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Example sentences for "foiled"

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foie; foies; foight; foil; foile; foiling; foils; foin; foind; foine
  1. Foiled by this means, Tecumseh joined the standard of Great Britain in the war of 1812; and as a Brigadier General in her army, lost his life, bravely supporting the cause which he had espoused.

  2. Finding them very superstitious and believers in necromancy; she professed witchcraft, and affected to be a prophetess.

  3. Although foiled in the beginning, every Western State is about to establish a State bank institution.

  4. She despised the fate that foiled her plans and purposes, and left the object of her hatred still uncrushed.

  5. With these he charmed its baby fancy, and foiled every endeavor to reach its mother's arms.

  6. This luxuriant beauty was foiled by the solemn colonnades of the forest-trees, rising in terraces upon the mountains, and by the calm sheet of the fiord, lying below, where the torrent buried its fury and was still.

  7. Hear me," he said, with a masterful glance which was foiled as by a diamond breast-plate.

  8. Being foiled in this his last attempt, this smooth and diabolical villain hesitated no longer in carrying out the scheme which had doubtless been maturing in his mind ever since he dropped the key of his father's house into his own pocket.

  9. Or perhaps they speak to the yet unborn, And caution them not to come To a world so ancient and trouble-torn, Of foiled intents, vain lovingkindness, And ardours chilled and numb.

  10. Though foiled in these, two attempts, the marquis Pianessa determined on a third, which should be still more formidable; but first he imprudently published another proclamation, disowning any knowledge of the second attempt.

  11. Aphrodica acquainted Quintian with the inefficacy of her endeavours, who, enraged to be foiled in his designs, changed his lust into resentment.

  12. It has been reserved for the modern Church to tolerate and almost to canonise it; and yet we wonder how it comes that we are so often foiled before some little Ai, and so seldom see any walls falling by our assault.

  13. He begins by reference to his father's foiled wish, and to the reason why David could not build the house.

  14. But when Elector August heard that besides the Duke of Saxony also other opponents of the Frankfort Recess were invited, he foiled the plan by declining to attend.

  15. True, the Formula of Concord completely foiled Melanchthon's plan of a union between the Lutheran and Reformed churches on the basis of the Variata of 1540,--a fact which more than anything else roused the ire of Philippists and Calvinists.

  16. The second cougar remained, which was still unwounded, and by its bounds, foiled the attack and skill of the hunters.

  17. Although the Sultan was thus foiled in his attempt to put away Midhat by form of law, he did not relinquish his intention, but sought other clandestine means to attain it.

  18. All these attempts have been foiled by the attention and watchfulness of the servant.

  19. The state that strives for liberty, though foiled And forced to abandon what she bravely sought, Deserves at least applause for her attempt, And pity for her loss.

  20. Thereintil was not the Queen deceived," says Knox, though without any acknowledgment of the service she did the Church: for on her hint he caused further inquiries to be made, and foiled the Bishop.

  21. Foiled as he had been in his good purpose, the critic at least won full gratitude from the gentle and great nature of his friend, who repaid him in a kingly manner with praise worth gold.

  22. Foiled as it was, the effort of Elizabeth to check the spread of Puritanism was no mere freak of religious bigotry.

  23. Frederick accepted the crown; but he was no sooner enthroned at Prague than the Bohemians saw themselves foiled in the hopes which had dictated their choice.

  24. Chance foiled her efforts again and again, but she persisted for months, she changed her agents and her modes of death, till her victim was slain.

  25. But whatever charm such a conception of the royal power might have for her successor, it had little charm for Elizabeth; and to the end of her reign Bacon was foiled in his efforts to rise in her service.

  26. The British Museum, by the bequest of Mr. Octavius Morgan, possesses an important collection of gilt bronze finger rings of enormous size, each set with a foiled glass or crystal.

  27. Ornamental ring of silver gilt, set with a foiled crystal.

  28. Antwerp fell, and a mighty German host, foiled in its advance southward to Paris, was moving relentlessly towards the sea-coast, destroying and desolating the land as it came.

  29. It required no little face to encounter the victim of such a recent "do" as the Major's, but Sir Moses was not to be foiled when he had an object in view.

  30. Chapter XXV Foiled "Is it really Tank A, Tom?

  31. Tom and Ned, it developed, had done the proper thing under the circumstances, and they were sure they had foiled at least one plan of the plotters.

  32. But Judge Cartter foiled this plan, according to the word of Judge Luke P.

  33. They met every device for keeping the negroes away from the polls and foiled it by means of their arbitrary powers, and they kept the polls open for two and three days, and in the case of Georgia, for five days.

  34. This foiled the detectives when they examined the letter-rack.

  35. Mr. Barnes was foiled for the moment, but not entirely discouraged.

  36. No sound arose on the stillness of the scene, except the clash and harsh grating of their swords, as they foiled each other in their cuts and thrusts.

  37. It is a pleasure to see the craft of a seducer foiled by the omnipotence of the moral sense.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "foiled" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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