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Example sentences for "fogged"

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foetor; foetus; foetuses; fog; fogey; fogger; foggiest; fogging; foggy; foghorn
  1. And it is proof of my fogged condish that my first words to him were words not of reproach and stern recrimination but of inquiry: "I say, Jeeves!

  2. He said this between clenched teeth, always an unmatey thing to do, and I found myself more fogged than ever.

  3. For the first time since the day I believed I'd never meet Monty Cranch again, my sight was all fogged with tears.

  4. I could see her returning through the fogged glass of the stage door.

  5. By the light that filtered through the weather-fogged transom I saw that he was Griffin of the Variete.

  6. I recognized the carpet underfoot as a favourite Taylorvillian selection, but overhead, red boughs of sycamore and oak depended through the dream-fogged atmosphere.

  7. I made three exposures; but the plates were some that I'd had in the place for some time, and they'd gone off and fogged in the developing.

  8. It was one of the prints from the fogged plates that I'd taken after that first night.

  9. The northerly wind drove up a back-draught of snow, and very soon fogged us completely.

  10. It's all fogged in exactly the same way, Doctor," he said.

  11. His goggles fogged at once, blinding him effectively as, with reason staggering under the accumulated stress of starvation and the circumstances of Alden's disappearance, he groped his way a few feet into the vent.

  12. It was like looking at a partly fogged negative.

  13. I was fogged by the Materialistic, By Huxley and by Zola, Koch and Moore; And now there comes a Maƫlstrom of the Mystic To whirl me further yet from sense's shore.

  14. The rear end of the tube, which extends through the rear face of the camera box, is fitted with a cap to save the film from being fogged by light entering from behind.

  15. We told him we also were fogged now, but no doubt we would understand it again some day.

  16. Walking up the steep, winding trail that led to Nelson Flat cleared a little his fogged brain.

  17. He saw tree-fogged paths winding to his flat on the hilltop above Cayuga.

  18. From a rock wall fence he took in the spires of the Ronde place, fog crawling over them, the fog in the pines and chestnut and elm toward the chateau, now fogged out.

  19. They--the plans--have all been fogged up this morning !

  20. For Val the sound of comic songs, the sight of lovely legs were fogged and interrupted by haunting fears that he would never equal Crum's quiet dandyism.

  21. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fogged" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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