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Example sentences for "aslant"

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  1. The sun shone aslant the pale and powerful features, and then died away!

  2. Thy brow-garland pushed all aslant Tells--but I tell not, wanton May!

  3. The best part of that walk was the long block past Trinity Church and its tiny cemetery where time had pushed many headstones aslant and long since worn down all grief to a stillness.

  4. Shining aslant across the things on his work-table.

  5. Far aslant across the city, over its jumbled roofs, and through the open tracery of its church towers, struck the long bright rays, bars of the prison of this lower world.

  6. The diggers dug all through the short night by flaring pipes of gas, and on a level with the early sun, and deeper and deeper below it as it rose into its zenith, and aslant of it as it declined, and on a level with it again as it departed.

  7. Far asunder, on separate coasts, the Acadians landed; Scattered were they, like flakes of snow, when the wind from the northeast Strikes aslant through the fogs that darken the Banks of Newfoundland.

  8. It is no doubt that my miserliness only, that makes me view aslant this brilliant gem before me with my eyes; as a purblind man sees a flashing fire-brand and deep-laid moon in the sky.

  9. She cast her beams to fall aslant on the bedstead, as when the attendant women cast their glances askance on the bridal bed.

  10. No one was there, nothing but a streak of moonlight from the window aslant the bed.

  11. Only some stray goats from the village browse the scanty grass all day, and the solitary water-hawk watches from an uprooted peepal aslant over the mud.

  12. The games were held at the time of a full moon; through the hypaethral opening of the temple roof fell the silver rays aslant upon those solemn lineaments, making the glow of ivory and gold more solemn in the dimness of a wondrous gloom.

  13. The rifts closed up until there was not even a star visible, and the rain increased until it poured down aslant the gale in torrents.

  14. Yet your chart makes it less than thirty miles, and it’s only a question of holding the boat a few points aslant the wind.

  15. Scudding aslant the wind as nearly north as I could reckon our bearings from the drive of the rain torrents, we hurled along through the black night, utterly lost to all sense of time and distance.

  16. Within half a minute the ship, already running close aslant the waves, came around into the trough of the sea.

  17. With utmost caution I headed the boat a few points to westward, and began to pull aslant the waves, with the wind on our port bow.

  18. Here was a haven that might possibly be gained by casting the drag adrift and rowing in aslant the wind.

  19. Then one of them picked up Bittridge's hat and set it aslant on his head, and others helped pull his collar together and tie his cravat.

  20. He was not quelled by the silence of the judge on this point, but, as if he had not expected any definite reply to what might well pass for formal civility, he now looked aslant into his breast-pocket from which he drew a folded paper.

  21. The air was darkened by the heavy rain whose oblique descent driven aslant by the rush of the winds, flew in drifts through the air not otherwise than as we see dust, varied only by the straight lines of the heavy drops of falling water.

  22. It ran from the point of the collar-bone aslant across the chest, and had the lieutenant put a little more drag into the stroke it must infallibly have snicked open the artery inside the upper arm.

  23. The gate of this entrance had been torn off its hinges and now lay jammed aslant across the passage; beyond it the patio lay heaped with bricks and rubble, tiles, and charred beams.

  24. Then he rises again, but still finding the current too strong, tacks like a ship to port or starboard, and so works aslant into the gale.

  25. As the breeze strikes him aslant his course he seems to fly for a short time partly on one side, like a skater sliding on the outer edge.

  26. Shining aslant into this wild hollow, the afternoon sun lighted up its eastern side with tints of gold.

  27. We were alone: the purple hue of dawn 50 Fell from the kindling east aslant upon us, And blending with the blushes on her cheek, Suffused the tear-drops there with rosy light.

  28. The shadowy moonshine Filling the void so counterfeited substance, 35 That my foot hung aslant adown the edge.

  29. I oft have passed your cottage, and still praised Its beauty, and that trim orchard-plot, whose blossoms The gusts of April showered aslant its thatch.

  30. The shadowy moonshine Filling the void so counterfeited substance, That my foot hung aslant adown the edge.

  31. In places he could see where a streak of moonlight came aslant through an opening and reached the ground.

  32. The yard is a forlorn enclosure, huddled with hundreds of unmarked graves, and with other hundreds of crumbling memorials drooping aslant among the brambles which infest the place.

  33. Presently Mentu, raising his head, noted that the shadows were falling aslant the court.

  34. Between yard-arms hanging aslant and over decks, glimpses of the Nile might be caught.

  35. Southwest they rode towards the sea, their hundred lances aslant under the autumnal sky.

  36. A strong taint blew aslant the hedge--that was fox.

  37. It was nearly dark, but a shaft of light came down aslant between two tree-tops.

  38. And the torrent of humanity pouring liquidly aslant through the mirror-like light, and the spaciousness.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "aslant" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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