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Example sentences for "foghorn"

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fogged; fogger; foggiest; fogging; foggy; fogies; foglie; fogs; fogy; foh
  1. It drew closer, swelling into a foghorn drone as the lab door swung open.

  2. Captain Broadbeam's foghorn voice, as he gazed down at crate, burden, and swimmer.

  3. In his great foghorn bass voice he gave out a dozen quick orders.

  4. The foghorn was going incessantly, an' there was a lot o' shouting and running about on deck.

  5. He kept urging them to action, his foghorn growl of, "Come on, boys!

  6. Hannah'll be soundin' the foghorn for me pretty soon.

  7. Once a minute the foghorn blew and once a minute Galusha Bangs jumped as if he were hearing it for the first time.

  8. Lucky the rain has driven off the fog or the foghorn would keep you awake.

  9. Night was coming on and, to accent the loneliness, from somewhere in the dusky dimness a great foghorn groaned at intervals.

  10. A hand crank to make the fourth highest-power foghorn on the coast blow!

  11. With April came the fogs, and the great foghorn bellowed and howled night after night.

  12. Foghorn over to the light," replied Raish, briskly.

  13. The foghorn ain't the only thing that's runnin' wild.

  14. I've been bellerin' like the foghorn for five minutes.

  15. The foghorn boomed just here, but even after the sound had subdued Little Cherry Blossom seemed to find it difficult to proceed.

  16. If it does that means I've got to tend foghorn as well as light.

  17. The folks of Egypt showed that they were greatly interested in the volume of voice possessed by "Foghorn Fremont," but they did not retreat.

  18. Foghorn Fremont," first to get his voice.

  19. But when they call me 'Foghorn Fremont' I'm never one mite offended.

  20. The new arrival had a foghorn voice and used it in hearty volume in telling Mr. Files that his music was all right and mighty timely!

  21. I'd better say a few things quickly, before Foghorn Frank hits the panic button.

  22. I heard your conversation with Foghorn Frank.

  23. Don had started to shake his head when Foghorn Frank's voice boomed out.

  24. Foghorn Frank said, "Want to make a deal, eh?

  25. Bean Perkins, who had been christened "Shouter" from the foghorn quality of his tones.

  26. Then again the jarring blast of the foghorn rolled out, and-- on Heaven!

  27. Then the hoarse, rasping screech of the foghorn rent the night as the ship drove slowly through the smother, whose steamy folds blotted out the stars.

  28. Nor is the foghorn much better: the presence of different layers of fog and air, and their varying densities, which cause both reflection and refraction of sound, prevent the air from being a reliable medium for carrying it.

  29. I've been thinking lately of the saying of one wise man: 'Hitherto there has been too much foghorn and too little bugle in our treatment of the boys!

  30. They forbore from delaying to smear their bodies, as Nixon had suggested, for one word was now booming in each tired brain like a foghorn through a mist: "Lost!

  31. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "foghorn" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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