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Example sentences for "fogs"

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  1. As to that, how can I tell, when they both were so far off, and river-fogs arising?

  2. Peter, coming into the great dim place out of the wet fog, found it again, as he had long since known it to be, a refuge from fogs and other ills of living.

  3. The only drawback to Peter's life was the bronchitis that sprang at him out of the fogs and temporarily stopped work.

  4. Fogs are chiefly caused by the soil being warmer than the air above it; the vapor on rising condenses and becomes visible.

  5. It is for this reason that we have the heavy fogs of August and September followed by cloudless days.

  6. It seemed as if all the sunny dyes of the summer had been diluted and washed with the fogs of the coming winter, when I thought of the splendour it wore when first from these downs I gazed on the outspread infinitude of space and colour.

  7. Ascending in aerial flight, The wheel of fire did not appear, To dissipate the fogs of night And clarify the atmosphere.

  8. High on the wall, a double-grated slit A slender ray of sunshine would admit On pleasant mornings, when the sky was clear From leaden fogs and hazy atmosphere.

  9. Frequently dense fogs cover the water, and while slowly moving along, guided only by the needle, a warning sound alarms the watchful master.

  10. Far asunder, on separate coasts, the Acadians landed; 670 Scattered were they, like flakes of snow, when the wind from the northeast Strikes aslant through the fogs that darken the Banks of Newfoundland.

  11. No, not in August," Bill assented; "but you see these here fogs may last just as long down here in August as they do in London in November.

  12. It's well buoyed out and easy enough to follow with the help of Sheerness lights on a dark night; but these fogs are worse than anything.

  13. The famous London fogs depend upon the same precipitation of the vapour of water, with the addition of the smoke from the numerous sea-coal fires, which give it that interesting yellow tinge for which it is so remarkable.

  14. Fogs are occasioned by the condensation of vapour produced by mixing a current of warm air with a colder air.

  15. Hidden by impenetrable fogs from the ocean pathway at their door, cut off by burning and sterile deserts from the surrounding country, they have preserved a trust and propagated a faith in enforced but not unhappy seclusion.

  16. This concerned the fogs such as can always be met with off the Newfoundland Banks, and which are often so dense that vessels flounder through them for several days at a stretch.

  17. Such a sleigh was just trotting past through the dim twilight as night was sinking lower and lower every moment, and fogs and mists began to cover the fields of ice.

  18. Thick fogs cover the sea, the high shores of the island with their noble beech-forests, and the low coast of the continent.

  19. Accidents even more extraordinary had happened in fogs before now.

  20. Crouch End or Putney, where an exasperating local railway lies between us and St. James's Hall, and where the ends of the fogs hang about for days.

  21. Music doth oft uplift me like a sea Towards my planet pale, Then through dark fogs or heaven's infinity I lift my wandering sail.

  22. All these, and more, the cloud-compelling queen Beholds through fogs that magnify the scene.

  23. Her ample presence fills up all the place; A veil of fogs dilates her awful face: Great in her charms!

  24. But I have had the darkest winter I can remember, and lost nearly all January by the succession of fogs which have accompanied this long frost.

  25. Laments over the fogs and the cold of that dreadful London April and May, and untiring outbursts in verse of regret for my lost Italy.

  26. Those fogs retarded my work cruelly, and towards the end I had to begin at the studio at 9.

  27. But half-way across the Channel the thickest of fogs came on, we made no way, and cries and whistles were kept up without cessation.

  28. The fiercest gales sweep along with it, and it is supposed that the spring and summer fogs of Newfoundland are caused by the immense volumes of warm water poured by it into the cold seas of that region.

  29. Thick, damp fogs prevailed, preventing them from seeing far in advance at any time.

  30. But when the rain dripped monotonously, when fogs transformed the town, when London was London vast and gray, the Orient became unreal like the bedraggled palaces of an exhibition built to endure for a little while.

  31. Then on a blue and sunny day in October he emerged out of Atlantic fogs upon the Market Strand at Falmouth: a strapping fellow with a brown and somewhat heavy face, silver rings in his ears, and a suit of good sea-cloth on his back.

  32. In such experience as I have had with fogs I never yet encountered one that didn’t ultimately disappear, did you?

  33. I’ve seen fogs like this that lasted two or three days.

  34. London fogs that had disagreed with them, the doctor had said so, and had sent him away from town, to the Marsh and the rain.

  35. As the year slid through the fogs into the spring, he persuaded Joanna to come with him on his rambles on the Marsh.

  36. He had no longer any wish to meet her on the level footing of friendship--besides, he was already beginning to feel lonely on the Marsh, to long for the glow of some romance to warm the fogs that filled his landscape.

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