of color scheme that is very effective as a foil for the cold gray of the stone.

  4. The double with its flowers averaging from eight to ten inches across, is an artistic foil for the white of the fountain.

  5. When he had applied some lint and somewhat else he thought proper to the trifling wound I had received, he observed--"There never was button on the foil that made this hurt.

  6. Yet the stories of Xanthippe's temper rest on uncertain authority, and her reputation may be due largely to the fact that it was necessary for the story mongers to provide a foil for the always serene and placid philosopher.

  7. Then he has a fine voice for singing, he touches the guitar so as to make it speak, and handles a foil as well as any fencer in Spain.

  8. The old butler, Caleb Balderston, is exaggerated and far too prominent, but he serves as a foil to the tragic scenes.

  9. How many things might occur to foil the Prince's plan!

  10. All the defensive plans set on foot by Fide-Yori's generals were promptly made known to Hieyas, and he set his wits to work to foil the schemes of his opponents.

  11. Hunters and sportsmen were coming in from the North; prospectors with them, their faces foil of mystery, their pockets full of samples, like prospectors the world over.

  12. The cause of the dispute, a deep copper bowl foil of rice and fried onions, is upset in the foreground.

  13. The tree is decidedly dwarf and moderate in growth, and the leaves are very dark green, thus making a beautiful foil to the roses.

  14. Frosted work is introduced as a foil or contrast to burnished work.

  15. Foil or wire made of gold, silver, or brass.

  16. It is used for crucibles, for stills for sulphuric acid, rarely for coin, and in the form of foil and wire for many purposes.

  17. The act of coating with an amalgam of tin foil and quicksilver, as in making looking-glasses.

  18. To defeat or foil thoroughly in any scheme.

  19. The mercury and foil on the back of a looking-glass.

  20. They supplied him a foil for his wit, a receptacle for his overflow of spirit, a flint on which to strike his steel.

  21. But the foil barely concealed his livid perturbation.

  22. You seek to foil me with sophisms," said Georgiana, warming.

  23. Arabella did almost all the fencing with Laura Tinley, contemptuously as a youth of station returned from college will turn and foil an ill-conditioned villager, whom formerly he has encountered on the green.

  24. Gold leaf electroscope; it consists of two strips of gold foil suspended from a brass rod within a glass jar.

  25. He covered a large box with tin foil and went inside with the most delicate electroscopes obtainable.

  26. He is the best foil in the service, and was taught by--there!

  27. As I broke the seal, pulled out the cork and unwrapped the cigar from its gold foil he took a stick and rapped loudly on the floor.

  28. But it is impossible to sell our public a so-called golden-voiced singer whose voice is really nothing more than tin-foil and very thin tin-foil at that.

  29. In pure emptiness, a shape of metal foil inflated itself.

  30. But in emptiness the fraction of a cubic inch of normal-pressure gas would inflate a foil bag against no resistance at all.

  31. Bomb and rocket and flimsy metal foil turned together to radioactive metal vapor.

  32. It was a bomb, blasting a metal-foil flimsy which the electronic brain of a missile-rocket could only perceive as an unidentified and hence enemy object.

  33. Came forward slowly, shortsightedly, a foil in each hand.

  34. I shall see him champion of the amphitheatre, and first swordsman in Rome, ere they give me the wooden foil with the silver guard,(9) and lay old Hirpinus on the shelf.

  35. It was the deadliest thrust she had in all her cunning of fence, the antagonist could seldom parry or withstand it; would it foil him in their present encounter?

  36. If he learns to foil him, he will take the conceit out of Placidus readily enough.

  37. This would foil the devil; this would make him say, I must not deal with this man thus; for then I put a sword into his hand to cut off my head.

  38. The fact that in a fencing bout he had partially lost his sight, through the button of his father's foil dropping off, whereupon he received the point in his eye, was not the slightest deterrent.

  39. He worked well with Keene in double harness, and his pictures are at once a foil and a complement of that genius's work and point de vue.

  40. We have come to save you, foil him and see him and his dead.

  41. They proposed that we join them and march with them to Rome to inform and rescue our Emperor and foil and kill Perennis.

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