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Example sentences for "foibles"

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  1. Indeed, I am of opinion that foibles are the cement of affection, and that, however we may admire a perfect character, we are seldom inclined to love and praise those whom we cannot sometimes blame.

  2. I mounted it, and, pacing the boards, mused on bribery, false swearing, and other foibles of election times.

  3. He simply pitied the foibles of the man, while he retained his admiration for the general's military talents.

  4. He humoured the foibles and flattered the caprices of his friends; the ladies liked him because he was "so useful," and the men spoke well of him because he never became a rival.

  5. Though it was one of Nash's foibles to be thought "a lady-killer," yet this did not prevent him from befriending the fair sex whenever opportunity offered.

  6. Some care will be necessary to see that students understand the virtues as well as the foibles of the characters.

  7. Show how the Sir Roger de Coverley Papers deal with the foibles of the time of Addison.

  8. He has good, qualities too of course, I know that as well or better than you do, but his faults and foibles are the sort that in a man I could least forget.

  9. An Instance of two ruling Foibles which I discover in Ben viz.

  10. I am very sensible, my lords, continued Miss Harris, that the foibles of those to whom we are indebted for our existence, though open to the attack of all the world beside, ought to be sacred to us.

  11. He had thought her a person of such serene and flawless wisdom that it was rather a relief to find her subject to gusts of imprudence, to unexpected passions and resentments, to foibles and errors, like other people.

  12. But while confessing the foibles of Mrs. Pasmer, it would not be fair to omit from the tale of her many virtues the final conscientiousness of her openly involuted character.

  13. Its favourite method is to exaggerate the foibles of persons who are excessive in certain directions, or to make a statement absurd simply by taking it literally.

  14. They must recognize each other less by their foibles and more by their faiths, less by the factors of national weakness and more by the elements of national strength.

  15. She had, indeed, great foibles and weaknesses.

  16. In starting out on the conquest of the Blue Goose, Hartwell acted on an erroneous concept of the foibles of humanity.

  17. He requires something more piquant,and nothing fatigues him so much as the conversation of a commonplace, sensible man--one who has the skill to keep his foibles out of sight.

  18. As a man of the world he could toy with but remain unmastered by the foibles of his age.

  19. Unfortunately, however, the harmless foibles of Sir Lumley were combined with an unbounded extravagance which finally involved the luckless dandy in a ruin as complete as it was pathetic.

  20. In marked contrast, therefore, to these other members of the family, it was in the Harrington branch that the foibles of the beau monde were cultivated with intention.

  21. I will have no stain on the Memory of my Mother; with a very large portion of foibles and irritability, she was without a vice (and in these days that is much).

  22. You were my only rational companion; and in plain truth, I had more respect for you than the whole bevy, with whose foibles I amused myself in compliance with their prevailing propensities.

  23. He snarled at the follies of men--wherein he differed from two other great philosophers, one of whom laughed at, the other wept for, the foibles of the world.

  24. I forget the foibles of this unhappy youth before the frightful misfortune that has befallen my country!

  25. Nevertheless I can not avoid being somewhat indulgent towards the foibles of Victorin.

  26. But it was not a little singular that, while the emperor was bent on reforming the morals of the frail fair, his two daughters, the princesses Gifla and Rotrude, were indulging in all the vicious foibles of their nature.

  27. Trumbull, Stuart, Dunlap, and many others, long after they had forgotten the natural foibles of West, had reason to remember how great had been the services he had rendered to the aspiring artists of his transatlantic home.

  28. Mr. Beard, although remarkably versatile, has made a specialty, if it may be so termed, of exposing the failings and foibles of our sinful humanity by the medium of animal genre.

  29. But vanity is the weakness of your sex--and these are mere foibles that I have related to you, and, provided she never molested me I should look upon them as foibles very excusable in a woman.

  30. Even her foibles were of service to me, by giving me things to think of beyond my weary self-reflections.

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